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  1. Just to be clear, "entitlement" has nothing to do with earning, but solely to do with having the right to something. (e.g. Humans are entitled to Human Rights, there's no quest you must complete to earn them) Re: diapers. Definitely a necessity. Cloth diapers sound ineffective/unsanitary.
  2. We are actively monitoring the status of the forum to try and mitigate any impact the DoS attacks have when they start, but it's a bit like whack-a-mole, so you may see the error on and off.
  3. If all it's doing is passing around encrypted blobs, I can't imagine there's that large of an attack surface for this specific feature. But yes in general IoT devices are a very mixed bag security wise.
  4. Some pretty terrible reporting on this--the devices aren't making WIFI networks, but a 900MHz mesh-network to pass around IoT device messages. Depending on how the networking is implemented, this could not be the biggest vulnerability? Only time will tell. I suspect that this would be an extremely minute amount of data being transferred over your network, seeing as IoT devices are generally low power/low bandwidth. Not really though? I've yet to see any evidence that any of the major smart-home devices are recording your conversations 24/7 (or doing anything beyond proces
  5. No, that's far too simplistic of a model for how political economy works. Tax policy is decided (simplistically) by balancing the needs of the government's budget, the amount of tax revenue they're currently taking in, and the amount of debt they can easily issue. But honestly, it's more complicated than this and probably beyond the scope of this conversation. But basically, if an industry is growing and employs double-digits of your labour market, it likely is beneficial to your economy. Maybe understood! Sure, but experiencing it yourself is just an entirely different thing an
  6. Honestly, I am not sure what you mean by this. What's the connect that you see between VAT and tourism, and why does VAT staying at 27% mean tourism is bad? Why is vacationing outside your own country dumb? That sounds like a very small-minded world-view, there are so many great things that you can experience that exist in a place that is not your own country. History, culture, geography, food, architecture, etc are all things you can't really appreciate or properly experience just by staying in your native country. True, but a lot of those optimizations came out ab
  7. I'm sure the tourism industry in Hungary would disagree. Tourism is a great economic driver for many regions around the world, and without it the regions/countries would be distinctly worse off. Tourism in Hungary accounts for about 10% of GDP and employment in 2017. Can't really miss something you never had. You seem to be dismissing it as a benefit since you specifically don't use it, and ignore the larger socio-political and economic benefits that it's brought to the world. People travel by plane for tons of reasons, like you know, leaving their continent. Vacation,
  8. Sure, but the point is people are saying that online ordering is better, in absolute terms, which is a perk of the past decades of advancement (and it seems to fit the question you asked). Congrats on not needing to travel ? Seems distinctly like a you thing. If you want another perk of the past 20 years though, air travel has also gotten much better (safety, price). It's now "affordable" for people with middle/upper-middle class jobs to pay for airline travel for pleasure. So cheap that tons of people travel by airplane now too, whether for work, pleasure, or other nec
  9. Honestly, this. Leave if the f*** alone
  10. ARM processors use ARM's instruction sets (ARMv8 is the 64-bit ARM ISA), not RISC-V.
  11. x86 is still the basis for all Intel and AMD processors, they just use the x86-64 variant now.
  12. Even when the deal closes, Nvidia will not be able to void Apple's license at will--no company would ever enter into an IP contract that would permit that. Apple's perpetual license agreement is likely ironclad.
  13. I suggested in another post that Apple could end up creating a “server grade” ARM chip for use in the Mac Pro, and likely for their own datacenter use (to amortize cost). Wouldn’t be the first time they ventured into servers, and I have no doubt internally they’d be happy to save power if they can scale (since power constraints are a significant issue for companies that have their own DCs, like Apple). I have no doubt the Mac Pro will transition away from Intel and retain the same form-factor with expandable parts. I expect their more high-powered desktop chips will likely end up