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  1. Yeah, you can put 1866 memory in it, only it will run at 1600 if that's the maximum for the computer. It doesn't really matter though, the difference in price is small so you may as well go for 1866. It's not as if it won't work.
  2. Just sayin', Microsoft's Surface line is amazing. I have a Pro 3 and I see the Pro 4 as the next step towards this. It's already slim enough, it already has a large enough battery and it already has the build quality. My only complaint is the amount of heat the processor outputs, although the fan never turns on under normal use, I'd like a fanless model to be honest. It would put the icing on the cake of an already great product. I'd also like it to be waterproof. But you can't have everything.
  3. It's very likely it will support 16GB of RAM. You can find out more here: http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en If it does, here is the kit I'd highly recommend: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/16gb-%282x8gb%29-vengeance-performance-memory-kit-ddr3-1600mhz-cl10-15v If it's got a DVD drive, you can replace it with a 2.5" drive to give you more or faster storage. http://www.amazon.co.uk/EiioX-Drive-Caddy-Universal-DVD-ROM/dp/B00931ZPUW/
  4. A Xeon E5-2603V3 will do fine, it's basically a 5820k without hyperthreading.
  5. X99 can support 128GB of RAM. So something like a 5820k and a mid-high end X99 board, that will do. However, good luck finding a 128GB RAM kit. 64GB is the current maximum due to the amount of ram we can actually fit on a chip.
  6. There will be compromise with the cooing too. Also, it's not that thin. Would much rather have a proper ultrabook imo.
  7. xox

    high ping?

    Your ping is admirably low anyway so the issue with ping isn't at your end, it's at the server end. So you probably wouldn't benefit from a new router.
  8. A Moto E/G would both be better options
  9. It would be worse for everyone since the number of likes are the same, but the number of posts differ. For example, you currently have ~2000 likes with ~8000 posts, which sets your ratio at 1:4. However, if you posted 2000 times in off topic, that would set it to 1:5. (10000 posts and 2000 likes)
  10. Mate, if you're selling your old computer for $300, you're being ripped off. Seriously, with cleaning, it could sell (idk about America) in the UK for £700 easy. There would be no questions, I'd have sold the thing within 30 mins.
  11. I get really annoyed by people always pressing the like button, it should really only be reserved for the times when you actually liked the video in my opinion. For example, if I'm on YouTube the instant an LTT video is uploaded, I will click on it only to find that even before people have had a chance to watch, they've already left a like. How does that give a scope for Linus to improve? Idk. I mean, how do they know that in the video, Linus hasn't spouted right-wing shit? How do they know that they like the video before they watch it? Maybe they're easily impressed, maybe the fact t
  12. It is, yeah. Anything Gigabyte or ASUS tends to be the best in my experience, I've never had a returned computer with them when I put them in my customer builds (current favourite is the GA-H81M-S2H). But anything from Scan's range of ATX boards tends to be relevant. http://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/all/motherboards-intel/socket-1150-intel-z97-motherboards