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  1. if you were aware of the happenings in the server market this was a change coming miles away. Honestly i expected worse, that they would change the fees to a per core count model, but they just change to two license per 32+ cores on a cpu.
  2. $4k for better that $20k, this is complete destruction TBH. Also, you could run a whole bunch of VM's and still have enough performance for editing and rendering.
  3. damn, i legit didn't expect they were going to compare to ice lake, if the reviews verify AMD claims are legit (or even very close to them), then GG.
  4. Two words: Magic mouse. You can't game with it at all, there's no way they are serious about this unless they kill it for something similiar to a realiable 2 button mouse.
  5. Inb4 PIA sub number plummet because of this. Though seriously what was PIA management thinking into selling out to out of all companies that could have bought them, it had to be one that made malware, the whole opposite of their business Those green must have shinned bright gold for that.
  6. yeah, i ended up doing this, i just wanted to get around it faster.
  7. the input is just files, roms in this particular case, but i don't want to manipulate the files itself, i just wanted to move them into groups of 30 and then put all those groups into a folder each. honestly, this is just to not spend an hour in file explorer moving crap around
  8. Basically i have a huge library of gameboy rooms that i want to organize into folders by alphabetical order, basically 30 files per folder and the folder name being the letter it corresponds to the alphabet (example: folder C-E that has 30 roms from C to E). Maybe the latter its a long shot of a feture to have, but if i can at least place 30 roms per folder in alphabetical order, then rename the folders manually, i'm fine with. open to any solution on both windows and linux, not mac because i don't have a mac.
  9. Not exactly, this setup works by having a backplane where this card would connect and become the host of the system, its not a client, the idea is that OEM would make a chassis with a backplane where this would plug into and have standard expansion slots to connect the usual sort of stuff, GPUs, accelerators, network cards, HBA's etc. the idea is to make system upgradability as easy as project christine, instead of having to deal with the CPU socket and the like.
  10. This may be the defaults setting for the Supermicro board but the CPU should be able to run in a single NUMA node. Patrick from STH has that info on their review that was shown on WAN show when EPYC second gen launched, It can be configured to run as 1, 2 or 4 NUMA nodes, granted Linus just glanced over the firsts pages and they are always busy at LTT, but i think this is something that should really be pointed out when the review is released. Also that NUMA node config change could have helped a lot with the blender test and Crysis on CPU run using Windows. https://www.servethehome.com/amd-epyc-7002-series-rome-delivers-a-knockout/6/
  11. As soon as I saw this I thought the image must have been made a couple of years ago, and they just re-opened the project because of xcloud.
  12. Yes, in their blog post they say everything from 2 and upwards should still be compatible, including the PoE hat which is what they used as an example
  13. lol, I'm still on sandy bridge which is pcie2...