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    Photography, networking, deployments of servers, PC in general, Hardware.
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    R7 2700 @4.0
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    Asrock b450m steel legends
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    Geil 4x8gb 2933
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    XFX RX 580 8GB won on this forum
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    500Gb 850Evo, 500gb 850 pro, 5TB X300 Toshiba
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    Acer G257HU at 85hz
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    Rosewell RK9000--V2
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    ATH-30 w/ VP64 into xlr-USB
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    Windows 10
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    HP Probook G445R G6, 3500U, 16gb ram, 250gb intel 730, 500 adata XPG 6000 lite, 45WH battery, backlit keyboard, 1080p 250nit screen
    HP needs to put in a bigger battery and give me the 4000 refresh fast.
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    iPhone 6s 64gb
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  1. roku way under cuts all of apple TV units I've got a feeling apple would like to do away with what look to be 150-200 iphones - screen
  2. I hate how my college IT degree is laid out. I also hate discrete math being taught by hand.

    If I can't get some of these issues resolved history or poly sci major here I come

  3. it is but I really wouldn't recommend a 6300 or a 1650 super
  4. you'll likely just have to order a boot kit from AMD. it will have a CPU so you can update it some shops will also do it you never know the date of the board you'll be getting
  5. 18-105 F4 isn't a bad option for APS-C E mount lenses
  6. there is suppose to be 3-4 versions of APUS. some using RNDA2 some using VEGA with a mix of zen2 and zen3
  7. without a vin I couldn't get a tesla part which in my book is a no buy. yeah mostly on trucks and SUVs till the last 3-4 years.
  8. don't know its brand new and likely not quite done
  9. so whats the torque and weight. that is what makes the van feel faster. it maybe only 150hp but I'd be the torque is 1.5-2x the gas car.
  10. notice something though those are all 3-6 speed. its the 7-10 speed automatics that have issues.
  11. my only issues right now is the lack of 3rd party repair and companies like tesla giving or removing features at will
  12. thing is AMD usually doesn't price their pro cards higher than the titian class.
  13. question is how much will the pro version of a 6900 go for that could easily have 32gb+ and only be a bit more than a 3090
  14. none. I had saved from my allowance, gifts ect over 3-4 years. 6600k z170m plus 16gb ddr4 GTX 970 Strix H105 RM750x Now looking at my 3rd upgrade for that build. I work freelance video and as an inter at a gov lab while being a college student