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  1. If they're not going to cover it under warranty, bad luck mate. The only thing you can really do is focus your efforts on what actually is covered by your warranty, and what your legal rights are on the issue. In the UK for example, you can get your item fixed, or a partial refund providing the device hasn't performed as expected for up to 6 years after the initial purchase. Of course, this depends on the company's interpretation of the law but you can see how it goes.
  2. Mug

    Is there gender inequality in IT or cyber security?

    So is this not a societal issue then, why are women pursuing more artsy subjects rather than technical subjects? Like I'm a prime example, as a Chemistry teacher myself, and my girlfriend works in the council's public health department. In the past I've been in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, and she's been a librarian and an HR lady. If it really was equal we'd see girls take these more technical and scientific subjects, but what tends to happen is they're not taken as seriously in them. I've seen this in the classroom right from kids coming from primary school, they're just not confident in their answers - and not being confident affects them moving up. By contrast, boys tend to be more cocky and confident in Science, regardless of knowledge. My theory is that in subjects like History or English there is no real correct answer, which appeals to less confident people more - whereas in Science and Maths, the right answer is the correct one which isn't going to appeal to people that aren't confident enough to get things wrong. This needs to change but current methods like using green pens for everything and insinuating that everything anyone says is right just isn't cutting it, these methods just put down standards.
  3. Mug

    Assange arrested

    I think it's been a huge waste of time and money and he's an utter cunt. So he's wanted for a rape in Sweden? Well regardless of whether he thinks someone's trying to frame him, he needs to face justice for that, what a coward. Then he's also wanted in the US for being a twat too, he exposed so much military data man, literally getting people killed for what he saw was good. He needs to face justice for it if he committed a crime. If there was no crime that's also ok, but he needs a trial. What a cluster fuck this has been.
  4. Mug

    Dear Linus...

    Like any businessman, Linus understands that in order to keep up with the mmarke you have to move with the times. You can't do this by continually making the same stuff, so you have to constantly change to stay in the flow. I've been watching his stuff on and off since the NCIX days and think that his stuff is better now than ever. He's really managed to hone in on his audience. Like are you actually watching YouTube for in-depth analysis, or for entertainment? I see LinusTechTips as a top gear of tech, still has some nitty gritty tech stuff, but it's more about the entertainment value.
  5. Not gonna lie it sounds sweet, glad you didn't bring flowers haha Did you like her? If you did, make sure you give her a call and tell her that you enjoyed your time with her and that you'd like to see her again. About the sweat, my advice is to buy strong deodorant. I remember during my teens I bought driclor, which is basically aluminium chloride (stuff that makes you not sweat) and alcohol which evaporates. That stuff made sweaty me into sweatless me, put it on for 4 days straight and didn't sweat for a week afterwards, top stuff.
  6. Dress casually, jeans and a jumper or chequered shirt No roses Look for restaurants to go before/after Do what feels natural Pick her up from somewhere and walk there, wouldn't meet at the cinema. Like for me that would mean meeting at the nearest metro station to the cinema, then walking like 5 mins to the cinema, chatting, choosing a movie when we're there, sitting down, watching it. Try to think of things to say to your date, don't compliment her except at the start (ie: you meet and say how lovely she looks, then don't compliment her again for the rest of the date) because too many compliments is creepy. A tip I use is to look for screenings beforehand, then suggest booking one when you're there, then suggesting that you both get food, then go to a later viewing. Meet earlier, go home later. My first date with my current girlfriend was at an art gallery. We met at the metro station, got the metro to the art gallery, got talking, then we walked through the town the gallery was in, it was snowing and it was this really pretty old town. Then we got a spoons pizza together and went the cinema, got the metro back to mine etc. Don't ever feel too pressured on dates, it's chill. For a second date, think of somewhere that you could both go where you can talk, but there's enough to occupy you both if conversation is sparse.
  7. Mug

    Tinder in 2019?

    Always have been and always will be... Unless you find someone that likes that of course. Give it a thought from a woman's perspective: what attracts you to a man? Good social skills, takes you out on dates, lots of friends. If you're putting tech and video games in your profile it's likely a big enough part of your life to dissuade most women. Put your best stuff in your profile, what about you makes you actually different rather than a general interest in tech.
  8. Mug

    Tinder in 2019?

    Is that not the same taste as a cougar? I was at an RSC conference a little while back, plenty of people there that would have tickled your fancy, but also can't use their phones well enough to download tinder. Once on tinder you could get a good date, but I feel like that was years ago and now the best way to find women is the real world.
  9. I guess it depends on the company. I worked for a DIY shop that dealt with ordering and we had a 'next day' order that was processed for a certain time of day. If I had to go delving through it before someone processed it then it would take so much longer so we ended up making it store policy that unless you're one of our big customers, or you've ordered something big and easy to get at, then we'll tell you to come back when you've been told it's ready.
  10. To my eye and according to the spec sheet it looks like a pretty bog standard mATX board. No need to have to worry about the chipset, just worry about the generation of the chipset. Worth mentioning that (my god) this is an expensive component to replace just to upgrade ram; you probably should just buy 2x8 GB sticks and see how that goes before paying for an unnecessary part. Especially with motherboards you'll run into driver stuff, then windows license stuff, then (ugh) the pain of having to remove it and put it back together.
  11. Mug

    Networking job title?

    Job titles tend to vary from place to place, a garbage disposal engineer can also be called a binman. If you want experience, just phone up and ask if you can come in and have a look.
  12. I got a 6 month trial when I was a student, but it only happened once, so I'd have to get another account to get another trial. What is the trial worth to you though? You might be better off paying the fee for next day delivery if you foresee ordering a large number of items soon.
  13. Mug

    community reputation

    Could equally be a spammer really so it's pretty difficult to discern.
  14. Mug

    Glad Linus is willing to take a stance

    I think it's best if he stays politically neutral, but having said that he can still bring up important issues. So many issues nowadays are worldwide, and criticising individual people or parties isn't gonna resonate with everyone, and it might even put people off. What he could do is address the issue itself - like on freedom, he could say "I believe people should be free" rather than "I think Trudeau believes people should be free and that's why I voted for him". How applicable is a Trudeau comment to people in Poland compared to a comment on the policy at large? When you get into the nitty gritty of people's opinions you tend to find party bias, which is where people tune out. Focussing on the issue is far more effective, and doesn't damage his impressions on 50% of the audience.
  15. Regular sleeping will help you so much, I know with me I feel so much better when I'm off to sleep quickly. Having a regular discipline (ie: a job) helps so much with that. If you're ok with 5 hours of sleep though then that's fine... I personally am good with 7 hours, any more and I'll feel shit all day.