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    hardware, gaming, fishing, cars, women
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    AsRock B550 Steel Legend
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    2x16GB A-Data Spectrix 3600MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW2
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    1TB A-Data XPG Spectrix S40G + 4TB WD Black
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    Cooler Master B700
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    Wraith Prism

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  1. Man, there is no way everything to be ok with thermals, when it overheats this much. It's like saying "No, my car doesn't have a cooling issue. It runs fine for a while, THEN it overheats, but after i turn the engine off or slow down everything is fine". Not performing the way it was supposed to is an issue. If you keep using the laptop like that soon thermotrottling won't be enough to keep it running and it will start shutting down on its own completely. If you can't do it on your own, get it to a service shop and have them perform the maintenance. Depending on where you live and what kind of
  2. I guess it's safe to assume that laptop hit 2 years recently (or is about to) and it never saw a single maintenance for that time. Complete disassembly, removing all the dust and grime, then fresh thermal paste and it should be ok. It's termothrottling to hell. That's why the GPU is dropping to 300MHz in effort to cool down. Laptops and especially gaming laptops need good and regular maintenance, just like cars and sportscars. Depending on the environment you use it in it might be every 2 to 6 months.
  3. Basically you leave only the CPU and the mobo. Everything else has to go. First the noname PSU, then the suffocating case, then add one more stick of the same RAM or if you can't find one, buy a kit of 2x8GB; DON'T go for a single stick. An NVMe boot drive will be excellent upgrade, then add 2TB HDD and use that SSD you have for caching of that drive. Last is the GPU. I'm saying last, although it's the 2nd most important upgrade after the PSU, because atm it's more likely to win the lottery than find a GPU at any sane price. Whatever you can find at the level of GTX 1070 or above will be ok.
  4. Yes, i meant the raw reported speed for the network from the settings. The benchmark on Speedtest on the TV when connected to the wifi network gets up to 55Mbps. But i checked and it's rated 802.11ac and it finds 5Gz networks. It's a Huawei EchoLife HG8245. Works perfectly fine with the cable, but it's only rated 820.11n, not ac. The range between the router and the TV in straight line is no more than 2m, but in order to run a cable to there, i have to reroute it basically through the entire hallway, then the other hallway and then finally in the room. Not to mention it will just hang
  5. Guys, the TV handles the movies just fine. I've put the biggest one with the highest bitrate on an old SSD in an external case and it plays perfectly, hooked to the usb3 port. You can scrub, ffw... everything. The problem is the router. It's rated only for 150Mbps on 2.4GHz. And when you add on top of that all the stuff connected to it - the lights, the fridge, the ACs, my phone, the other TV it gets a bit overwhelming i guess. I was thinking about something like the ASUS RT-AC58U AC1300 or RT-AX58U AX3000 but before diving head first for one of those, wanted to ask if someone already had expe
  6. So you mean there isn't a single wifi router on the market that can handle UHD streaming with high bitrate ?
  7. I don't want cables running on the walls again. It was like a jungle at one point at home with ethernet cables running everywhere and i don't wanna do it again. Especially now when the TV is on the wall with the power socket behind it and nothing is seen around it; not a single cable.
  8. Basically tried everything i could think of - the windows built in Cast to Device option, tried with VLC's stream option, tried adding them in a Media Device library and running that from the TV, even tried streaming it from inside Chrome, but every time the same result.
  9. Ok guys, so i got a Sony XBR-65A8H TV, nailed it to the wall of my dining room, hooked it to the Wi-Fi and oh crap - when i went on to stream any of the UHD movies i have on my PC, it's lagging af. There is no problem with Netflix 4k or YT playing 4k content, but when i go for the real good quality stuff where a single movie is 70+GBs with a bitrate of 65+Mbps it plays 4-5 secs stops for about 10 secs and then repeats. I know the trouble is my network, cause for the wifi i'm using the original ISP provided Huawei ONT with built-in wifi and with the DP/HDMI direct connection there is no trouble
  10. No matter how you look at it, digital piracy isn't a true theft. Is it a theft if i go to see the Mona Lisa, take a picture of her, then get back home, print the photo and frame it on my wall? If i had the Harry Potter books and donated them to the library so more kids who can't afford to buy them can read them, do they commit theft? Anyone ever stopped to think for a second that libraries were world's first FTP servers where people shared their stuff so others can have access to it. And Internet should be looked as a library. Whatever comes online is for public use and everybody should be mad
  11. The first game i bought with my own money was NFS High Stakes (NFS 4). That was however an exception. Before Steam, Kinguin and so on i pirated games, because i simply couldn't afford them. They were just incredibly overpriced in the local stores. Remember Half-Life 2 going for like 320+BGN (€160+) at launch at a time when most people here were paid about €300 a month. My rent back then was half the price of the game. The first F.E.A.R game was like €120. Not paying that sort of money for a game i don't even know if it's any good. Then i started pirating games cause i wanted to try it first an
  12. Whatever he does with that 2400G it won't be enough for smooth play. Just get used 3600/3600x and you'll be ok for now. Even better if you can go 5600X, but that depends on your local market. Here the new CPUs haven't been a problem at all, however GPUs are still like unicorns and white swallow - everyone has heard of them, but no one has seen them. Also keep in mind that Warzone is extremely inconsistent game. People with top 1% rigs complain about lags, freezes and low fps.
  13. The secret to cheap shipping to EU is to keep your packages under 60cm. Everything above that you pay premium for non-standard package. The conveir lines at the logistics companies use are made for packages up tp 60x60x60. Everything above that even in one of the dimensions has to be manually handled/sorted, thus the additional work and price. Ordered a lot of things from the US and shipping was always either free or under $5. Cyberpunk 2077, Prototype jackets, flags, watches, small autoparts and so on and all sorts of stuff that can be folded to small size or is already small, until i o
  14. Guys, does any of you have a good Audi R8 GT3 setup for Red Bull Ring in Project Cars 2? So far the best setups i came across for that car are from KrypticTMG. They really plant the car on the track he sets it up for, but he doesn't have a setup for the R8 on that track and it's one of the most raced ones of all the tracks. With his setups i drop my times by at least 3 seconds a lap and i come in under a second of the world records. So anyone with similar to his setups?
  15. The other thing with Cyberpunk is that it was basically released in half phase - a ton of stuff missing, which was intended to be there and it shows, unlike the rest of the modern titles, which cover the missing features and later release them as DLCs. Also i think the PEGI license has something to do with some of the missing content. The BDs we can buy, but can't run in the game i'm sure are ready at 100%, but weren't released at the initial launch so the game doesn't get immediately banned in many countries like Manhunt 2, Thrill Kill or Carmageddon were. It's really unusual for a AAA title