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  1. Do you think that a 550 corsair would work on this rig? or should i go to the 650 or higher??
  2. Ok thx Ill have the PSu replaced thank u all
  3. I mean is hs been 1.2 years since i got this rig and only now its getting problem?
  4. So for about a week now i have been experiencing some weird activity with my computer. I'd be playing minecraft and suddently my computer would shut down. I checked the thermals for the time and they looked normal (around 50/60 under load youtube + discord + whatever other game i would be playing) but it keept on happening every day more often every time it shutdown but i've noticed that my computer LEDs are still on after my monitor and periferals turn off. Im really not sure what could be causing this. DA RIG: Graphics card :1660 SUPER CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 with 3.7
  5. sorry for late reply i don't have a before picture but i have pictures of the pixelates monitor. i am far away from the monitor and still is is super pixelated
  6. wdym picture of the 2 monitors? connection? the 75hz is on hdmi and the 144hz is on dp. resolution both are 1920x1080 24-bit of depth
  7. I had a Samsung 75hz ips monitor and now a zowie benq 144hz monitor that i just got. it was all got until i installed and setup the benq one that both my monitors started to get pixelated and idk why. i've searched all internet for fixes or solutions but nothing so this is my last resort. Btw my Graphics card is a 1660 super apparently not the issue for what i've seen.
  8. So my Samsung A6+ is on recovery mode for about 2 days now (it went during night). i cant do anything to select the options since my power button is ok. when i press the volume buttons in apears to chose and reeboots the phone but then it goes back to the recovery section i havent seen any1 with this problem can any1 help?
  9. the thing is i just cant trust my self doing that and doing shit and messing up on trying to revert it is there any specific thing you could advice me to do for it to be easier
  10. So recently i've been getting quite low fps while gaming even in games that sholdn't. I dont mean standard low fps i'd be playing League and sudently drop from 230 fps to like 70 and then back to 230 and eve this with Osu! Cs:go and other games. I've tried many thing like seeing if the drivers were up to date or if my machine was dustybut theyh all passed on the not issue list. im kinda worried obout this since this machine is 6 months old. I figured i'd overclock my cpu but upon researches i found no help for a ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler with a good overclock without killing it short
  11. k k but how do i do it? i dont want to do it "blind folded"
  12. yah 2nd and 4th slot 3200mhz but its currently running at 2133mhz
  13. so i recently bought a new system and since then i've been experiencing weird things when i activate xmp games start to crash or not even boot but when i turn it off it comes back to normal. Can any1 help?? Mobo:Gigabyte B450 Gaming X cpu: ryzen 5 2600 memory: 16Gb (8Gb X 2) graphics card: gtx 1660 super