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  1. Unlikely, likely and -- a bunch of years since this extension was last patched; it is now likely that it will (very) soon be sunsetting due to violations of new CWS policies, forcing it's inevitable removal from the platform. I'll see if I can't throw some things together and maybe make a public repo version available at some point soon if there would happen to be enough interest/demand/need for it. Who knows? Sorry about the years-long radio silence and neglect on this project, but life just happened to happen — but thanks for sticking with it for this long!
  2. My friends and colleagues released a video game on PC/Switch/PS4/XBONE - Go play, it's fantastic!



    Also: Hello 👋

    1. givingtnt


      I'm honestly not sure what to make of this image hahaha

    2. MyInnerFred


      Looks like cool game! Shame I'm not really into side scroller platformer games. I hope the game does well for them!

  3. It simply requests access to the things you wish to enable; To function at all it requires permissions to access *.linustechtips.com/* If you enable YouTube notifications it will ask for access to *.youtube.com/* If you enable Twitch notifications it will ask for access to *.twitch.com/* --- However I have no idea if this extension actually works anymore. I haven't looked at it or used it for years. But since roughly 1000 people still appears to be using it, I suppose it does work to some extent? Either way, last update was roughly 3 years ago, so don't expect t
  4. Interesting seeing the polarity on the choice of platform(s) and language(s). Obviously nothing is 100% this or 100% that—choosing the right tool for the job is key in all parts of the production; but I think the video does a pretty good job outlining the kind of person who'd fit in well in the current environment.
  5. Oh boy, that definitely ain't pretty!
  6. A div would be preferable, yes.
  7. The solution depends a bit on how you've implemented the image. The simplest way would be to use a background image, center it and set it to cover the available space. .image-class-you-use { background-image: url(your-url); background-position: center; background-size: cover; }
  8. Well, there's: https://www.igdb.com/
  9. Could you make the source code for your Chrome Extension available privately or publicly?


    I'm looking for a starting point for making an Edge extension for LTT.


    Thanks :).

  10. Still alive, still working. In related news; Skycrown is now available as a "concept" Greenlight project on Steam, why not follow us there if you're interested?
    Here's the link




  11. You know the drill, come join us on the Vividice twitch stream and chat with us while we make Skycrown! http://www.twitch.tv/vividice :ph34r:


    1. Sharif


      I would definitely check it out~ 

      I got to figure this out,it's been over a week -_- (Issue with my computer freezing) 

    2. linusforsell


      Oh, that's gotta be annoying :/

    3. Sharif


      Very and taking up my time every day,hopefully I am on to something today 

      Currently leaning towards a virus not being detected or faulty ram 

  12. It sure has been a while... but we're streaming some Skycrown stuff again, come join us! http://www.twitch.tv/vividice