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  1. AlexGoesHigh

    Norwegian phones sent personal information to China

    I think this is just someone that didn't care (or forgot to) remove the tracking code from the firmware when compiling the non China version, after all, Nokia smartphones at the moment is just a brand used by TCL HMD global which if I remember is a Chinese company. EDIT: HMD is Finnish. I talked out of my head.
  2. AlexGoesHigh

    Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to PC

    I'm honestly looking forward to this above everything else.
  3. AlexGoesHigh

    Microsoft brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    I need benchmarks comparing both like yesterday, they say it's only the user-mode side of thing, I wanna know how much of an impact, not having wddm2 (and most likely a few other things) will have.
  4. FFS my monitor now has a dead pixel. 

  5. Now if random write/reads could be improved like this, that would be actually neat.
  6. I sometimes wonder if the day they decide on how to split and market the chips they make, they do all the drugs up to the borderline of overdosing...
  7. China got 4G like 2 years ago, and honestly the way things are starting with 5G I think is better sticking with 4G for a couple of years more. I mean AT&T in the states wants 70 dollars for a 15GB plan that only works with a hotspot that you need to buy for 500 dollars. jeez.
  8. This is MS post about it. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-Kernel-Internals/Windows-Sandbox/ba-p/301849 They do a couple of things, first, it runs on Hyper-V, second, the "image" they use just has the files that window writes on a constant basis, everything else, which is read-only is copied from the main installation, this is so the "image" is just a couple of megs, and third the kernel is shared with the host (mainly the memory management side and the scheduler is fully run by the host), similar to a level 1 hypervisor, they also have graphics acceleration working thanks to changes into WDDM and DirectX. It's honestly really clever, it's closer to a VM that a sandbox but it shares some resources with the host to decrease the performance penalty of a VM.
  9. AMD64 is 64bit x86, it has that name because AMD developed it and release it first.
  10. Exactly though at least in a corp environment, they can replace those VM's since this will be much faster unless they need to save something from it that isn't a screenshot.
  11. With the exception of Windows itself... We have all been there, running an app you have never used before and you don't know what is going to do, you either get what you wanted or your stuff gets encrypted for a ransom out of nowhere or you get 10 trojans to party on your RAM or simply a BSOD that pisses you off for 5 minutes unless you had a video export or compiling a project in the background which ruins your days. In such case, the sensible thing to do would be to throw it in a VM or run the installer against as many antiviruses as possible, either way, you get the point. Now coming with the next big Windows update Microsoft is introducing a built-in container so you can do just this. Windows Sandbox is a fully insolated desktop that does not save the session once you shut it down, meaning it won't crap your system The feature was announced on the Windows Kernel internals blog, the team notes this is the main features of Windows Sandbox. It is somewhat understandable why you need to have at least Pro but it would have been nice to have on Home to check stuff on your Pops PC and on a bunch of prebuilts that ship with Home instead of Pro like those 2K gaming PC's. also interesting that they recommend an SSD. This is essentially (at least to me) a pre-configured and ready to use Level 1 hypervisor and honestly one of the most interesting features they have announced in a while. Source: https://www.petri.com/windows-sandbox-a-new-lightweight-desktop-environment-for-running-untrusted-apps
  12. AlexGoesHigh

    PewDiePie fans strike yet again, Sonos speakers hacked.

    UPnP is a bitch, most likely all these people had a game or service that recommended port forwarding or UPnP.
  13. PDP is also making their own official https://www.pdp.com/blog/?p=855 But they are wired (10ft usb cable) and the c stick can be swapped for a normal stick for better compatibility with current games, I honestly want these so bad, and I even have 2 original GC controller and the Wii u adapter.
  14. I'm bored and decide to browse google maps, why the F Phoenix has so many golf courses? there's like one per neighborhood in the north area.

  15. There's a heatwave in here, it's almost 1am and it's mothafucking 30 degrees Celsius outside with almost 80% humidity, I was walking on the streets 10 minutes ago and I was sweating like it was noon from 5 days ago, what the fuck?!

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      You merely adopted the heat , I was born in it, Molded by it .




      i didn't see an Air-con until i was already a man but till then it was nothing to be but Light breeze.