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Blade of Grass

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    Trying to break the forum

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    New York, New York
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    Real-time distributed systems, High Frequency Trading, Finance, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Design, Security, Photography, Fashion
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    Intel 4960x 4GHz @ 1.22v
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    ASUS X79-E WS
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1866MHz
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    Varmilo VA67M MX Clear
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    B&W 606 White, Powernode 2i
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Apple late-2016 MBP w/ TouchBar
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  1. Then you’ve been Fooled by Randomness Good book, if anyone is wondering.
  2. Not sure what this is exactly in response to, you seem to acknowledge (by replying) to the brief counter arguments I provided. Also not sure why you feel the need to misconstrue what I said and escalate the conversation by being snide. Well, I brought that up as you had specifically talked about pharmaceuticals. I suspect it would be difficult to analyze medical devices, since you end up in a scenario with government research is no longer able to iterate the technology due to patented technology, so the government letting private companies which produce the device to continue iteratin
  3. I don't particularly want to dive too deeply into this, but your generalizations about US research are pretty bad. The US government funds tons of research (mostly through the NIH). Basically every notable medical advancement of the past century has been funded by a government or a non-profit group. Insulin? University of Toronto professor who was funded by Government of Canada grants Penicillin? St. Mary's Hospital, an NHS hospital, funded by the UK government Hep A/B, Influenza, HPV, flu shot, Polio, vaccines? All had key funding from the NIH first bloo
  4. Just want to echo, I've had bad DNS servers cause websites to randomly have bad load times, might be what's happening here.
  5. From my experience studying computer science I would highly recommend a good laptop, but not a gaming laptop. Everyone I know who bought a gaming laptop hated their life because they’re heavy and have generally terrible battery life, which can really be annoying if you have any long days and don’t have access to outlets. Something thin and light with good performance (XPS, X1 Carbon, MacBook Pro, etc) is likely ideal. Likely you can offload a bunch of heavier work to a school server anyway via SSH. Only a few of my courses have required high performance, but they all gave us acces
  6. Or people take zinc supplements which can cause you to lose your taste! People don’t understand the dangers.
  7. Well yeah because your kidneys filter it all out and then you get expensive urine. Hence why it does nothing, there’s limits to how much vitamins you can uptake
  8. They’re publicly traded in the US, so they’re directly subject to certain US regulations.
  9. I was just trying to provide a simple definition for it without diving too deep into it :) but yes there is a long history for it.
  10. “The West” is a pretty well understood term in political science. It generally refers to what we’d say are the developed English speaking world + it’s close allies. Think AUS, Canada, UK, US, NZ, EU members.
  11. Well, there should be a difference between the CI unit/integration testing and the type of monkey testing a QA team would be doing to try and maximize coverage of everything. In all likelihood, Microsoft’s unit/integration testing is still probably mediocre, hence why they continuously face issues with their updates (which isn’t surprising, windows is large and complex with layers of garbage, it’s probably nearly impossible for them to get full code coverage). That’s not to say a QA team would fix the issues though.
  12. Yeah you’re trying to control a lot of lights, expect to invest a pretty penny. Maybe Lutron?
  13. I appreciate the extra detail you’ve added, but ultimately my point stands—we do not correctly price externalities, especially in the prices that consumers see (and notably, barely in the prices that businesses see, we’ve really only started to consider environmental effects in the past few decades, perhaps starting with the ozone hole at the end of the 20th century). Efficient Market doesn’t work well in a subsidized market, which is what we’ve been doing with negative externalities for decades. We can see these inefficiencies in asset pricing, a lot of activist ESG funds h
  14. Big assumption baked in there, very likely not reflective of the real world. Demonstrably false.