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    Amd a8 7600
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    msi a88x g43
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    8gb 1866mhz 2x4gb
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    amd r7 hd graphics (APU)
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    1life something
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    1life something
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    Hp LE2001w
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    Logitech K120
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    Razer Abyssus 2014
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    Windows 8.1
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  1. no it just happens w/ windows media creation tooland yes i have antivirus Malwarebytes and Baidu
  2. Hi, so i am having an issue opening the windows media creation tool, everytime i open it it shows me to open with other programs, but this is a .exe file so idk what to do, one thing is that it onluy happens with this *.exe file. Help me pls Thanks
  3. idk it just says that the install program has stopped working
  4. I can't reinstal 'cause i don't have the windows 8.1 cd, and it says install media
  5. Thats the point i can't install it says that the installer stopped working HELP PLS I did everything and it still
  6. Ok so i did what u just said and it stills the same, i cant install it
  7. so like i said i tried to update them and it uninstalled them, now i don't have audio 'cause i can't install the realtek driver again
  8. yes but then whats happening with my audio thats what confuses me
  9. Ok so let's say i have the amd drivers working fine,so what happened was that i tried to update it and it uninstalled, since then whenever i try to install that amd driver it just says that the install manager has stopped working, every time
  10. idk it's just when i try to update it just uninstalls instead of updatingand then i can't install that driver anymore
  11. Hi, so I was having some troubles with my system the other that I can't install any drivers on my computer, so at the begining tried to update my amd apu drivers but it uninstalled them and since that day i couldn't install that amd drivers again. I thought that was some issue with the apu or something with AMD, but no i tried to update my sound drivers and it uninstalled them too, Anyway i need help fiding a solution for this problem. I can't install any driver. My system specs are these: amd a8 7600 with r7 graphics 8gb ram 1866mhz 500 gb storage 500w PSU Windows 8.1 (Build 9600) I p