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    Anime titties and logic. Computer and science.

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  1. back from being banned? welcome back.

  2. 750W is more than enough for any single GPU setup.
  3. If my GTX 970 can last 5 years in 1080P era than GTX 1070 can do much longer. GTx 1080 and up are nice, but GTX 1070/1070TI is a budget future proof
  4. So this explain the 1809 issues. Well, I am doing a full disk backup with AOMEI and Macrium before installing 1809. I had some people are already installed 1809 this week, and they ran into a lot of issues.
  5. GTX 1080 is good for 1440P as well. It also capable of 4k fine, but I don't know how long will it last though for new games demand more hardware resources. In the future, you might upgrade to 1440P maybe?
  6. GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080TI RX 580 8GB ( I think it should do fine for 3 to 5 years)
  7. It called MATH DRUG. It is very contagious.
  8. Ya, but the RTX 2080 will rekt GTX 1080TI when RTX technology got optimized very well.
  9. Nissan GTR Nismo vs Corvette ZR1 vs Dodge Demon. Nissan GTR wins. But Nissan GTR is so dam expensive for the base model.
  10. Banned for eating ass like grocery store.
  11. Not in FL when the state got rated #1 for car accident and poor economy.
  12. This is my motto


    1. Don't vote
    2. Eat trash
    3. Get cash
    4. Eat ass
    5. Cut grass
    6. Die fast
    1. germgoatz
    2. TacoSenpai


      brap brap brap

    3. Schnoz


      Why do that? All you have to in America is pay taxes and die! :D

  13. stop changing your profile pic

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Speed Weed
    3. imreloadin


      How the hell cpuld it be "offensive"? It's not like it contained nudity, this especially doesn't make sense considering the number of times I've seen Linus take off his shirt in videos over the last couple of weeks, he has shown more skin than any of you pfp's xD

    4. germgoatz


      @imreloadin Well, let's just say that Linus hands out "hush money" ;). He gets some special treatment for that.