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    Can we please make OLED gaming monitors a thing?

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    Gaming, Tech, Drums, Home-Theater
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
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    Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming
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    4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3600MHz CL16
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    PNY RTX 3080 XLR8
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    Lian-Li O11 Dynamic
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    500GB Corsair MP600 (System) + 2TB Sabrent Rocket Q (Storage)
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    Corsair RMx 850W
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    Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ
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    CPU/GPU: Alphacool Aurora Blocks

    Pump/Res: EK O11 DDC side distro plate

    Rads: 2x HW Labs Nemesis GTS360

    Fans: 6x Noctua NF-A12x25
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    Logitech G915 + Corsair K63 Wireless (incl. Lapboard)
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    Logitech G Pro wireless + Powerplay mouse pad
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    DAC/AMP: FiiO K5 Pro

    Headphones: Beyerdynamic Amiron Home

    Micophone: Antlion ModMic
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    Windows 11 Preview
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    Samsung Galaxy S9

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  1. As long as you don't value your own time. For someone that never used anything other than windows is not just a "plug-and-play" kinda switch. And there plenty people who i wouldn't trust to learn a new OS. And here is the occasional reminder that W11 is not forced on you. If anyone doesn't like the changes then just keep on using W10. Most issues you have now will most likely be resolved by the time W10 support ends. Or maybe the next Windows version is already on the horizon by then. And by saying that i'm not saying "everything Microsoft does is ok". If you
  2. That is the reason why Gamers Nexus ultimately turned down all the offers they got. Many brands wanted to work with them. I have no doubt than GN could design a very nice case, but ultimately many people would simply not trust them to be unbiased moving forward. Even if they fully disclose their involvement with some case manufacturer right at the start of the video. But i don't see how his investment changes anything. For a while now LTT has had a very subjective way of "reviewing" products. Most of their reviews or showcases of TVs and monitors basically come down to someone sitt
  3. Should've said that right at the start. Then just get anyone of these: Choose A Monitor - PCPartPicker Realistically you won't notice any difference between any of these. All of them will have "fine" response times, >99% sRGB coverage, etc.
  4. The U12A is about the best medium sized cooler you can get. It comes with 2 of the best fans out there, is only 158mm tall and cooling performance is about on-par with the D15. And the RAM compatibility is 100% because the tower is offset to the motherboard I/O area: Then add their superior build quality and customer service and you have a no-brainer. (If you're ready to pay a bit more and don't mind the colors)
  5. Buying a 3080 and then using it with some 60Hz monitor? Way to bottleneck your experience. If you can afford a 3080 you surely have a bit more money to get a decent monitor? MSI MAG274QRF-QD is what i'd go for.
  6. It's expensive because they know they have one of the best competitive monitors. But you can just as well go for an IPS option. Overall they will be better and the difference to the BenQ is there but pretty small tbh.
  7. No, refresh rate is Hz, NOT MHz. But anyway, just plug the PS5 into the HDMI port on the monitor. 1080p 120Hz is no problem.
  8. Go for it when competitive gaming is the focus.
  9. If you want the absolute best for shooter games and don't really care about anything else, then the BenQ is the right choice. If you also care about other games and also want good colors then go for an IPS monitor.
  10. (Disclaimer: Everything i say here is from my own experience in regards to what works and doesn't work) I have tried so many different things but Netflix HDR just isn't a thing on a PC. Doesn't matter if it's through any browser or the Windows store app, it just doesn't play HDR and there is no manual button or menu where you have any options to enable it inside the Netflix interface. So far the only way for me to get Dolby Vision or HDR10 on my TV is through it's internal apps. Streaming boxes like the Nvidia Shield or Apple TV work too, but not PC.
  11. If you're all about competitive gaming then the BenQ Zowie XL2546K is the go-to because it's to this day the best monitors when it comes to motion clarity while using the "DyAc" feature (BenQ's implementation of backlight strobing). In fact this monitor the pick of many pros in the shooter scene. Though it should be mentioned that this is a TN monitor that is very lacking in anything else than high-level competitive play. The desktop experience or slower games will be limited by the color gamut and low contrast. If you really want IPS then the MSI MAG251RX is a great 1080p 240Hz mo
  12. Get the C1 instead of the G1. It's basically the same TV. The minimal difference in brightness is not noticeable whatsoever. Unless you want to wall-mount there is nothing the G1 offers for the higher price. If you have a windows opposite of the room or you do a lot of daytime viewing, then the QN90A or QN95A will be a much better choice though. In dark rooms the OLED will mop the floor with the QLED TVs. When it comes to gaming the OLEDs are also more responsive. About your concern with ABL: How often do you look at a full screen of white? I hav
  13. Not a big benefit imo. Color will drift over time and because of that you can perfectly calibrate your monitor in the factory, but in the end it will be inaccurate down the line. Anyone who really NEEDS accurate colors should invest in the proper hardware to calibrate your displays yourself. No color critical artist should ever rely on factory calibration, no matter at which price point they're shopping. Something that is much more useful than factory calibration is a hardware calibration feature. And LG has done a good job including that in their high-end offerings, ev
  14. There are many 8bit+FRC panels that can display perfect or close to perfect 10bit gradients. Imo a native 10bit panel is not even needed for pro work.