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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B450M DS3H-CF
  • RAM
    Corsair 32 GB DDR4 3000Mhz
  • GPU
    RTX 3060 Ti (3 Fan)
  • Case
    Cosair (Black)
  • Storage
    NVMe Samsung SSD 970 1 TB, Hard Drive 1 TB
  • PSU
    550w Modular
  • Display(s)
    144hz and 72hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
  • Mouse
    Razer Viper
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  1. I recently upgraded my terrible router and managed to get a AC3200 for $40 which works like gold when it comes to wifi across the house compared to my old router. However, I have my PC connected through a WiFi adapter with ethernet which sits right next to the router as there is no other power outlets on the wall nearby this is the same for where the other one is located. This is a problem. I noticed no difference at all in speeds, however when I put the adapter closer to my PC it sped up, Its 100% limiting the speed. I get good WiFi in my room, so do I buy a WiFi dongle, will this
  2. I recently installed Pop OS because Anthony said I should and I am having a problem where if I plug in my HDMI port from my laptop to my TV it doesn't work, I have a Intel 600 built in graphics and Pop OS is recognizing the display but it wont output. Maybe I have to install the driver to my GPU, it worked with my old Windows 10 operating system no problem.
  3. So basically I installed a ton of fonts, these fonts caused errors in some applications, I used a program called NexusFonts to uninstall all fonts, this took some windows fonts with it. Now my fonts are messed up and I don't know how to reset it back to default. Help plz
  4. Ye, i wiggle the cable around and I can't seem to get it to not be static.
  5. I have had the scarlet solo 3rd gen for about 2 years now with my AT2020 microphone, everything has been working fine and only recently have I noticed that sometimes my microphone will sound glitchy / static-like. I think this is due to my XLR cable but I am not sure, I saw on a forum post that you should unplug your cable before you turn on phantom mode (48V) on the solo 3rd gen otherwise it damages the microphone, but I feel like me unplugging the microphone every day for about a year has damaged it somehow? it could even be VoiceMeeter banna, I have all my audio set to 48kHz and
  6. 83y

    My PC Setup

    Here's a list of how I got everything from this forum post, I never really showed off what my setup looks like and what monitors I have, so here is a preview In the pictures below contains (Left) 75hz 24inch Black Hawk G-Master G2730HSU which I managed to buy off a friend for £45 (Middle) 144hz VGA248 23inch which I got brand new off amazon (Right) 72hz 22 inch C24F390 (Curved samsung monitor) which I traded two 60 hz monitors for the monitor
  7. Before addding another monitor I had a VG248 and a C24F390 which have both worked fine and I've had no problems, now that i've added a PL2730H with works fine my C24F390 isn't "activated" it will show the windows booting symbol on boot but then it will just go black once its started up, It has power and it is connected through a 2m hdmi cable. Do you have any ideas of how to fix it. Please tell me if I need to provide any more information.
  8. I have a friend who wants me to install a fresh version of windows onto their computer whilst maintaining certain files, I have no idea how big the storage file size is, I am thinking about uploading all the files to a media storage like like mediafire for example and then wiping the drive install windows and putting the files back. Or I have a 128gb stick if the file size isn't too much. What would be the best way around this? I need some ideas.
  9. I watched this video, and this guy looks like he has a ton of experience on mousemats, however most mousemats in the video don't come from amazon and are also not in stock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38OscxGHxiU&t I am looking for a good gaming mousemat which is in stock, any recommendations?
  10. I am looking for a high quality mouse mat, here is my setup, my current mouse mat has air pockets in and is dirty, I washed it to get rid of the dirt but that formed the air pockets I've had it for about 3 years now, I am looking for a mouse mat that fits my desk and won't decrease in quality every time I wash it because I don't want to have to keep on buying new mouse mats cus its bad for the environment etc. I am planning to get a TKL keyboard. Maybe a razer mouse mat to go with my Razer Viper and keyboard?
  11. They said it was on my end, I have tested all the wires and I can only get to 100mbs through ethernet however I'm pretty sure we're on a 500mbs plan. I live around a lot of networks so maybe that's the problem.
  12. Yes, all of them, 500 mbps i think
  13. No, these are all things I've gone through with my ISP, my internet in my house (Wi-Fi) has been working fine for 4 years now, but all of a sudden it has been less stable than in the past
  14. Randomly it'll slow down and then work fine, I feel like buying a new router shall fix this, I've talked to my ISP for hours now and he came to the conclusion that it was something to do with me and everything was fine on their end and that I should call a ICT specialist, but I'm not wasting my money on that.
  15. At home there is just me and my mum, I have the technicolor tg589vac v2 as my current router provided by my ISP, I live in a place where we have some of the fastest internet in the world. I am starting to notice slow speeds and am getting annoyed and want to upgrade. I cannot change the location of the router and I am worried if upgrading routers would be a waste of money, I am thinking about buying the ASUS RT-AX82U, I have no idea about routers and what is best for me. The walls in my house are solid and not fake walls, not too sure of the material. Can you give me some tips / recommendation