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  1. Good day everyone, Summery: In the Title "they" points to OS developers and Mobile OS developers. The post explores the possibility of complete integration between platforms like Linux and Android and ask the question if Microsoft and other CPU manufacturers will remain relevant and if they should consider cross platform in future. Enjoy the read and i am looking forward to your responses. i have been following the apple A1 evolution and from a developer's stand point I like what I see. See this will give d
  2. Exactly right, it is just when someone has a device strapped onto their faces and thinking "this is fun i am only playing a game" while someone from the provider start to mess with them because they licked on "i agree". Simple truth is they should not have the right to do this to begin with. i know it is redundant by now, but i will continue to advocate that law makers need to push for laws that will protect us when companies take things to far. There should be build in protections for the end user in these agreements, there should be rules and regulations governing t
  3. The thing is, even if you treat the account as just a gaming account wouldn't matter much because the people providing the account has done some terrible things to their users. I don't know if you know but there was this one situation back in 2014 that was actually really bad. You can do a search on the topic and verify it yourself. They deliberately did experimented on over half a million people. Changing their moods via content feeds. Making people sad or happy actively exposing people to content with the goal to get a negative or positive reaction. When the story bro
  4. In my opinion it shows that It how a social media service can be a problem. It is at no fault to them BUT the situation exist regardless. However i did some more research and found plenty of individuals that didn't do much to get banned from social media. So really i think if you are interested in the topic you can really go take a look. just type into google something like "i have been banned from whatever you want to look at" and you will find plenty of people that reported different situations and got banned many of them permanent. Based on that i would honestly say
  5. If i am honest, i don't know why people are willing to accept forced account subscriptions for products they already paid for. I cannot tell you how any company does their banning or how they implement their rules. Like everyone else i can only do so much research find only so many answers and then decide if it is something worth looking into and or even write about. But yes, some people will not care that this is a thing or not. But where i live at least, Employers want to see your social media accounts. For the past few years every single employer wanted t
  6. There was this content creator that used to actually work at a company called Facebook. One day on his YouTube channel he questioned something simple. Well in a short time later he was dismissed and his Facebook account revoked. Now in his YouTube, he stated that not only did he lose his friends, contact list and the like on Facebook he also lost accounts on other networks that used Facebook as a from of authentication. Now he explained to Facebook that he needed access to these accounts in order to change the logins but they did not listen to him at all. It was at thi
  7. The thing is we are not talking about rules here. Rules are easy to follow if they are within reason. However when a company bans someone's access because of what is essentially personal opinion. That becomes a problem because later hardware may be used in the work place but because a personal opinion was not "acceptable for whatever reason" now the work cannot be preformed. This is why lawmakers must make 100% sure that people are not manipulated on this level and that everyone is protected. I stand to be corrected, but most platform bans normally remains permanently a
  8. I totally 100% agree. i would love to be a team player as i understand the hard work that goes into these platforms. I will construct my future posts very carefully and make sure to be factual where i can but sometimes conjecture or rather a hypothesis needs to be introduced to give a clear picture. But even then i can and will do more on my side to make sure it is to the point.
  9. I did the same thing. i made an account to keep an eye on local happenings and the market place as i do use a lot of second hand parts. So ti find the service to be valuable. But i do feel that they are overstepping a boundary here. A company should not have the right to stop a person from using hardware that the user paid for. It is at this point i truly thing law makers must be ask to investigate this because no company social media platform should have the right to stop a individual from using what is essential their property. I think customer protection should be considered mo
  10. I also hate doing it But due to some individuals trashing many of my posts i had to do something to keep them from doing so. I hate it i really do but until these individuals can be be handled in any other way i have no choice. But i do hope you see that i am really trying to have a positive debate about situations that will touch our every day lives moving forward. (edit) Tell you what I will stop doing it and lets hope for the best. i honestly just want to create awareness and allow people to truly think about what is happening around them and how it may effect them.
  11. Good day to you the reader. Please note the following. This discussion is about mandatory accounts and what it means. This discussion will look at some aspects of Mandatory Accounts and what it means. If you feel the above may trigger you in any way. PLEASE click away now. So today a friend of mine showed me a few reviews of a new VR Device. Overall it looks good and i personally like the idea of VR. But in one of the reviews it was mentioned that having an account with a social media group is a must. It is not an option. th
  12. Simply put people can over charge because people are willing to overpay.
  13. Any tech will tell you "process of elimination" Possible suspects here is Game updates, Windows 10 updates and General Driver updates as well as GPU Driver. Perhaps looking into MSI afterburner but really get more info on afterburner for the sake of stability. By eliminating the above you can easily see if it is hardware. Then Cleaning, and perhaps "please do research" replacing the heat-paste. Also do a virus Scan Win10 build in antivirus is actually not bad at all i use it and it works good enough "not the best" but it will pick stuff up. See if something isn't mess
  14. If you are lagging, it means you might have other problems. Lag can come from a host of situations. Perhaps dial the games down a bit and see if it becomes stable and run better. Some games actually do update a lot and sometimes those updates can change the game's demands on your card and that means you will probably need to look and see if lower settings might solve it. If it runs at bad temps i would maybe look at cleaning the cooler to maybe replace the heat-paste BUT again only do this if you know what you are doing. Again watch few videos and make sure you know what you get into and make
  15. I find it really strange that your drivers isn't working. Lets diagnose this. If you are running Win10 then perhaps uninstall the driver and do a update "force update in Win10" Normally this will update the driver files along side it but sometimes it doesn't. The second step is to reinstall the driver after update and so on. As for temps and stuff "MSI Afterburner" works with both AMD and NVIDIA and normally can easily control temps and do a lot more BUT be warned it might introduce instability if you push it. So i recommend to check out a few YouTube's and Forums before you start