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  1. Qualcomm acquires semiconductor startup Nuvia for 1.4 billion dollars. Nuvia is a semiconductor firm founded in early 2019 that consist of engineers and veterans that designed Apple custom High performance CPU cores and founded by 3 veterans that have worked for Google, Apple, Arm and AMD. The company made headlines since they are designing an ARM server SoC codenamed "Phoenix" optimized for single thread performance and their goal was to achieve the highest single thread performance across the entire semiconductor industry attempting to beat Apple, intel and AMD. Since their found
  2. So my ISP has fucked up its connection to most of google cause Youtube doesn't load, but search does, and using a VPN or Tor it connects, first time this happens with my ISP in the four years we contracted the service.

    1. Spotty


      It's not just your ISP. Heaps of people are experiencing issues with Youtube at the moment.

    2. AlexGoesHigh


      Yeah, i saw later that it was an account outage, had to get offline just as i saw that.

  3. I was gonna make it as a new topic but i guess there's not to many people interested about the CentOS change in the forum so I'm gonna post it here. Following up this announcement, Oracle has decided to jump in and take advantage of the situation and promote their distro as a CentOS replacement, they made a blog post and prepared a shell script and a FAQ about the script so CentOS users can switch to Oracle Linux on running systems without a reinstall or migrations. Also the co-founder of the CentOS project, Gregory Kurtzer, started Rocky Linux to continue what CentOS d
  4. I never though about the memory being the culprit of shortages but it makes sense, i though it was more of a problem of TSMC being overloaded but Apple doesn't have any kind of supply shortages, also all of these products and the consoles run on this memory and all of them are undersupplied to the market.
  5. All I'm gonna say is that if Apple releases that 32 core chip in 2021 and Intel keeps going the way they are, then, they are going to look REALLY BAD that what they are now, because they don't even have that amount of cores on any of their chips at any level unless you count Xeon platinum 9000, but IMO because those are two dies in one socket that feel like knee jerk reaction to AMD EPYC that the only thing they do better that other Xeon is greater rack density that is so expensive only hyperscalers can take advantage of it, it feel almost like picking straws to draw. Seriously one
  6. What the fuck are those EU prices? Those are at 3070 prices on the retailer most people buy in here, even with everything sold out. I guess these card are gonna stay in shelves because of those prices might as well wait for a 3070 to pop up somewhere.
  7. This is odd, given that Wendell and Michael of phoronix aka the man that most scrutinizes hardware on linux got the working flawless to the point of saying that it's the best launch for linux compatibility of AMD graphics. It's amusing that not even with the help of red hat engineers he had issue with the card It could be that his card were borked though that would mean they shouldn't work in windows guessing he did that since I haven't watched the video
  8. They have a CUDA competitor/equivalent, it's called ROCm and they are launching v4.0 with this GPU and one part of it is to ease the transition/port from CUDA. More details from the phoronix article: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd-mi100-rocm4&num=1
  9. https://www.servethehome.com/intel-server-gpu-shown-for-video-transcoding-applications/ Here what this card was made for, it mainly for video transcoding for the media industry and for streaming android games which is apparently a thing in china. Basically this thing is gonna be the greatest video encoding card on the market. It's not meant to work for normal GPU workloads.
  10. IIRC left are QSFP modules (not sure though) but what are the big chunguses on the right?
  11. 8 cores max? That IPC increase must be worthwhile to cut 2 cores from the top SKU. Also even if that's the case, the 10 cores CPU should still be better at everything except gaming and Adobe which is ridiculous. I hope for intel own sake that alder lake be actually good, cause this reeks of disappointment.
  12. https://www.anandtech.com/show/16202/amd-reveals-the-radeon-rx-6000-series-rdna2-starts-at-the-highend-coming-november-18th/2 Anandtech article for a bit more details, most noticable since they didn't detail it in the stream is that the ray tracing support is fully enable in hardware, they are calling the hardware bits ray accelerators and there's one per CU so the 6900XT has 80 accelerators. AMD also says that the accelerators make heavy use of the infinity cache. I want those reviews now.
  13. FWIW CDPR themselves said that announcing the game the way they did was wrong, that CG trailer must be the only work on the game when they released it and they have said that at the time they were full time working on Witcher 3, so the true dev time must have begun shortly after W3 release. Also where did you get the microtransactions from?
  14. LOL, I don't know what was gearbox smoking on that one but that's not how it's suppose to work.