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  • Birthday Jul 27, 1996

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    Blizzard LOL
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    No(Full of homosexuals)
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    See above.
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    Orthodox Christianity, Firearms, Cooking.
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    I got married. That's my biography.
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    International Banking(yes, really. It's soul-crushing)


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    AsRock X570 Extreme4
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    Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz(32GB)
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    Sapphire 5700 XT
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    Eclipse P600S(Noctua NF-A14's all fans)
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    XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB NVME(x2)
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    EVGA Platinum 1000w
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    Dell U2415H(1920x1200), U2515H(2560x1440), Samsung Syncmaster 21.5"(1920x1080)
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    Daily Driver: GMMK TKL Box Red's, dental-banded, soft, thin.

    Novatouch TKL, Realforce 87UG 55g, WASD Code MX Clear(TKL), Varmilo VA87M TKL(MX Brown), Royal Kludge RC930-55g(Vortex PBT, 2.0MM Dental-banded), Magicforce 68-key Gateron Clear(Dental-banded), and about 35 more keyboards. Not even updating this. It's changed. A lot.
  • Mouse
    GMMK - Model O
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    Blon BL-03, Moondrop Starfields: Sold All 20+ pairs of headphones. Blon BL-3 do more for me than the HD800S does, and they're only $40.
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    Windows 10 / Gnome3-Linux / Fedora

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  1. Updating my profile after not being on here for three years while also updating my firearm wishlist, and going through work emails.
  2. Just going to throw this out there; I have had no issue with longevity with Crucial, Adata, or Western Digital SSD's; NVME or SATA. I have had, on the other hand, Samsung SSD's fail on me multiple times in the last four years.
  3. When I quit Linustech almost 3 years ago; I had quit all technology youtube channels.  Everything.  I had lost interest in technology completely.  Shortly after I had gotten married to my girlfriend - moved in to the mountains, built a house and a farm; began my conversion to Orthodox Christianity and took up new hobbies.  Firearms became and remain to be my #1 hobby.  Following that it is Motorcycles.  Following that it is still Audio.  Blon BL-03's do everything that HD800S do, and they're $40.  Just saying.  IEM'S > Headphones.  I am turning 24 in July, and have grown a full beard(y'know, mountain man style), hair is no longer shaved all the time, but down to my shoulders and it has begun to grey(to my surprise and dismay).   Also lost 100lbs, got my health under control(colitis), and despite my wife going in and out of kidney failure since January of 2020 - my life has never been happier.  She's recovering, and doctors are still figuring out what the cause is; possibly sarcoidosis, possible recurring kidney infection, possibly all caused by an acute allergic reaction to a chemical.

    To summarize; life is good.  To the few people who still pick arguments with my account from half a decade ago or so.  All I want you to know is this:  Whatever I believed in way back then, might not be the same thing I believe in now, but I will defend myself from back then because no matter what - you're still wrong.

    1. SurvivorNVL


      Update on all Samsung products I have owned; they've all died.  Spectacularly.  NVME and Sata SSD's, DVD/Blue ray players, phones, etc.  Not sure if it is my luck or just Samsung QC, but, Samsung is my least trusted brand now. 

    2. SurvivorNVL


      Y'all ever wonder if Patrickjp93, after being so incredibly wrong on Intel buying out AMD and splitting it up with nVidia back in 2015, has just given up on life?  I mean, he spent years on LTT flipping shit over Intel being superior in everyway, and then the last two years has just been "Intel has infinite vulnerabilities, can't compete with AMD, losing marketshare, GPU is a flop, not innovating" and AMD stock price goes from $1 to $50 in four years.

    3. dizmo


      Stock BL03s have the shiiiiittiest cables though. They're great for the price, but don't compare to top tier headphones.

      I'd say it's your luck. I've had nothing but excellent experiences with all of my Samsung gear, and they've been to this day the most dependable phones I've owned.

      Wasn't he Apple focused? I mean, he wasn't wrong back then. AMD was horrible in the Bulldozer/refresh years.

  4. Just to add my two-cents to the whole thing going on throughout the U.S.:  If an A10-Warthog strafed through a few cities; it might disperse the rioters/protesters(depending on whether you can tell the difference) in an orderly and fashionable manner back to their homes.

  5. I see.  Based on the rate of notifications I've gotten since May 4th 2020, I have rouhgly 14,000 Notifications since the last time I logged in. 

    1. Cyberspirit


      Welcome back, and good luck with that. xD

    2. SurvivorNVL


      I won't be here long.  Just decided to dig up my old temporary password from the reset back in 2015.

  6. Ah.  253 Notifications and two years later.

    1. mr moose

      mr moose

      Shit, better go into hibernation again, they still haven't stopped arguing with you.  🤔

    2. SurvivorNVL


      Oh, good.  I've spent three years arguing with people and got married; I have evolved.

  7. Here I thought you hadn't been posting because you got banned, didn't think you'd just up and leave lol.

  8. Also the Sar-9 has officially passed NATO testing and is on par to the venerable Glock 17 and CZ-75 in reliability as per all standardized testing. The Turkish HK/Glock hybrid is a success. Who'd have thought?
  9. My personal project this weekend is trying to effectively recreate the Taiwanse T91. Not too difficult, but the stock is a hard find.
  10. When car accidents, medical negligence and peanut allergies kill thousands more people monthly, let alone yearly than guns, but guns are the problem.  

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. pinksnowbirdie


      on the topic of suicides...


      Tighter gun control won't lower the number of suicides. Less guns doesn't mean people will be killing themselves less.

      Sure less will be killing themselves with guns but there's other methods.

    3. DrMacintosh


      @wcreek No, but it does increase the chances of getting to someone before they kill themselves or before they die. 



    4. pinksnowbirdie


      But what does that mitigation time really matter? I mean seriously. 

  11. My county has an issue of people buying or saving dogs and then letting them go.  So there's lots of stray dogs on the street.  People've been releasing pitbulls, who kill other stray dogs, so now you can get paid $30 for each pitbull you kill.  They're now considered pests.  Free Market can't do -that-!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dizmo


      OH man! Even better. Sign me up.

      Have you taken to the streets to make some quick cash? :P

    3. SurvivorNVL


      God no.  That requires going outside and it is flu season!

    4. CircleTech


      *buys 100 stuffed dogs*


      *turns them in*


      *collects $3000*

  12. They definitely need to consider making some exceptions to that.
  13. If he was linking to CP via his bot - he shouldn't be going to jail, he should be receiving quick, clean, cheap capital punishment.
  14. Surprised if Twitter goes through my DM's--they haven't banned me yet. Banned somewhere near around 60 people I'd talk to but not me yet.