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  1. Oh how far we've come...I miss Bungie.



  2. Well yeah but the point being that you have to do quiet alot to damage a device much the less one that is in a seperate room entirely. Would I take in a tablet into a non ventilated steam room for an hour no. At the same token I doubt just a few minute long shower steam would kill it either especially with it being in another room. If you are that paranoid about it though you could always wrap it in a towel to block off some of the steam from getting into the ports and condensing on the device itself for at least a little while.
  3. Welp all the more reason to use DDG and Bing.
  4. You will be fine. I have had my S8+ in a fully steamed non ventilated bathroom before while it was on and nothing happened to it. Worst thing that has happened is that it tripped the moisture sensor and the charging port wouldn't accept a charge for like 5mins tops and it went away and would charge again. Given that your device is in another room entirely I think you'll be ok.
  5. PS5 Specs

    Best way I can put it its as seamless as locking and unlocking your smartphone simpler even and has a great importance. Think of it like this. If you are on the go and in situations where you want to boot up your device and instantly lock it or unlock it to play your game. The Switch's lock and unlock feature especially with how snappy it is to get back to exactly where you were in game seamlessly is important in this way. Example: you are on a 30 min to 1 hour bus ride you pull out your switch and unlock it with the power button and boot into where you left off from your game. Your bus stop comes up in 2min and you lock your console by just hitting the power button without having to worry about saving booting down or saves/os getting corrupted (an issue with the ps4's numerous power options) and you get home and dock and you boot up from where you last left off. Its kinda hard to explain but until you've actually done it you realize how convenient and important it is particularly since the biggest selling point of the console is its portability and how seamless it is. Although I do think it has less to do with whether or not the console has an SSD and more to do with proprietary hardware being extremely well optimized for the flash storage its given.
  6. Ban log

    Isn't it obvious?
  7. Not at all I had my S3 for 4 years before upgrading to a S6 which I had for 2 years and only got an S8+ after the charging port died and had issues on my S6.
  8. I'm more interested to see how this will effect NK and China. Granted might not change a thing there but who knows.
  9. Another fun fact the only time the Xbox brand has actually profited was in November in the year Halo 2 was released. Since then its always operated at a net loss. Xbox is more or less a thing Microsoft does to be part of the "in and cool kids" crowd to show it does more than just office stuff and OS. Needless to say they've expanded into VR, surface pros/tablets and cloud services with Azure so I don't know if they will continue much longer after the final Halo game is released (Halo 6 presuming it is the final). Sony was at a point, back when the PS4 initially released completely reliant as a company on PS4s profits to stay afloat. They've gotten better now so I don't know how thats changed. Nintendo does just gaming and consoles so without that they are sunk. In a sense its their biggest advantage and disadvantage on one hand they have in house first party titles and brand name recognition with the industry as a whole. On the other if something happens to make consoles irrelevant then they are in trouble. I believe their design of the Switch as a portable hybrid figured this in as part of their long term calculus.
  10. Logan Paul is a dipshit no doubt but Youtube censorship and scapegoating is just as bad. 


    I get the title but I think its worth to actually listen to the content and what this guy is saying. 

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    2. Ashiella


      Im not sure actually, its real, not sure which, gives me a gate or juuni taisen feel though.

    3. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      The real question 

      WHy is he wearing a jacket but no a shirt like what lol

    4. LordTaco42


      @Eduard the weeb its kinda a stchik he does but he (he actually mentions it lol) usually has some insightful things to say. 

  11. Yep I found this out after getting them to deliver to my apartment I moved into Its not too much of a problem if you say live in a normal neighborhood or townhome but if you are in a gated community or apartment complex with secure entry (like mine) then you run into problems with them not being able to enter the building because they want to go to the actual apartment directly to drop off the package. Even when you specify in the delivery instructions to take the package to say the property management office (with the address which Amazon does not give you very many characters to type btw) they still often screw it up and either send a notification that it was undeliverab;e or that they will try again later.
  12. Honestly a case has always kept me good and I have dropped and thrown the shit outta phones before not a scratch. I just used a standard UAG case for my S3 for the longest time before upgrading to my S8+ using the Casemate case with the built in kick stand. Funny enough the most damage a phone of mine ever got was an old flip razer I had and the puppy got a hold of it and thought it was a chew toy yeah nothing would have survived that. Funny enough while the screen was wacked out it still powered on and could make and received calls lol.
  13. I knew King of the Hill was an anime.  All you nay sayers have been had!




  14. Xbox One or PS4 User?

    Funny thing I actually do already have it on steam and it looks amazing I use my 360 controller for my PC stuff minus RTS and FPS games. If I got Nier on my PS4 I'd get it probably used to have a physical copy.