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  1. A thick ass smart watch with a day battery life and a reflective screen is such a compromise in 2019. I'm glad there's some pebble-like options creeping back out there.
  2. I've still never learned to type on a touch screen. All these years and I still never got used to it. I never understood where there were never slightly thicker options that had either a keyboard or bigger battery. There's a good portion of people that dont give a fuck if their phone is just slightly thicker, why do ALL models have to sacrifice for thinness? You can still have edge to edge screens on a phone thats 3mm thicker lol. Idgaf as long as it fits comfortably in my pocket, and new phones are too big for that anyway.
  3. I'd hate it personally, but I dont mind the idea of a phone that doesn't activate in my pocket all day (I like to have no pin or print)
  4. but it's all touch screen- and it looks awkward as hell to type on. With that big lip on the bottom, which direction you even hold it to type? My nostalgia goggles are enthusiastically waiting for the F(X)tec slider phone to launch.
  5. I liked sliders much more and I still miss a real keeb, but my only negative flip phone memory was this one I had that had no option to make it answer calls on open- cue me flipping the phone open, putting it on my ear, and full blast ringer right in my ear. That one survived me throwing it full force at someones head, barely missing, hitting a wall and exploding. Blew into pieces, but they all went back together. Most of my negative memories from phones in that time just related to the non standardized firmware all being shitty.
  6. I imagine they were looking for shit like tons of partyhats on their accounts.
  7. I didn't have my razr long because it was take out of my locker at school by the vice principal who kept it... but I had a lot of flip phones after that, and flip phones in general I never had the ribbons break, and didn't really see that happen to others much, and we all played with the flipping compulsively. These folidng screens, on the other hand....just lol
  8. This reminds me of a dupe glitch in Runescape about 2003 I think. Jagex couldn't figure out how it worked, and it was destroying the economy. They offered anyone who could show them how to do it free lifetime membership status. IIRC- a bunch of people snitched on themselves- the very first person did get lifetime membership, the rest were banned.
  9. I personally can't survive in Michigan so I don't know how this phone will fare.
  10. On a more humid day (don't do this if you live in a dry place) a good air compressor will successfully transport every single dust particle from your PC to the air in your shop in about 1 and a half seconds. Electric vacs and canned air don't have the power to remove as much dust as compressed air can without manual cleaning.
  11. The fact that people who put almonds in cookies are allowed to vote is terrifying. 

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      As a victim of the marginalized pineapple on pizza-kin, this post offends me 

    2. Syntaxvgm


      @STRMfrmXMN I love pineapple on pizza. But I don't bake other people pizza, then hide pineapples inside of it where you can't see it on the top and serve these unsuspecting fools "regular pizza" like "chocolate chip cookies"

  12. My experience with this (and reading about it) was long before 1809, I since haven't tried it. IIRC enterprise and LTSB wont ignore it, but other editions will. This of course, could have been changed. I'd seen some complaints about the same thing when I was researching the problem at the time, and I moved on to other solutions. Some of those threads were related to businesses, and the only answer was "well then why are you not o n enterprise" which never had any of these problems at any point. There was a reason most of the early windows 10 "fixes" were registry edits, not GP edits. Also, som
  13. It does, however it does it less NOW. 8 still does it to me. I restart for an update, think Im cool, forces me again when im afk the next day- though one problem they've fixed is it used to be you'd sleep/hibernate and the timer would still count down, wake it up, walk away and get the "15 minutes fuck you" warning with no prior warnings, now it actually resets it to 1 day most of the time until it's delayed too long. Keep in mind that you can usually put it off for a day or whatever if you click so, but it gave you a prompt that if you ignore (or are not there for) itll just update now. Th
  14. By malicious I mean no way to delay restarts easily, delayed impending restart methods that were simple kept getting patched even in 8, and not being able to even buy the fucking option (ltsb) unless you're making a volume agreement. So fuck anyone but enterprise users. By malicious, I mean force restarting fuck all your rendering, fuck your work. By malicious i mean you don't even have to acknowledge the warning for it to restart on its own in 15 minutes. Take a shit? Enjoy your lost render job. Forcing this to stop with simple apps breaks a lot of installations that use uwp. It also force
  15. I'm gonna have to side with Dr mac here. With 10 and 8 both now, there's a lot of steps involved to delay or defer updates indefinitely, where with mac it never forces me to restart or move to anything new by default. AT MOST it will pester me. Systems I have that are not on LTSB or a customized version of 10 have had problems with large automatic update changes many times now. Default 10 doesn't allow customization of auto updates almost at all, and actively ignores group policy on it. LTSB has all the options and will accept group policy, so it's pretty clear how malicious MS's stance on thi