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  1. I modded my G751J to use NVMe M.2 drives, basically soldered an M.2 connector to the pads on the motherboard, then modded the BIOS so it sees it and can boot from it. Obviously goes through the chipset. Here's where the problems start. As good of a cooling as this laptop has (keeps that 980 really cool), the chipset is...so badly placed i'm surprised it doesn't kill the keyboard. It's right underneath where the ribbon cable goes to the mobo connector, which is directly below the chipset. 10/10 design Asus...anyway, the chipset gets hot, around 85°C if not a bit more under load
  2. I'll try that but i think at one point we only had a PS/2 KB plugged in. Will also change the CMOS battery just in case.
  3. I think he already has legacy boot because i installed the OS for him the last time and the CMOS settings are by default legacy, because i didn't trust UEFI until after x99/4th gen CPUs came out. But will check, thanks for the advice!
  4. A friend of mine has issues starting his PC. It's my old PC i had, never had issues with it before, he's now had it for almost 3 years and it stopped powering on properly. At first he could remedy the issue by resetting the CMOS now and then, but now it turns on, shows the asus logo screen, then goes to a black screen, regardless if we pressed DEL/F2 or left it to try to power on and shows B4 on the Qcode display. The only way to get it started is to click the restart button, then it powers on just fine. I've tried reflashing both the BIOSes, i replaced one of the BIOS chips aswell just in cas
  5. Updating this topic if anyone else will search for this solution: The lowest height 4+5 M.2 connector, i think it's 2.3mm fits. All the traces are there, just solder it on. Problem, SATA M.2 SSDs are not recognisable, but you can mod the bios and use NVMe SSDs, check this thread out about how to do it: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?99677-ROG-G751-JY-BIOS-211-NVMe-Upgrade-Guide-Step-by-Step Here it says to use the 211 BIOS, but i've had issues with that BIOS, random BSODs, you might have more luck, but do have the newest one ready just in case. After y
  6. I mean i have all of that at my work. The traces shouldn't be a problem, i feel like since the SMDs are there, they probably didn't bother making a whole new motherboard w/o the traces, but just didn't put the M.2 connector on. The average user, or well most users, won't try to solder an M.2 slot on there, so making a whole new mobo w/o traces would probably just add uneeded cost. Question is, what kind of M.2 connector it is, seeing that on aliexpress, there's a few 4+5 M.2 connectors, guessing for different heights.
  7. So i just got an Asus G751J, a guy was selling it for parts, didn't give picture, turns out, the touchpad IC is dead, just heats up like crazy and it somehow stopped the laptop from booting up at all. Anyway, before i bought it i checked around and saw that this model came with an M.2 connector. But when i opened mine up, it wasn't there, just the pads are, so it's probably one of those "you didn't pay enough so you don't have it on there" kind of things. Regardless, i was wondering if it's possible to buy a connector and just solder it on? From what i saw comparing a h
  8. I have an ASRock X99 Extreme6 in a server case that has 6 sas-8087 connectors for the backplane. It has 6 connectors, but i only have 5 internal on my sas controllers (and 5 external because ofc i'm missing just one lol ) i wanted to use a sas-8087 to 4x sata, but connecting the sata to the motherboard sata connectors and the sas-8087 to the backplane, but it doesn't work. Does the motherboard have to support this? The backplane doesn't have a controller or anything, just splits the sas to 4 sata. Bios doesn't see the drives, they don't even spin. I tried connecting one of the cont
  9. So i have a motherboard Asus X99 Pro (got it from a seller on a local ad site with a CPU, mostly bought it for the CPU but wanted to see if i can fix it aswell). It powers on to a Qcode 00 and stays there. The CPU doesn't get warm, chipset doesn't get warm. I tried to use the BIOS flashback feature but it doesn't work, flashes for 5s then goes to a solid light. Tried different USBs and bios files, but nothing (used the asus bios renamer/name for the file is X99P). I then removed the BIOS chip and put it into my programmer and checked if it's even alive. It was and the BIOS was on there, so i s
  10. So basically, HP took a bigger chip that has the same 8 legs connected...god damnit. Thanks! Will see if i can even try to solder on wires and connected it that way
  11. I have an HP Elitebook 8570p with a locked BIOS. That wouldn't be an issue since i have a USB BIOS programmer, but there's a small problem: The BIOS is non-standard size and i don't have an adapter to read it (ironically 8560p had a normal sized BIOS...damn you HP). Is there any way to get the full BIOS off with software on windows/linux or a DOS program? Thanks!
  12. I tried the Lenovo support forum, i tried this thinkpad subreddit, i tried techsupport subreddit, i tried here. You're the only one who answered at all not even an employee of Lenovo commented on the forum post. I'll try to send a direct email to them and see, that's kinda the only thing i can think of still.
  13. Tried that and the advanced test showed that the KB is fine, the other 2 tests where you press keys i clicked "no" when it asked if everything was ok, but since the program itself doesn't see the issue, it sadly doesn't help, thank you tho! I did post a thread on the official Lenovo forum, maybe i'll get an answer there.
  14. I have an issue with my friends laptop keyboard. He hasn't used the laptop in a while and it's been stored in a closet in a laptop bag, but when he first powered it on, they keyboard isn't functioning properly. We already tried another keyboard, same issue. Fx. When he presses "Caps Lock", the letter "S" is also pressed, when he pressed the letter "J", "Y" is also pressed and vice versa. When he presses "Backspace", the "\" key is also pressed. Etc. I have no idea what could be causing this, it's not a software issue, but not sure where in the hardware part to look at. Is ther
  15. I work at a tech store which also does recycling for all types of electronics. We disassembled a lot of things and got a few LEDs. The LEDs have a 2 pin connector and work on 12V since there are 4 of them in 3, if i only use 3V only one row of 3 lights up, all 4 rows of 3 light up at 12V, slowly going dimmer after 13V. So 12-13V is the sweet spot. I have 10 of these and would love to use them all at the same time, but i can't find an LED control board at all. Most results i get is for either car lights or RGB things. I have no clue where to look for it. If anyone knows where do let me kno