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  1. TO LINUS PERSON Dude, that shout out on WANshow, *thumbs up* Be ready for a few more coming in to say thanks
  2. I must figure out why my scheduled task for F@H to run all night, then close down in the mornings never stuck >.<
  3. Is it time to like, viva la revolucion again over there?
  4. could always 3d print a solution to remove strain on the connectors
  5. Would need to figure out a decent mounting system for it for the use case I have. Only have a 2GB pi4 at present. Won't be useful in a stacked multi-pi scenario (could be done for laughs I guess)
  6. When people ask for recommendations, then question the advice they are given from people that clearly know what they are talking about *popcorn*
  7. A lot of people install their own OS on their systems. Whether it be doing a clean reinstall, switching to a new OS, deciding to dual boot to another OS, etc.
  8. I mean, not to poke at a certain video schilling DS or anything. (OK, maybe a little) Thoughts?
  9. Well, its enuff to cause inefficiency in thermal transfer if thats what you are aiming for
  10. Does this even meet forum guidelines? I mean, this isn't a question, this is a statement posted by a user in the incorrect place.
  11. This is kind of a mod, but more of a project I am working on for using spare chassis for other things: 3D printer controllers usually are just mounted to the side of the printer, or some come in large controller boxes (with loud fans) So, I was thinking about taking mITX or Micro ATX cases and using them as a single/multi printer controller and power housing unit. Can use quiter cooling with more efficient airflow. First mod is a PCI bracket for mounting a control board. Im using the Big Tree Tech SKR 1.3 (which has the same dimensions and mount locations of the 1.4
  12. *holds up cardboard sign* Will Fold For Replacement E3D 12v 1.75mm Hotend Kit I need to get my FDM back up so I can start work on my custom air ducting project.