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  1. What currency are you selling in/where are you selling it? How much do you want for it realistically? Do you need a specific amount of money What is the condition of the computer - any dust, scratches etc? Poor or immaculate cable management? Any pictures?
  2. A run of the mill laptop would do them better (with an 8th gen i5 or better). Portability is probably important, who wants to be carting round a massive desktop around a church and having a mega setup each time. Just think, when you're gone, they're gonna have to do everything themselves, if you give them something that's all in one unit it would do them better. As a reserve, make sure you get something from a store with a really good returns policy and a warranty. Who knows what it's gonna be like in 10 years' time.
  3. If you can get it cheap (ie: used) then go for it. It won't really affect the performance that significantly, but worth a try nevertheless. If you can afford to buy a PC then that's great, but new hardware is expensive, and there's always better stuff around the corner. What you need to be thinking is: Am I happy with my current computer (Can I put up with it, does it do what I need)? Would the performance increase justify the spend, e-waste and CO2 emissions of a new PC? How good a PC can I afford now Vs. in 6 months/12 months?
  4. Yes, Microsoft OneDrive is great for this. You can set it up to sync all your user folders across PCs and have the same experience on both. Free student membership or a low monthly fee, 1TB of space.
  5. You're entitled to a replacement under UK law, even if the price has gone up.
  6. Plastic cups can be either wax or plastic lined. In this country it's more common to see the plastic ones, I've seen evidence to suggest that wax ones don't meet EU health and safety regulations. Paper coated with wax is still non-recyclable, yes it defeats the point of it being paper, which is why paper food products are generally a bad idea. No idea about the polished paper, surely the paper will still get wet because the hydrophilic structure is the same. Still needs to be coated with something to make it hydrophobic.
  7. This frustrates me about plastic straws, they tend to be made of polypropylene which is recyclable, but not commonly recycled by local authorities. Paper straws are even less recyclable though; they're coated in plastic, adding difficulty with separation (similar to paper cups). The ones that last longer tend to be less biodegradable and so more likely to cause environmental damage, and whilst plastics have very little carbon impact, paper straws have a higher carbon impact due to more trees being cut down. Another issue is that paper straws usually cannot use a high percentage of recycled pap
  8. Reddit tends to produce communities of people who have a narrow selection of views about a topic. The upvote/downvote system doesn't promote actual debate and instead just reinforces opinions. All of Reddit is toxic like this.
  9. Mate, it seems like it'll take ages to earn enough for PC. The best jobs you can look to do are things like retail, gardening, paper rounds, chores around the house. Sometimes there is no way forward and you have to accept it, you'll have to work your arse off for a while to get anything. I'd try and be happy with what you have. Could be worse. At 14, I had a £50 nokia phone that I had had since I was 12. It had Bluetooth, I could blast my tunes, take pictures of my friends, I loved that phone. I was just happy to have a phone that worked, until it went through the washing machine
  10. Mug


    Nope, of course not haha, anything that happens post-nail rub is purely coincidental. There was a child in a sex ed class the other day that I was teaching who asked whether eating kiwi stopped pregnancy, it's the same type of bullshit.
  11. Mug

    Broke Student

    If you've got a car then you could do something like pizza delivery. My girlfriend did this at uni and made a fair amount of money working at a pizza hut. If you don't then you're pretty fucked unless you have experience. I used to work at Screwfix whilst at uni but got my job through nepotism so it wasn't hard to get. Before that I worked at festivals during summer to make a few pennies but it really wasn't anything much, would make about £200 for a weekend but when you factor in your expenses the profit is negligible. What I'd do is get your overdraft maxed out if yo
  12. If they're not going to cover it under warranty, bad luck mate. The only thing you can really do is focus your efforts on what actually is covered by your warranty, and what your legal rights are on the issue. In the UK for example, you can get your item fixed, or a partial refund providing the device hasn't performed as expected for up to 6 years after the initial purchase. Of course, this depends on the company's interpretation of the law but you can see how it goes.
  13. So is this not a societal issue then, why are women pursuing more artsy subjects rather than technical subjects? Like I'm a prime example, as a Chemistry teacher myself, and my girlfriend works in the council's public health department. In the past I've been in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, and she's been a librarian and an HR lady. If it really was equal we'd see girls take these more technical and scientific subjects, but what tends to happen is they're not taken as seriously in them. I've seen this in the classroom right from kids coming from primary school
  14. I think it's been a huge waste of time and money and he's an utter cunt. So he's wanted for a rape in Sweden? Well regardless of whether he thinks someone's trying to frame him, he needs to face justice for that, what a coward. Then he's also wanted in the US for being a twat too, he exposed so much military data man, literally getting people killed for what he saw was good. He needs to face justice for it if he committed a crime. If there was no crime that's also ok, but he needs a trial. What a cluster fuck this has been.
  15. Like any businessman, Linus understands that in order to keep up with the mmarke you have to move with the times. You can't do this by continually making the same stuff, so you have to constantly change to stay in the flow. I've been watching his stuff on and off since the NCIX days and think that his stuff is better now than ever. He's really managed to hone in on his audience. Like are you actually watching YouTube for in-depth analysis, or for entertainment? I see LinusTechTips as a top gear of tech, still has some nitty gritty tech stuff, but it's more about the entertainment v