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  1. get an hdd. i don't see ssds becoming cheaper (chia rised the prices)
  2. Please. Don't use SMR drives, especially in a RAID. They have to rewrite multiple tracks due to the fact they are layered. 2-8TB drives are usually SMR. Get a 10TB drive or something
  3. Oh, you're not custom building the first one? I thought this was "<custom pc> vs <prebuilt>"
  4. Can you turn that weirdly formatted list into a PcPartPicker list?
  5. If only that was possible in my case... the PSU shroud is non-removable (I'd have to install thru the back) and there are no vents down there anyway
  6. I heard having more exhaust over intake can cause dust to come in from other places in the case. is this something to worry about?
  7. So I'm doing my first build, and I have 2 fans from the case and 3 I purchased myself. The case allows for 2 front fans, 1 rear fan, and 2 or 3 fans on the top. What intake/exhaust layout should I use? Layout 1: Rear fans and top fans are Exhaust and front are intake (3 Exhaust, 2 Intake = negative pressure?) Layout 2: Rear fans and top fans are Intake and front are Exhaust (3 Intake, 2 Exhaust = good?) Layout 3: Top fans are intakes and front and back are Exhaust (3 Exhaust, 2 Intake = negative pressure?) I'm thinking layout 2. Opinions or other l
  8. If the display won't display, is it really a display? Jokes aside, tried rebooting?
  9. if memory test worked, it's not the RAM failing. Do not replace it yet. What process is using the most RAM? Screenshot taskmgr with Memory sort high->low
  10. Do you only have 8GB of RAM or is it 16GB+? It would explain the higher percentage if one module lost connection or broke.
  11. Run Windows Memory Tester or get a memtest86+ USB.
  12. It's windows, what do you expect? Pretty normal for win10.