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  1. Is there an orange LED on the top Left hand corner of the trackpad?
  2. What is your specs? What are you planning on upgrading with?
  3. https://www.hwp.ru/articles/Blok_pitaniya_dlya_videokart_FSP_Booster_X3_moshchnostyu_300_Vt/ www.kbench.com/?q=node/59377 Everything about this thread wreaks of 2008: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/fsp-group-booster-x5-please-explain.232436/
  4. 5.25" PSUs did once exist https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16817104054
  5. You have to use the flag "override", like this
  6. One of 2 things will happen, your PC will throttle itself, so it doesn't hit the charger's limit (If the charger has a sense pin), or the charger will turn itself off if it reaches its limit* I don't think older pavilions did the former. 65W will probably be fine, but a 90W is preferable. (I have run a 45W i7 and HD 7670M off a 65W charger before, and it was fine). *(If you use a no-name PSU (Which you should never do), it might not turn off, and just send you shittier and shittier power.)
  7. I've used 18.5V, 19V and 19.5V chargers on my HP. Typically laptops support that range. Buy an official HP charger, not a no name crap. Depending on your specs, a 65W charger might be sufficient. Also, check you're getting the correct barrel jack. HP uses 3 or 4 barrel jack sizes (Mostly for product differentiation)
  8. I consider going from a R9 290 to a R9 280 an upgrade

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i am confyushion!

    2. Bananasplit_00


      Care to explain why?

    3. comicsansms


      Because now I can play games, without my GPU throttling to 450MHz

  9. Only a little cursed



    1. Tech_Dreamer


      that kinda vertical small slim PC case with a dell sticker was my absolute dream PC case back when i was a wee little thing.

  10. Put in your old CPU, and have a read of this https://storage-asset.msi.com/file/pdf/How_to_flash_the_BIOS.pdf Download the latest bios for your board https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350-PC-MATE
  11. Did you update your bios before the upgrade?
  12. It is just a decorative piece of crap. You can remove it
  13. Get the SX8200 Pro. It is fast, and cheaper. https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Samsung-860-Evo-1TB-vs-Adata-XPG-SX8200-Pro-NVMe-PCIe-M2-1TB/m423831vsm638791
  14. Theoretically 100%, though a much smaller subset experienced antenna-gate, because they either use a case, or held the phone a different way. Samsung pulled the fold, because they realised they're going to be more fucked if they released that pile of garbage to the consumer. If a $3 case makes the consumer happy, that's a win because that beats a redesign. Samsung couldn't fix the fold with a case. How many iPhone 4's were there, vs how many iPhone 4 users changed the way they use their phone, as a direct result to the antennas? How many iPhone 4's were purchased after it was publicly known about the antenna issues? (Hint, apple didn't sell 50million iPhone 4's in a single month). I don't know how many Galaxy Fold review units were sent out (nor would anyone but Samsung), but at least 4 died within a couple of weeks. Lets assume 75 were sent out, that's 6% failure rate in the 1st couple of weeks. That is shocking stuff, especially since this was sent to phone enthusiasts, not the rich (not so tech-savvy) CEO's that'd buy it.
  15. Nooo. Don't use that widetech. Yuck. What store are you buying stuff from?
  16. If you're talking about SATA SSDs, they should all work, if you're talking about mSATA SSDs, it should work if you have a mSATA slot If you're talking about m.2 SSDs, look at what protocol it is using (AHCI/SATA or PCIe/NVMe), and what is on your motherboard, and maybe also the key.
  17. How many MBP's had their keyboard die within the 1st week, over how many exist out in the wild? Apple's keyboard is inexcusable, but it is of a completely different scale to the Galaxy Fold.
  18. That jab at apple for the iPhone 4, is a bit unfair. Yes the iPhone 4 was a piece of shit where it wouldn't receive reception if you held it a certain way, but apple did solve that problem by given out free cases, and they also weren't dropping like flies like the Galaxy Fold, where there's only a couple of dozen phones that existed to reviewers, which a lot died within a week.
  19. 3 12V rails (18A,16A and 18A). That'll be a pretty nice PSU, but it's proprietary. What is the model of the computer?
  20. Not necessarily. The Dell Optilex 3060's I have at the place I work at, you cannot install the standard intel HD graphics drivers, but instead you have to install the DELL signed drivers. It could be the same the same for AMD, with the PC the OP owns. OP, I would try the standard AMD drivers (because they'll be newer), and if they don't work, search up your model on DELL's site, and download them from there.
  21. If someone is being this wrong, and obtuse, the likelihood of them being a troll is quite high.