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  1. so it got past the bios and into windows loading? what showed before it got to this point?
  2. okay so its lower end. at this point personally i would just say go new if its the motherboard or cpu. but dont buy a prebuilt gaming pc, they are a huge rip off.
  3. whats the specs? its value would mainly depend if its worth it for repair, especially since you dont have a lot of knowledge in this kind of repair.
  4. i dont understand why people respond only reading half the conversation. no the old HDD is not showing up at all. the SSD DOES show up in the bios.
  5. id assume its a custom built system? if you have no knowledge of computers then yes this leads to buying a new pc basically. if you do, this leads to repairing it if its worth it.
  6. okay so if its now not showing up at all, this could be a CPU, GPU, Motherboard or PSU issue. psu would be the easiest to swap since you can test another psu without installing it in the case. i would recommend that first, a faulty psu could have killed your HDD and could kill your other parts as well. otherwise the CPU would be the next thing, with the motherboard/ram after that and last the gpu if its still not working somehow.
  7. yeah you really cant do anything other then try a new cpu and motherboard first. those are the 2 things connecting to the GPU besides the PSU. which you could try by plugging in another PSU without installing it into the case if you have an extra one. ive seen GPUs cause computers to act like they are completely dead. the gpu is very fragile
  8. i only quickly read through it, but if im understanding right you tried multiple gpus and they are all having issues. at this point you would need to try another cpu and or motherboard, as they would probably be the only other common issues.
  9. it looks quite similar to the 3 corsair chairs here thats currently on the corsair site. its certainly not a fancy collectable model of a chair or something or it would be a known model. either the site labeled it wrong or its a labeling for your country. if you want the chair, buy it. if you dont, dont buy it. theres nothing special with it
  10. if the bios is fully working, and it boots past the bios this likely isnt a motherboard issue. id assume you have tried new sata cables? did you actually check if your drive was dead? plug it into another computer, and if it doesnt show up feel/listen for vibrations and if there is any clicking before deciding your friend is right. also try another sata plug on the motherboard. there is plenty of other things to try but if you have no replacement parts you cant try a lot else
  11. Just got a Samsung Smart things wifi, hooked it up into my switch and it would flash red or go solid red indicating no internet. after multiple resets and it doing the same thing, i plugged it straight into the wall. it still is doing the same thing. now ive been able to get it to say online in the app but its still red and isnt giving off internet. i found online to get plume, so i can go into the more advanced settings but the plume app is garbage and crashes instantly both on my note 10+ and note 20 Ultra. how can i fix this? im not doing a full mesh network i just wanted a smart things hub
  12. in my experience the HAF X Was horrible. as soon as i got it i had issues with the 5.25" bays, the side panels were warped and messed up (took them a year to send a replacement, and the replacements were all scratched up) as well as a bunch of other issues. i will never buy any cooler master product again, between that over priced case and my 200$ keyboard where key caps are literally snapping off and the program is horrible. thats also why the picture shows no side panels, i adventually gave up on those and just left them off.
  13. i Rebuilt my 2 year old system because i hated the case from the start, and it just didnt run good overall. i Turned This: Into This: