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    Trying to break the forum

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    AMD 5800x
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  1. Little update from my post the other week. Uptime now just under 15 days. I've had some software updates installed (Adobe CC stuff, some random other stuff) and downloaded a new macOS update but not installed. Am currently at: Which is more than I was expecting (though about 3x the numbers I saw earlier), 1TB of writes is from kernel_task, which sadly obscures where the writes come from.
  2. I don't have an M1 Mac, but I do have a late-2016 MBP (the first with Touch Bar) with a 1TB SSD that I use as a daily. My current uptime is 6 days 5:23, and currently: 350GB seems like a lot of data, I don't think more than 50GB can be from stuff I've been doing specifically. So to summarize, after writing to the drive just over 75x, the drive is reporting having 100% of spare available and only having used 2% of its life (I think that's what Percent Used means? can't be storage since I have over half the drive full). It does seem
  3. Gonna lock this cause it’s obviously very out of date. Please use the COVID mega thread
  4. Oh yeah, if anyone was interested in how that Danish mask study came to a conclusion that masks don’t work, and why the study is mostly 🗑: https://fooledbyrandomnessdotcom.wordpress.com/2020/11/25/hypothesis-testing-in-the-presence-of-false-positives-the-flaws-in-the-danish-mask-study/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. The discord server is currently closed, it will reopen later this week.
  6. Gotta have some key signing parties then!
  7. No, but they know what a coordinate adjective is. i.e. the correct way to list two adjectives which apply to a subject without using the word “and” between them. US laws about fiduciary duty are more relevant then UK laws, since ya know, we’re talking about US firms trading US stocks. And simply, the duty between a shorting hedge fund and the company they’re shorting is none. Step 1 of duty is having a relationship, someone shorting a stock need no relationship to do so. And yes, obviously these are complex topics, all I care about is that the simplification bei
  8. Shareholders have no fiduciary duty to the stocks they own. It’s the reverse actually, the companies have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. It doesn’t mean either, it has a specific definition. There’s tons of non-public information that exists in relation to the stock market and it is not illegal to use the information asymmetry to gain an edge (otherwise all of trading would be illegal, because some people obviously know less then others). For example, some hedge funds buy satellite images of factory parking lots to gauge how busy (and hopefully productive) they are—that’s not
  9. Who is their duty to? What MNPI did they have that they’re trading on? Are you sure the definition of MNPI is that broad?
  10. Illegal insider trading has a specific legal definition, which was briefly described by Kisai above: Legal insider trading is just regular trading activities by an employee of the company, not based on MNPI. Usually done through SEC Form 3/4/5 for people in positions which handle MNPI. This is in no way insider trading. You have a hard time being wrong eh? Stop doubling down all the time. Insider Trading is quite literally the wrong term here. Market Manipulation (what you're accusing them of doing) is not insider trading. I'm not gonna dive into the theory deeply
  11. Sure, but what WSB purports is just false. Check my "Occupation" description in my profile it's jargon invented by WSB, and is entirely based on flawed understanding of how markets work. Definitely not insider trading, unless you think the people doing this work at GameStop?
  12. "Short ladder attacks" are not a real things, just some garbage r/WSB invented that's not founded in reality to convince people to hold the bag & justify them losing most of their investments gambles. Google "Short ladder attack" and set a date range for anything < Dec 31 2020 (under "Tools" after you search), you'll see zero relevant results. I wonder why...
  13. A magnifier of the issue too was that there seems to be a lot of one side trading happening in this case, which helped make Robinhood's collateral obligations skyrocket--since they're based on EOD net changes. Generally, even in other crises, not everyone is just net buying everything or selling everything, there's a mix of action, which nets to smaller total changes (and hence collateral obligations). For example, if people bought $1B dollars of GME and sold $0, Robinhood owes additional collateral on $1B of GME. if people buy $1B dollars of GME and others sell $500M, they only owe additional
  14. All public companies have boards--they represent the shareholders interest basically, the CEO reports to the board.