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    Museum Station, Melbourne, AU
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    Technology, Vintage Computing
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    Outside of Boxhill Central,
    A man was sipping on casket wine.
    Heading down to Balwyn McDonald’s,
    I was on the 109.

    Me and some guys from school,
    Heading down to North Richmond.
    We had to go through Victoria street,
    Where everyone’s on heroin.

    Oh when I look back now,
    The tram seems to take for ever.
    Stopping at Victoria Gardens,
    With Daiso, and Hoyts Cinema.
    All thanks to the 109.

    One man is sniffing on paint thinner,
    Another man smells like glue.
    I spend my evening on the 109 tram,
    and that’s when I met you.

    Standing up at the tram stop,
    Opposite the Kew Tram Depot.
    You’d just been to the Skinny Dog.
    Oh, we got the tram together,
    And we both got a myki fine.

    We’re on the 109,
    Were on the 109,
    On the 109

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    University Student


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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    32GB @ 2133MHz
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    RX 570
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    DELL 3007WFPt
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    $39 Kmart Mechanical Keyboard
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    Logitec MX Master 2s

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  1. I mean, didn't they release the 2 different BQ series, a B3, a BT and a BV around the same time a few years ago? They do it because they know retailers will stock their shit, and each skew is given equal precedence on an online stores. Basically, it means when a consumer picks a random PSU (because consumers don't know PSUs), they have a much higher probability of it being an EVGA supply. It might also be because of supply issues. So that also solves that problem. They know exactly what they are doing. They know also know people will likely buy from an estab
  2. For $6 less, you can get a Be Quiet System Power U9 400W ($49) https://www.pccasegear.com/products/43614/be-quiet-system-power-u9-400w-power-supply Or $4 more, a 500W version. ($59) https://www.pccasegear.com/products/51452/be-quiet-system-power-u9-500w-power-supply They are better units
  3. What I reckon's happening, you don't have a phone with the 4G bands that are compatible with your carrier's network Check what 4G bands your phone has, and what your carrier has in your area. Check the other carrier's bands in your area too. If your phone doesn't support the 4G bands your carrier has, you either have to change carriers, or change phones. Buying phones in America apparently sucks. Everything's either locked, or has only the bands to work on 1 carrier well. The rest of the world can buy any old phone and it'll work
  4. A GX520? A PC with like 2 SATA ports, and you want to put 3 SATA HDDs in it? Mate, it is eWaste. Pentium 4 powered eWaste.
  5. hmmmm... Think about what makes a good manager... He is quite careful at what he says. He doesn't recommend products, just gives input on what's provided. You are some teen on the internet, and understand the gist of the Magnuson-Moss act, however, you don't know it. Everything you say is your speculation, not the facts.
  6. Founder of JonnyGuru.com; a PSU review website. And now the PSU R&D manager at Corsair
  7. Can apple just release the M2 air already. My Elitebook 840 G1 is painfully slow. A i7 4600U was slow in 2013, and now it is 2021

    1. manikyath


      buy a refurb elitebook 840 G3/4/5, they're heaps better, can be had for a fair price, replacement batteries are publicly available, you can upgrade/replace your RAM, SSD, and wifi module, *and* you can even add a 4G module to them.


      i expect now that HP has officially dropped their slim docks, all the old models that cant charge off usb c will be flowing into the refurb channels REAL fast...

    2. comicsansms


      Yeah, I think now I just want a new laptop that I can have for 8 years, and I don't have to worry about finding a steal on eBay.


      My old Elitebook 8470P had a 3G module. Windows really struggled with it. If the coverage dropped out for 30 seconds, the computer would take another 10 min to get internet working again. I'd usually just end up hot-spotting on my phone when I was watching YouTube on the train. I only put a SIM in my laptop because my grandpa died, and he had a 12month data plan.

      My next laptop will either going to be a EliteBook 845 G8 (when they come out, if they come out in Australia), ThinkPad T14 AMD (Gen 2, if and when they come out), or the M2 Air or Pro, but really I am thinking about MacOS because they are the best for education. Kinda ironic I am getting one now when I have just over a year to go at uni xD.


      I hate Type C and Thunderbolt docks, but now that's the standard so it's either buying a 3yo Elitebook or lol nah.

    3. comicsansms


      Edit: LOL, HP changed moved me to the US store for some reason xD


      Whoop. The 845 G8 is in Australia. Bad news, it is a Ryzen 3 model.RIP (not looking at buying for myself).


      Edited by comicsansms
  8. Up, you are a bank, not a life-style brand.



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    2. manikyath


      17 hours ago, comicsansms said:

      My savings are now mainly in another bank, because they offer 3.0%pa as a promotional thing to get young adults to move to them

      i get something like 0.1% over here.. it's at a point where my bank is actually costing me money now.

    3. comicsansms


      10 hours ago, manikyath said:

      i get something like 0.1% over here.. it's at a point where my bank is actually costing me money now.



      I just checked up. Up is now at 0.7% pa. My 3.0% account charged me bank fees last month, but I think that's because I went over the maximum savings threshold.


      I will keep my up account for a while. 0% international currency conversion fee. 0% international use fee. Would be an extremely nice card to use overseas because of that (And I am at the savings limit on my westpac account).

    4. comicsansms


      Really, I should look around. I have more than 10k US in savings, and I am not looking at buying property anytime soon, so really it's going to just sit there for years.


      Gee, I wish I had a decent paying job now. It is the time to buy apartments in Melbourne now.

      Because of people's reactions to the 2nd lockdown, they are moving in droves to the suburbs or regional VIC (and there's no new international students or migrants) so there's now apartments selling for 40% less than what the owner bought it for in 2002.

  9. This guide seems to work to do some of the stuff you wanna do, https://superuser.com/questions/949218/how-to-customize-windows-10-6-folders-in-my-computer I was able to remove Music from This PC. That also hides it from the This PC window screen too.
  10. Do you have a graphics card lying around? A Ryzen 5 3600 does not have an integrated GPU
  11. No. 80plus dictates how efficient the PSU is at converting from AC to DC at certain loads. 80plus certification does not dictate how much power a PSU can produce. If the PSU says it is a 550W PSU, it should be able to deliver 550W. However, if a PSU is not 80plus certified, the probability of it cheaping out is getting close to 100%. So the chances of it delivering the stated power is less (Also, will likely be lacking in protections, quality components and will thereby preform poorly). Heck, some lesser-name higher efficiency PSUs, or some well known branded
  12. What is your resolution of your display? Are you running at its native resolution Set the scaling setting to 100%
  13. What resolution is your current display? Have you tried adjusting ClearType Text?
  14. A CS550M haven't been made in like 5 years or something, so that PSU has been sitting unused for a long time. A CS550M isn't a bad PSU, but electronics don't like sitting unused for extended periods. It will probably be fine, and if it doesn't work, just exchange it or get a refund.