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    jodie #6533
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    Ramona Flowers fanclub
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    anime, tech, PCs, keyboards, music production and animation
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    film student/streamer


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    Intel I5 9600K @ 4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI PRO Z390-A PRO LGA 1151
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB 3000 Mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS Dual GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core P3 TG Snow Edition
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB And a 2tb External HDD
  • PSU
    Thermaltake Toughpower 550 W 80+ Gold
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    AOC CQ32G1 31.5" and some cheap 24" samsung one i have rotated
  • Cooling
    Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 240
  • Keyboard
    Royal Kludge Rk61 (current main)
    HyperX alloy FPS RGB (retired)
    Razer Deathstalker Chroma (retired)
  • Mouse
    Razer Viper (main)
    Razer Lancehead TE (retired)
    JWFY gaming mouse (retired)
  • Sound
    Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250ohms
    Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett solo gen 2
    Mic: Audiotechnica AT2020 XLR
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64 bit
  • Laptop
    MacBook Air 2015 (school)
    A pile of broken Acer ones I'm trying to sell for parts
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    Oppo A52
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  1. this can serve as a base. could you copy + paste the code for ease of access?
  2. i respect your opinion, but a complex design dosent always = a good design
  3. I actually agree with this. AMD cpus just look nicer then intel ones. hell, the box shows them off so they must be aware
  4. Inspired by a status by @TheCoder2019 and pushed to its logical next step by @WereCatf, @FakeKGB and yours truly, I present: the LTT code a human game! The goal is simple: we all pitch in "code" (language doesn't matter) to create a human and slowly evolve said human. Think spore, but fake code on a tech forum hosted by the youtube channel with a firetruck review as a most viewed video. The rules: All code must be in an actual language (please list what language, anything goes) You must list what your code would control (IE. heart, lungs, eyes, skin devel
  5. a couple games in the command and conquer franchise had an FPS lock of 30 and fallout 4 had one at 60, but that was because of the phyics engine. The only time an FPS cap is needed is if the engine has physics tied to it and the dev cant be bothered to/cant fix it.
  6. 250 content count, half way to custom title.


    pretty pog

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Focus on quality. We don't need more quantity posters. Truly... 🙄

    3. mon1ka


      1 minute ago, Den-Fi said:

      Focus on quality. We don't need more quantity posters. Truly... 🙄

      i have been focusing on quality. just found it wild to look at that number, you know?

    4. Den-Fi


      2 minutes ago, mon1ka said:

      i have been focusing on quality. just found it wild to look at that number, you know?




  7. using the sims as an example here, if possible OP, id still uncap the frame rate. just feels smoother IMO. it's impact is smaller in builder games, but a higher FPS just feels better.
  8. A few days ago, i was up late looking at student accommodation for college with Ethernet (yes strange need, I know) and randomly felt nostalgic for a browser game i played as a kid. Only issue was: I don't remember much and I suspect it never existed in the first place. So I decided to have the LTT forums assist me in finding this game. Bellow is a complied list of everything I remember: it's name was critical ops portable (not the Facebook one) game had both a browser and mobile port (both dead/redirect to the FB version engine was some early forum of unity developm
  9. to add onto to this, OP what are the rest of your pc specs? do you have a PCPP list you could send?
  10. off topic, but i love CNC. spent way too much time in that game. As for your question: the 3200g should hold out for most of those as @Noctesaid in their post. warzone is a hard game to power full stop.
  11. its so much fun with friends, just get in a call and have a good laugh
  12. i've used one like this in the past, gets the job done and thats all that matters. To answer OP's question, you shouldn't need any sort of sound card, but depending on how much power the speakers need you could get an amp.