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  1. Summary Before their E3 presentation Microsoft decide to drop a bunch of the new stuff coming to the Xbox platform as a whole, just so in the presentation they can completely focus on games. To begin with Xcloud is getting Series X hardware availability soon within a couple weeks, this upgrade should bring faster load times and better framerates to the streaming service, also the web version should come out of beta soon to be available to all gamepass ultimate subscribers. Smart TVs apps are coming alongside a dedicated streaming stick for Xcloud, the smart TV apps should be c
  2. its fastly, it took a dump and took with it a bunch of site, it also affect twitch and reddit, but it seems right now things are getting back up. https://status.fastly.com
  3. How are y'all enjoying half the internet being down right now. šŸ˜‚

    1. Murasaki


      Pretty good, guess I'm using the half that's working!

  4. I would put partly the blame into the IT head. Citrix, RDP and BYOD are very commonplace and its ok, but just the fact that backups weren't at least up to a day old but a week? that's awful on something as important as research, not even counting its covid research. Also since its a student, its most likely the institute is linked to his university, so he could get whatever his uni offers in their intranet, complete bonehead that he went for a cracked copy. Funny enough most cracks tell you to do the opposite to avoid the cracked app to call home.
  5. OK, the title may be a bit clickbaity, but regardless this comes from Zac Bowden of Windows Central sources but I'm using Neowin for the post since its shorter and has all the info. Summary Microsoft is planning changes to the Windows store to address problems or rather policies that have persisted since its existence from almost 10 years ago in Windows 8. First of all but less important. Microsoft is once aging changing the UI of the Store, this changes comes due to the upcoming Sun Valley UI refresh in Windows where Microsoft is overhauling most of the UI of the
  6. I just want to add, that despite all of this, they still have the highest priced chips, not just the most expensive but HIGHEST priced chips and they can get away with cause enterprises will buy it.
  7. I felt he looked older now, but wow what a difference, either the pandemic (i mean the social effect not him getting covid19) or the ARM acquisition got to him hard somehow, most likely the acquisition though.
  8. VM being clunky is a problem of lacking graphics, since VM emulate hardware, graphics are emulated and run on the host CPU, that's why running anything with a GUI on a VM feels clunky nevermind that anything that needs graphics horsepower would be a slideshow if it manages to run at all, non graphical workloads tend to be 10-20% slower that on bare metal depending on the workload itself. Once you give a full real GPU to a VM, performance its basically the same as bare metal unless the program gets CPU bottlenecked which the VM performance penalty applies.
  9. The Xbox consoles for a while now have a feature called auto HDR that makes games that do not feature HDR be playable in HDR, although games running in auto HDR aren't as bright or dim as proper HDR mastered games, auto HDR makes a noticeable difference against normal SDR. Microsoft is now bringing this feature to PC and is available in preview in the latest dev build of windows (21337), the objective for auto HDR is to be able to support over 1000 DX11 and DX12 games but at the moment only a few games work, DX10 and lower as well as OpenGL and Vulkan aren't supported by this fea
  10. I fucking hate printers.

    1. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      So do I. Print quality is "poor"


      Image result for money printers


  11. TIL i don't know since when but connecting to localhostĀ rather that windows prioritizesĀ ipv6 over ipv4 so localhost resolves toĀ ::1 instead.

  12. I am a complete lurker in this because i have no money, but this is the most amazing thing i have seen on the internet since the rise of crypto currency, much better that when bitcoin first hit $1k and immediately crashed.
  13. This is just me going on what i think make sense so i could be completely wrong but i think this is what the chips layout could be. Another good posible layout is swap Rambo cache and IO/Base chips, thoughts?