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  1. UPDATE: Here's the deal. I installed the H90 cpu cooler, the stress test ran about 5 minutes longer than before. This time I got a blue screen with some "kernal failure" (I missed it) and then it did the PSU click thing just one time and then attempted to boot, but kept blue screening (but not continuously clicking) I monitored CPU temps and it got to around 79 max when it did it. Now I get no post and the error code "26" on the debug thing on the motherboard and it's not anywhere to be found what it means. As for the clicking noise, it could be comparable to flipping a light switch I'd
  2. Thats the thing, if you pcpartpick my parts I have MORE than enough.
  3. Hey there! Just built a new PC and I was playing a rather unintensive game (Orion Prelude) when the PC crashed, and kept 'restarting' (turning on for 3 seconds, and turning off, and repeating) where presumably the PSU was making a weird clicking noise each time. I fixed it by doing a power flush and unplugging all the USB devices. Any thoughts on this? My specs are: GTX 970 Strix, EVGA 750wG2, I7 4970k. A friend speculated perhaps it's because I'm using an only junky laptop drive as well as my SSD (the issue happened one time shortly after using the drive) but it's pure speculation. Could that
  4. I ran into the same thing when I was looking to be a waiter when I was a little bit younger. Every Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden required experience. I started at Bob Evans and worked my way up, once I had experience (I had to suffer without great pay) it was much easier to make my way into a better restaurant. I imagine it's the same concept, do an internship, recognize the fact you may not get paid there, gather some experience, and THEN try!
  5. I wouldn't recommend a celeron to my worst enemy.
  6. That seems like a real bad idea, I'd keep it on if I were you. With that said, I keep my panel on with a window.
  7. Quit trying to put your self on a pedestal above him. If you don't have anything valuable to add to discussion, sometimes isn't it better to just not add at all?
  8. That's not "exactly how it works". You're basing your opinion off speculation and passing it as fact. Now I don't know what OP means by "christmas number one" but a lot more factors carry into it then just viewership on one website.
  9. No, he means Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Why you gotta be that way?
  10. Took me about 2 hours for my first build ever, which has since been sold as I work my way to a much better build, which I estimate will take me about an hour.
  11. You will never be happy if you're looking for something "similar to" trust me..just get the real thing, man.
  12. This I can understand. I don't constantly upgrade my car as a pre-emptive strike against noises and breakdowns.
  13. While I disagree that the other guy said someone buying wouldn't be concerned about $360, do you really think this post is serious? "I think this is a good system for a person just getting in to PC Hardware and Gaming."
  14. Finally jumped the gun on this one, guys. I've been watching this item for weeks, and now that it's $360 off I had to get it! hey, how about never again please?