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  1. Unfortunately the reality is if you dig deep enough and do enough research you will find a toxic fan base for just about anything. It may not even exist in what we would call the normal and can exist in other more questionable publications and websites. There are so many examples to link them all will be an exercise in stupidity. The point to all this is, we live in a time where a person/individual will go out of their way to make a point regardless of what is right and what is wrong. They will just hammer on about something because it is "entertainment" and not because it hold va
  2. Topic: Bad following: Discussion bullet points: how a bad following can rune a good thing. signs of a bad following. A very long time ago, a game reviewer refused to review portal and portal 2 because of its fan base. Personally i never gave it a second thought until recently. Essentially that can happen to games, content creation and the type of content. Nothing is really immune. A few signs are people changing a topic. Example a reviewer can talk about one thing, then someone will make it about something else taking away context. Then
  3. Good day everyone, This post will contain the following: Social Media vs Social engineering What we should expect vs reality. What might be possible in future for the user. Social Media vs Social engineering. So here we are again in 2021 with companies wanting more and more control over our devices and apps we use. Ever tried to click no on those apps? Funny how they stop working then... The reality is any contract between a provider and a individual is for the most part none negotiable. We must agree, conform and allow or get out. Not t
  4. Good day everyone, this post will be about online Tutorials, classes. It will contain the following: How Tutorials can both help and hold a person back. Why planning is important Goals vs Reality. With all that out of the way, lets get started... ... ... So regardless of what service your are subscribed to, what classes you are taking it is safe to say at some point we need to learn stuff so that we can do stuff. In my opinion Tutorials and online classes are really great and the services provided are not bad at all. Yes some b
  5. When it comes to ARM CPUs, it is fair to say that there are very small devices that can do a lot of work. That work is amplified because of web base services. Regardless of what i as the end user's use it is the service that i access that has the functionality. Laptop, tablet or desktop it doesn't matter at this point because my work flow remains the same.
  6. my current phone: Phone specs Type Super AMOLED Size 5.5 inches, 83.4 cm2 (~73.1% screen-to-body ratio) Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~401 ppi density) Always-on display
  7. To be fair we drifted off topic for a bit. But i think the future is here, and most of this stuff is becoming a norm. I think that is what companies like apple and others that will follow their model is counting on. That the end user must spend more money keeping their devices alive with subscriptions and other mandatory incentives. But wait... the day Google start to charge for gmail... That would be scary...
  8. No but the one i can have on me all the the time, the other not. See here is the thing. In a previous post i stated i got a good deal on a server with KVM support that i rent per month. Now what do i do with it? Well basically i use my phone to log into it and use it as my desktop. This means my phone is now my desktop computer. So once i did my work i email it to myself where i download it to a thumb drive and install the patch on my client's systems. Now why did i go to this extreme? Simple truth is, it works, i have a folding Bluetooth keyboar
  9. Glad you ask, Firstly There was the Samsung S8 that had a proper desktop experience. Source See this was really a first for me, yes many phones CAN do this BUT few of them can do it properly and with minimum effort. Another product was one Linus and them reviewed a while back. Source This was really an eye opener for me and i thought that it had a lot of potential. Plugging your phone to this "laptop" basically made it a laptop. Now the point here is YES it is early days but you can see where the momentum for this is coming from. Other
  10. All Good, Lets say ARM will not get into the server race until a much later date, however a lot of server grade components does contain ARM already like routers switches and so on. Not all of them but some of them. See this is where Soft solutions get into the mix. If a company can buy a box configure it to do whatever then chances are that ARM will be found in "some" of those soft solutions. The fact is that a lot of infrastructure used to use low level hardware. This however is changing as even a switch has a TON of work and components that can now be upgraded. This is not new fo
  11. Actually no... See a few things are factually happening. Intel is in a bit of a spot to the point that they are looking at outsourcing and factually is being pushed to do so. It is not just in the movies where this stuff happens. In real life if a company doesn't do well investors jump ship, they always have and always will.
  12. Hi everyone, Post summery: Today i am looking into ARM and the possibilities that exist around it. Also looking into INTEL and X86's future in general. Hypothesis of what the future of computing may look like. Let's get into it, When you do a google you will find that "ARM is a family of reduced instruction set computing architectures" The short of it is, it can do a lot of things really well and can even be dedicated with custom instructions to be supper efferent both process wise and power wise. Now ARM isn't new and fact is, it was a good
  13. That is a great point and i think it is why there needs to be better communication between the publisher and modding community. To be fair i feel a lot can happen if they work with each other.
  14. Hi everyone, Happy new year if you are already at new years otherwise enjoy the festivities. Post summery: The Following post will contain a topic i keep close to heart, Modding games. It also ask the question should someone that spend the time to create the mod be allowed to get paid for it? Should payment systems block individuals to get paid? Right, Lets start here, Right as a programmer i like to tinker with with games that allow me to do so. Some games can be modded to the extreme others not so much. However I feel that