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    I7 4790
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    H81M S2H
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    16GB 1600MHz
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    Asus Strix ROG 1080TI OC 11Gb
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    H440 2015 Edition
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    2 X 1TB HDD 1 120GB SSD
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  1. I'd seriously doubt it seeing as i'm using a £90 hdmi cable (bought at really good discount of £40)
  2. From what I know, I used my mum's old hdd for additional space which must've still had some old bits of software but thats just my guess
  3. Hi, whenever I open some things like steam or processes, Microsoft office SE 2003 begins downloading but never completes. How can I delete it as I can’t find it in the control panel
  4. Thank you! Wiped the SSD and will format now
  5. Ok, let me explain the whole story which i wanted to avoid explaining the whole story due to it being so damn long and confusing to write. I got this 480gb ssd for my work pc (windows 8 ), so i cloned the hdd onto the ssd however the pc wouldn't boot with the ssd due to the BIOS not allowing myself to choose which drive to boot off. So i decided to put the ssd into my gaming rig which still had the clone with windows 8. So i basically made this make sense, the 480gb is the drive I want to wipe because it has windows 8 on it, I want to clone is the 120gb onto the 480gb however I wanted to wipe
  6. I see the "system disk no" on my it, I have typed "clean" however, this popped up: Virtual Disk Service error: Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume.
  7. Yup my ssd is not the booted drive, i have selected drive 0
  8. Yea, I can see "disk 0 111gb" which is definitely the one i want to wipe
  9. Yep I see it telling me the disks with the disk numbers