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    Xeon E5-2670 @3.5Ghz
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    Asus Rampage IV Formula
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    Crucial Ballistix 4x8GB 1696MHz
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    EVGA GTX 980ti SC
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    Gigabyte Cupio 6140
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    1TB HDD + 120GB SSD
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    Corsair VOID RGB
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  1. So basically, HP took a bigger chip that has the same 8 legs connected...god damnit. Thanks! Will see if i can even try to solder on wires and connected it that way
  2. I have an HP Elitebook 8570p with a locked BIOS. That wouldn't be an issue since i have a USB BIOS programmer, but there's a small problem: The BIOS is non-standard size and i don't have an adapter to read it (ironically 8560p had a normal sized BIOS...damn you HP). Is there any way to get the full BIOS off with software on windows/linux or a DOS program? Thanks!
  3. I tried the Lenovo support forum, i tried this thinkpad subreddit, i tried techsupport subreddit, i tried here. You're the only one who answered at all not even an employee of Lenovo commented on the forum post. I'll try to send a direct email to them and see, that's kinda the only thing i can think of still.
  4. Tried that and the advanced test showed that the KB is fine, the other 2 tests where you press keys i clicked "no" when it asked if everything was ok, but since the program itself doesn't see the issue, it sadly doesn't help, thank you tho! I did post a thread on the official Lenovo forum, maybe i'll get an answer there.
  5. I have an issue with my friends laptop keyboard. He hasn't used the laptop in a while and it's been stored in a closet in a laptop bag, but when he first powered it on, they keyboard isn't functioning properly. We already tried another keyboard, same issue. Fx. When he presses "Caps Lock", the letter "S" is also pressed, when he pressed the letter "J", "Y" is also pressed and vice versa. When he presses "Backspace", the "\" key is also pressed. Etc. I have no idea what could be causing this, it's not a software issue, but not sure where in the hardware part to look at. Is ther
  6. I work at a tech store which also does recycling for all types of electronics. We disassembled a lot of things and got a few LEDs. The LEDs have a 2 pin connector and work on 12V since there are 4 of them in 3, if i only use 3V only one row of 3 lights up, all 4 rows of 3 light up at 12V, slowly going dimmer after 13V. So 12-13V is the sweet spot. I have 10 of these and would love to use them all at the same time, but i can't find an LED control board at all. Most results i get is for either car lights or RGB things. I have no clue where to look for it. If anyone knows where do let me kno
  7. Are there any good voice changers out there? I've seen youtubers changing their voice in their videos, but i never thought if that's post production or if they also do it on the fly with a specific program. Like changing your voice a bit for deeper or higher pitches or making it robotic or static or anything like that. Free or paid, i don't mind either, any recommendations?
  8. Ok, that's good, i've had too high of an expectation then. Thanks!
  9. I've seen Linus use a USB-C game drive to move and play games on, how's the latency and loading and such on one of those? Are they viable alternatives to have instead of an internal ssd? Does it need to be USB 3.2 or does 3.1 also work? (ik that 3.2 has double lanes...or something like that) Would i need a special external case for the SSD or is any "cheap" one ok? By that i don't mean $5 Chinese crap, something in the line of $30 or so? Also SATA m.2 good enough or is it better to have NVMe? Many questions, hopefully not too many, thanks for the help!
  10. I'll get an SSD in it at some point, atm the prices are still up and down a bit. I'd put a 500GB or more in there since i'll be softmodding it anyway.
  11. Ahh ok, figured as much but still took a shot if anyone knew. Figured as much, idk what i'd use the 8GB for anyway, but wanted to see if it was possible. Sadly a 2013 drive is out of warranty Got it for free anyway, so oh well. One more question, i have one of those SSHDs in my PS3, does the controller know what to do there aswell or is the 8GB part just wasted there?
  12. It's an odd question, i have a 2.5" 1TB SSHD, which has 8GB of SSD cache on it. The disk itself is dead, clicks 2 times, doesn't format and shows as ? in HDSentinel. My question is, is it somehow possible to only use the SSD portion of the drive? I know it's only 8GB, but i'm curious if it's possible with maybe custom firmware etc.?
  13. I tried to google this but couldn't find any answer. Basically, i know that any ES CPUs are a hit and miss overall, but on any ebay ad you can easily see that it usually states that Asus and Gigabyte boards don't support E5 V4 ES Xeons at all. I know that this was a similar story with X79 where just V2 xeons overall wouldn't work on some early X79 boards due to them not having the correct VRM controller that supported V12.5 (Gigabyte for example made a lot of 1.1 revisions for their boards). Is this a similar story? That the VRM controller just doesn't support a certain volta
  14. It's somewhat a fake, tho from what this tells me is that it was an ES version remarked to look like a real one or something, which is interesting.
  15. I did ask him if he thought it was a fake, but he said that he can't confirm that. Maybe he didn't have info since it's lower tier support and i could get more from the higher tech support he forwarded me to. We'll see in the coming days, but he did say one thing that's odd to me (asked about the "SR" in the s-spec):