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  1. They are fairly new, I think they're known for being one of the cheapest providers.
  2. I don't think I've ever heard that, you have a source? I know Nordvpn has a strict no logs policy and for the past few years have been doing 3-rd party audits to make sure they are compliant.
  3. Hey, as long as she is a competent driver I don't see a problem. Obviously it's better to get your licence driving a larger manual car, that way you can get a better feeling of the car, but it's fine, she'll pick it up.
  4. I enjoy smash bros the most. There's that free game on steam that I play myself, brawlhalla I think, that one is ok as well, since I play it myself.
  5. hmmmz….I couldn’t even imagine how a vpn service (which main task is to provide privacy and security) could leak personal users’ data. The biggest reason why I use a vpn is that I need to provide safe and private connections. So how could you be confident while using a buggy provider which can leak your data to government or smth? (I personally landed on nordvpn, and I’m glad to hear that it’s considered as the most secure vpn)
  6. Form was amazing... If you haven't tried Transpose yet, I would recommend trying it. Pairs really well...
  7. Hello, first of all glad to meet you all, been planning to get to know this community I've heard pretty much only good things about A few days ago I started reading about IT since I'm planning to change my career and came upon interview with Dr. A. Estwick she's an ex NSA worker and has some inside knowledge about big corps. She outlined several times that there's fewer women in IT and especially in management positions, Is that true? I know few friends who are managers in IT companies but usually it's PR or HR, rarely I meet female developers. Then again, my social circle is narrow, so
  8. I think Starcraft II is a good example of high quality esports