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  1. I can tell you for a fact after I switched to a 212, I went from 60 to 40-50ish on idle. It does spike above 50 when I'm on heavy applications like Premiere Pro or even GTA V.
  2. Aight herro everyone again, just installed the cm hyper 212 rgb black edition (used) and my results are as below... It seemed to improve but whenever im editing on some videos on premiere the temperature spikes to like 70C and it starts to lag... Am i suppose to factor something in ..?
  3. but compared to say like a cooler master 212, wouldn't it fall behind? I actually purchased one just earlier lol
  4. not gonna lie when he said upgrade the cooler i immediately thought "Noctua" but seriously though is that Wraith Prism good? I mean it's also stock for the upper tiers
  5. ok so Ryzen 3600 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200 Phanteks P300 GTX 1660 Err ok i let it sit for a while and this are the results atm.. I'm just browsing the internet btw no games, apps atm
  6. Hi everyone, i just finished building a pc and i sort of did the spreading thermal paste instead of pea size.. So is this why my temperature is sort of like this?... What's the ideal may i know
  7. Hi lol, So I was wondering if any of you guys are in the cyber security field probably as a network administrator or probably pen tester or anything in the field... What do I start with lol and how ? Like I thought I could learn things myself but I'm not making any progress cause u don't know the specifics... And I'm struggling to choose which path of cyber security I wanna pursue I mean there's so many out there from coding and managing security but I don't know how to approach it... I was hoping to know what skills are required and maybe what companies look for in employ
  8. Hi, so Linus posted this video about the bitdefender a couple hours ago and mentioned that someone could potentially break into his garage. Well turns out he already was in the server closet when the video was running xD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax1stHWzxKQ
  9. What if it's video editing, Photoshop? Is the same concept as you and donut mentioned? Cloud storage? For example , I wanna edit a video with exported footage on a laptop right and then when I arrive home I still have that same exact format , footage I'm editing so I don't have to redo the exporting and sequence of my video. If it's the same as you guys mentioned then I'll understand
  10. Funny thing I don't have a hard drive *chuckles* my HDD died long ago so I have 2 SSD's acting as my HDD on the desktop. But yeah I understand your point this sounds like a costly implementation but I'm a productive person I do work sometimes away from home. Is there a video or some sort Linus had done something like this? Or anyone else?
  11. so... there's no hope to use kali or ubuntu on my laptop then... I mean i'm trying Linux mint at the moment everything seems fine zero lag butter smooth. Maybe i'll stick with it
  12. The ubuntu version I installed was ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and yes I tried to update via the application itself but then it gave me an error after a while saying failed to connect to ethernet. To add on I don't understand what you guys mean by Linux or Kali installs on nvidia drivers? I use an MX150 on the laptop I don't see how it relates to slowing both my kali and ubuntu.. My main concern and question is how the heck does is lag, does not want to switch off and takes so long to boot up on my laptop but not on my DESKTOP. Like my kali Linux on Desktop is smoother than Linus's fore
  13. So... I tried installing Kali Linux on a separate drive yesterday on my laptop since I wanted to fiddle around with the tools it had but then it was shyt slow. Why? It lags on startup, lags even scrolling on apps. And the worse case it gets stuck on a stop job has started and has a never ending loop. This all doesn't appear on my desktop (My desktop runs fine smooth and has 0 zero issues) but no no not my laptop So I then tried Ubuntu on the laptop. Installed fine went through no problem but then shutting down gets jammed it just freezes and never switches of on the Ubuntu logo wi
  14. I couldn't find the right place for this Hi So I been thinking about this. I want to have the ability to connect to my files / games / music / drives from my home desktop and also laptop. Is that possible? What I mean is if I create a new word document on my laptop I also have it on my desktop , when I install Microsoft office it's also on the desktop simultaneously when I install on the laptop... Does this make sense or is it anyway possible