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  1. That the PS4 can now be emulated, but like almost all threads that covers emulation, it derailed into whenever emulation is illegal or not, so business as usual, lol.
  2. Apparently the problem with emulating the OG Xbox is due to CPU being x86, which i know is kind of a dumb excuse when the PS4 is also x86 (and a far more modern and complex chip) and its starting to get emulated but that was the excuse of a guy that tried long ago to make an Xbox emulator, that was like 6-7 years ago though that i read that and that post was old at the time. There's also the thing that Microsoft provides actual support to runs some of those games on current gen hardware legally, also Microsoft now days is making their current games available on PC, also i figure th
  3. Dolphin can run games from the optical drive, they just have to be backup DVD of the original game, or like mentioned above, have one of the very few DVD drives that can read Wii/GC games because they use the same hardware as consoles drives.
  4. They weren't pursuing an actual criminal (IMO) with this order, they were pursing climate activists catering to high schoolers in France to skip class on Friday to attend protests for climate change, the court forced protonmail to track freaking activist, not drug dealers, trafficker's or even ilegal porn distribution, just bloody activist! Now it could be said that promoting civil disobedience is illegal and therefore criminal, but FFS, this is like the least criminal thing they could pursue, and fucked over a company and its user over this? its bullshit. No wonder bei
  5. i never made the comparison so i always though Intel laking on L3 cache vs AMD was one of Intel weakness, but now that i read this and see that Intel has much higher L2 then AMD. It makes a lot of sense the lack of L3. now i'm more intrigued by the P cores on Alder Lake to see how they stack up.
  6. Summary IBM has a product line know as IBM Z, some of you know what it is, and for those that don't its IBM mainframe offering, yep those old school room filling computers from the 70's and 80's, this is that, difference is that they are made with modern computer design philosophy, but these hulking beast can still run those programs made over 40 years ago. as for why they are still building modern day iterations of mainframes? well unlike your commodity x86 or ARM chip, these are the true battle tested tanks of the computer world that never stop, downtime on such systems is measured in m
  7. Nope, while raw material prices in general have increased, it wouldn't change a thing since the foundries that make silicon wafers are also at full capacity.
  8. Its part of their plan, for gen 2 of the tech. I'm just going to link the anandtech blog because it has all the details of this tech straight out of samsung. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16905/hot-chips-2021-live-blog-new-tech-infineon-edgeq-samsung its the last presentation out of those 3 so its at the bottom.
  9. Anandtech did a live blog of the presentation, one of the question was application support and apps need to be recompiled with support for it but there's no need to modify the source code for support so the changes required for support are on the toolchain level, one example they did was tensorflow python scripts would work as is on PIM memory but tensorflow itself needed to be recompiled to support it. I don't know how much that would answer your question about debugging but i the way i see it is that supporting this wouldn't be to hard, it would just require updates to the lower
  10. This should help GPU in general more that CPU, at least for consumer, just looking at the lengths both AMD and Nvidia go to have fast memory (infinity cache and scorching GDDR6X memory) this tech can't come some enough to market.
  11. Lakefield was honestly a crappy beta version of this, not gonna say alder lake is a beast without real numbers but on paper it looks rather good specially if the software optimizations the are talking about do deliver.
  12. It basically says nothing about the cards performance but this shows Arc (probably the top card) running some games and a custom demo at the end. The DG1 which only ships in prebuilt are made by the same OEM as the prebuilt, like an ASUS prebuilt with a DG1, they made themselves the card that the GPU sits on, so OEM should supply the graphics cards for Arc.
  13. Tried waifu2x on some old low res photos i have lying around, that thing is freaking black magic, unless you zoom in almost down to discern each pixel individually it looks the same but sharper and more defined due to being high res now, wow.

    1. Murasaki


      Been using w2x for a long time, pretty useful tool. I recommend waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan since it comes with multiple trained models (default/anime art/photo) you can choose from.

    2. AlexGoesHigh


      Just now, Murasaki said:

      Been using w2x for a long time, pretty useful tool. I recommend waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan since it comes with multiple trained models (default/anime art/photo) you can choose from.

      tried the caffe version since the original github repo recommended that for windows first rather that vulkan but gonna try that now.

    3. IkeaGnome


      52 minutes ago, AlexGoesHigh said:



      47 minutes ago, Murasaki said:

      multiple trained models


  14. On Tuesday I'm getting 5G on my arm, about bloody time been waiting almost 8 months now!



    1. Tieox


      Nice one, having my second early August!