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    World Class Sarcastic Smart Arse

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    Gaming, Reading, Movies, F1, Football (the proper kind, not the hand egg kind), Cars (both fixing and racing), House repairs and interior design, property developing and just chilling with a good book and a decent scotch, preferably whilst looking over views towards water/hills/mountains whilst next to a roaring fire.
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    Been around tech my whole life, both as work as well as a hobby. I've been gaming since pong machines in the late 70's, Atari 2600, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Mega Drive, SNES, PSX, PS2, Xbox, Wii...first home PC in mid 90's, online in 97 and then building my own systems for over 20yrs. Like many, I grow tired of the narrow minded, blinkered, unable to see past the end of their nose types that litter forums in general. The dullards, the ill informed, the bigots and the stupid... Whilst I may initially respond and try to reason with fact, logic and rational thought. I simply cannot be bothered to go and find crayons and colouring paper to explain it at a level they understand. So if I stop responding, it's not because you're right, it's probably because I don't think you're capable of understanding facts, truth and logic... or that you're simply a troll... and I just don't give a f*ck about your silly opinion or your pathetic desire for attention.
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    IT Security Consultant (Former Social Worker, Youth Worker, Stand Up Comedian, Game Designer/Tester)


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    Ryzen 5 2600X
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    Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro
  • RAM
    32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire RX 5700 XT Pulse
  • Case
    Sharkoon BW9000
  • Storage
    1x 250GB WD Black NVME. 2x 1TB, Crucial MX500, 2x Seagate 3TB
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 Gold 650W
  • Display(s)
    1x AOC 27" Curved 144hz Gaming Freesync, 2x Acer 27" Freesync
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115 Pro, 4x Corsair 140 ML, 1x 120 ML
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Straife RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair Glaive
  • Sound
    SPDIF out to Sony 7.1 Amp
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Browser, version and OS: Firefox 73, W10 64 Pro Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? Just browsing as normal. What happened? I was checking my downloads folder to clear out some old junk and found dozens of files labeled spacer.png, spacer(1).png and so forth... I checked the downloads manager within the browser and found that all of these had originated from LTT forums. I have NEVER once downloaded anything. I don't click on random links posted What did you expect to happen? I sure as hell don't expect unwanted a
  2. I haven't surrendered my movies, music or anything else really... I certainly won't be doing the same with anything else I 'OWN'... I buy things I want... I refuse to cave in to this ridiculous notion that you can no longer own anything.
  3. Try the AOC 27G1G4 it's a 27" 1080p 144hz curved monitor... It's not HDR but it's decent enough and well within your budget. It's currently on UK amazon for £211 but has been as alow as £165during sales. It also comes with both HDMI and Display port cables in the box.
  4. Try the AOC 27G1G4 it's a 27" 1080p 144hz curved monitor... It's not HDR but it's decent enough and well within your budget.
  5. Nope... didn't survive reading that... gave up after a couple of paragraphs. The point of doing the vids is to create revenue... whether that's from direct advertising or sponsorship doesn't matter... What matters is that their current way of trying to earn revenue is annoying to a great deal of people... and that's bad for business. Because of thee clickbait and deceptive titles and trolling thumbnails... there's no way I'm going to support them by suffering through ads, or clicking sponsor links. It actually has the effect of pushing me AWAY from those sponsors and towar
  6. I've still got 2 VHS players and a DVD player in a box complete with scart leads, rca leads and digital coaxial leads... I actually kinda miss my old PC with a soundblaster card that had digital coaxial outputs rather than spdif (opitcal) as the coaxial leads were so thick and chunky, would stand up to any punishment, whilst spdif ones seem so flimsy and breakable.
  7. OK, the first one is S-Video to Component (video and audio/RCA), the second one is a molex to sata power adapter and the last also looks like an s-video to component (RCA video only) As for the rest 4: S-video to component adapter (RCA) 5: Molex to PCIe for a gpu 6: IDE lead (old style HDD) 7 USB & mini Fire wire, would slot into one of the spaces on the back of the case.
  8. The greatest thing about the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.... The WORST thing about the internet... is that IT GIVES EVERYONE A VOICE!!! When it allows unmetered hate and bile to be spewed out across the world, it's a problem... When it allows discourse and collaboration, sharing and helping each other... it's great. The problem is that it's equal parts of both right now and these tech companies are simply not doing enough to stop the bad and promote the good... they created this monster and are refusing to deal with it... So some one needs too
  9. A person can be smart.... but people in groups generally dumb down to the lowest common denominator.
  10. Actually the old Iron Triangle addage applies with a little tweaking... You can have it cheap, safe and good... pick 2.
  11. I've been doing this since I was a little kid and pulled apart my scalextrix cars to see how they worked... At some point I probably pulled apart most of my toys when they broke to try and fix them... and often succeeded unless it was broken beyond repair. To this day in my early 40's... I still pull crap apart... I've got 2 old tablets that were broken due to a faulty charging cable awaiting dismantling and then destruction... because they're old and have personal data on and can't be wiped due to said faults from faulty charger. I modified those scalextrix cars to add
  12. It's a little bit of a hit and miss.... but normally if the spec is up to or greater than 128GB... it should take larger cards... but isn't guaranteed. It's more of an issue with lower capacities... where the specs are much lower and simply can't handle it. My dash cam for example is only rated for 32GB, but has a 64GB card in it... my old phone from 8yrs or so ago was only rated for 32GB and refused to accept anything larger. My current phone has 128GB onboard and can take up to 512gb more... but it's just got my other 64GB added for extra music storage.
  13. Not a rookie mistake... as a seasoned system builder of 20yrs... I never new this was even a thing on some boards until I ran into the exact same issue a year ago... It's conveniently left out of all the marketing info and you really have to dig into the manual to find this very important piece of information. I can honestly say that if I had been given this info... it WOULD have affected my purchasing choice entirely. To me it's deliberately misleading and nothing more than a pathetic bait and switch... advertise a board with 6 sata ports and 2 M.2... but utterly fail