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  1. Its been awhile since I have tried but I don't think that it has changed at all with any updates. They probably will never add proper mouse support because they want you to buy the desktop version.
  2. I turned on my laptop today and was greeted with a blue screen and the error code 0xc000021a. I tried some things in the command prompt and using the windows 10 boot media repair to try to uninstall the latest updates. When I tried to uninstall the updates it said it was unable to do so. I also tried the start up repair. The percentage doesn't seem to move up at all on the error screen either. What else can I try?
  3. Thanks! After a lot of research I decided to pull the trigger on the mavic mini for 319 on the dji refurbished store. Its arriving on Tuesday and I can't wait to see how it stacks up against the other cheaper drones I have returned. Thanks again for taking the time to replyl
  4. My friend is looking for a laptop for light art programs with a decent amount of storage. Their budget is 600 usd. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. Sorry to bother you again, but in this video that I watched the person says that plugging in there external monitor directly to the GPU cuts down on the express cards bandwidth issues. Is that true? The option of the external GPU is really compelling and I have a old 720p monitor laying around. I could probably get a 750ti used for a little over 100$ and total cost would be lower then any pc list I could come up with. Thanks!
  6. Its kind of beaten up and the handle fell off. On eBay it looks like they sell for a decent price. A build would probably be a bit more expensive but performs better so that's probably the better route. I guess I will scrap the external GPU idea then. Thanks again!
  7. I wanted to test how well it would do for Beamng.Drive on medium (720p) and then give it to my friend who doesn't have a pc and doesn't want to spend a ton of money. Since I had this computer laying around I wanted to give it to him with the external GPU with it. Maybe if it was a good option I would pick up a used 750ti if it preformed better then the integrated GPU.
  8. It sounds like a fun project but if its not going to preform that well then I will probably just scrap the idea. Thanks for your insight!
  9. The original video I watched to get this idea was this: Would the WiFi card route be a better choice?
  10. I have an old getac s400 I had laying around and I was wondering if I got a external GPU dock (using the express card slot and a gtx 1050) if it would work and possibly game. I watched a few videos on it and it looked like a pretty good option. Has anyone tried using one of these before? https://primetechstores.com/collections/egpu/products/express-card-mini-pci-e-version-v8-0-exp-gdc-pcie-pci-e-laptop-external-video-card-dock Thanks!
  11. I was looking at the Dji mini 2. I might consider it if it goes on sale at some point.
  12. I was thinking maybe the Ruko F11Gim. Its 40 dollars off on amazon right now. Maybe on black Friday it will be even cheaper.
  13. Preferences: A steady camera At least 15mins of flight time 1080p camera or higher Budget: 150-200 USD Thanks!