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  1. Will my psu support GTX 770

    I don't know. Due to age (its already 7 Years old) I'd not trust it any more than I have to. So I'd recommend saving for a good quality PSU like Bitfenix Formula. But its the best solution you have right now so you can use it until you can get a better unit.
  2. I wish I would https://www.macobserver.com/tips/quick-tip/macos-sierra-finder-folders-on-top/ And that's the default - and total bullshit.
  3. Sorry, I misspoke. I meant that it doesn't distinguish between files and folders. And to change that is pretty hard.
  4. Yeah, that's why there is the joke: What does Windows have that OSX does not: Maximize Button And in older versions even RIGHT CLICK. ANyway, I can't agree with that statement and I've used OSX for a while not soo long ago. While it kinda worked, if you have two (or more) screens and know a couple of the Windows Shortcuts, you find it superior to OSX. While it has its plus sides (don't know what exactly right now) it also has a ton of flaws. The biggest one that comes to mind is the sorting of files and folders. On Win + Lin its Folders first (or last), then files. OSX does not care about files and folders and only sorts them alphabetically *ARGH* And that shit is the default, even on Windows Shares...
  5. No, its on its last leg and probably there are some failed caps inside. Paul didn't mention why it didn't finish the Tortue Test. And the Values are different. (5x1A more on +12V, less on 3,3V/5V). But a Page erlier, you see that: In other words, it didn't loose capacitiy, it died. And that was what I was saying. There is no proof that the "PSU looses capacity!!11" is true. It doesn't look like that. The only thing I've seen is that ripple goes up or the unit dies. But that is far from "loosing capacitiy".
  6. Yes and Apple has a 45W TDP Cooling Solution, thus the CPU throttles because a 45W TDP Cooling Solution isn't enough. That is exactly what I was saying. So what is your claim that this 45W TDP Cooling Solution Apple uses isn't a 45W TDP Cooling Solution?
  7. Yes, I know that. See, that was what I was going at. The CPU shouldn't throttle in the first place! Exactly that was my point, thank you! Its a bit above the 45W. No, it is designed exactly for 45W, not 55 or 50W but 45W and handles that somewhat. There is already proof of that: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Apple-MacBook-Pro-2018-Much-more-performance-with-a-few-clicks.317552.0.html So with a hard 45W TDP Limit, it works better Öhm, if a 45W TDP CPU "needs" a 60W Cooling solution, doesn't that mean its a 60W TDP CPU and not a 45W one?? So you kinda agree with what I'm saying that this i9 CPU shouldn't have been a 45W TDP CPU, right? And so Apple isn't completely at fault here, Intel als is partially at fault because of this boost...
  8. .... And to what is the Energy converted? Light? Movement? Naa, I don't think so. So that only leaves heat! Ever heard about the Conservation of Energy? Your statement is in violation of that law. Wich makes it impossible! Look at the picture of leadeater... What does that tell you?? Doas THAT look like 45W TDP to you?
  9. Anything I should know before I get a Nintendo Switch?

    Yes, either the Switch PRO Controller or, if you already own another console, an 8bitdo Dongle be wary of scratching the screen so a screen protector is a must. And there is some other issue people talking about (back plastic breaking) Its called a Screen Protector That protects the Original Screen Material from Scratches. They aren't expensive and a must because of the design... depends on the Game, what you want and so on. The way you asked nobody can answer that for any console. With some games there are, with some there are not. Well, around 1h Battery Life, as far as I'm aware and the design of the analogue sticks is kinda moronic because its not symetrical like the WiiU pad was. And the Switch is a bit smaller than the WiiU Gamepad...
  10. I Need Help In Choosing A Console

    Depends on where you look and when and what's on sale right now. But you are right, if you have the possibilitys you can get the Console Games cheaper because you can still get them used if you want to while that is pretty much impossible on PC due to Account Locking... The normal sales in the Playstation store aren't that bad either, you just have to be patient and wait for a good deal. If we talk about new games, preorder and stuff like that, the normal Game is about 10€ more than on PC/Steam. But the Deluxe/Gold Versions are often sold for the same price as the PC one...
  11. We're talking about an older, group regulated unit with small capacitance on +12V... Therefore the question is if it is worth to even think about worrying about other stuff without a good quality PSU...
  12. Yes, that would be a good idea... Or give the User the possibility to change between a silent and performance setting. There is another option. They can do semi-custom Chips from another company.
  13. No, YOU are the one who tries to define something like he wants to to prove that there are "TVs" with G-Sync. Not me. There are other differences as well, such as the way they use HDMI and other things but that doesn't really matter right now. But how about Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_monitor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television_set That is what Wikipedia said. And that is what I also kinda said. Monitor: Input/Output device that only has the absolute necessary stuff. While a TV can be a Monitor, a Monitor can not be a TV. So why are YOU so hellbent on redefining words for your benefits?! Why do YOU try to pus a 65" Display (=Monitor) to be a Monitor? Because in the Entertainment Area nobody will care about nVidias Proprietary Garbage and everyone will use the offcially specified versions of variable refresh rate, that are already supported on AMD Chips. And not on NVidia.
  14. Yes, there is! A monitor is a "dumb" Output device where you feed a signal from another device in. It can not be used on its own! A TV is a device that is designed to work on its own. So a Monitor only has a CRT or an LCD Panel and supporting electronics to convert whatever the Input is (CGA, EGA, VGA, Composite, S-Video/Commodore Thingy) And put it on the screen. That is a Monitor. And no more than that. Some Monitors also have Speakers but most do not. And that's about all a Monitor brings to the table. No LAN, no Tuner, no nothing. its just an Input (electronics)/Output (picture) device! A TV is a Monitor with some additional stuff added to it so that it can be used on its own. Simple as that. Yes, and?! What are you talking about?! You aren't telling me something I don't know, you are only trying to justify your mistake. Why can't you admit that you were wrong and that the thing you mentioned is NOT A TV?! And I was right? The definition of a Monitor is clear. the definition of a TV is clear. What else is there to discuss??
  15. ???? Desktop HDD = Mostly +12V with a bit on +5V Laptop HDD = Only 5V That might be the reason why it worked with the Laptop drive and not the normal HDD... And AFAIR, at least the Motor of the 3,5" drive is using 12V while the rest might be out of the 5V rail.