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  1. PSU Tier List Updated

    That site looks like they give awards to everything that isn't on a tree at count of three... And most people don't know shit about PSU, only about a hand full in every area, if you are lucky, know something about PSU. Most people just believe... In your country they love the worst FSP has to offer in other countrys its the worst other manufacturers have to offer same shit everywhere you go it seems. Rule of the Thumb: If it is group regulated, avoid. And you want a supervisior Chip with more than 8 pins because most don't have UVP on +12V and also no OCP on any rail..-
  2. Around 40min they say that mid/end next year the sucessor to the Skylake X will come out. So much for the theory of many people that the CPU will last a couple of years and Intel will not react to Ryzen. Because they do...
  3. Pc or ps4/Xbox one

    You have no idea what I was talking about. Do you have a PS4? Do you know how little games fit onto a 250GB drive?? We're talking about something like 4-5 Games because almost every game is around 42GB (=BD RIP) large. Some Games like Final Fantasy XV are even 65GB large. And you seriously recommend a 250GB Drive? Yeah, for the PS3 that would have been a decent choice, for the 4 not really. Yes, and? The PS4 has most of those also and also many exclusives more like: What I'd recommend: Horizon Zero Dawn Persona 5 Uncharted - Nathan Drake Collection Uncharted 4 + Lost Legacy Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age Ratchet + Clank God of War III Remastered Maybe Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, Kingdom Hearts, The Order 1886. And also some titels that come out earlier on PS4 like Final Fantasy XV, Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online and many many more games.
  4. XP Pro Service Pack 3 Full download

    Why? Have you thought about other alternatives like Linux + Wine? I hope you won't connect that XP machine to the Interwebs... What Games that are? For most of the Games that "don't run under Windows 10" it is because it only has 32bit drivers. And you could possibly get around with other things than using Windows XP... And that's the last thing I would do... Pls Try Windows 10 in a 32bit version first. For the rest that doesn't work you could use Linux + Wine...
  5. PSU Tier List Updated

    Because it uses ancient Plattforms like APN and something like that. https://ru.gecid.com/power/fsp_hexa_axe550/?s=all https://www.computerbase.de/2014-10/fsp-hexa-plus-500-watt-im-test/3/
  6. Some must have PS4 games?

    Witcher 3?? And the ones in the 'Non Exclusives' category are all available on Steam. Bug I didn't mention Witcher 3. I don't see that as a console game at all. Nier Automata is a pretty garbage PC Port. I had to run it with my old Tahiti card, Crossfire doesn't work. And many people say something about performance problems (though they seem to have GTX 970 so I'd not rate it too highly)... Yeah, but some things about the Pods an the touchpad that the PC version doesn't have. Though I've not tried it with the PS4 controller yet.
  7. swapping Xbox One X HDD for SSD

    Oh dear. What do you do when you don't have no warranty and the original drive dies?! And the drive is very likely the first thing to go...
  8. Pc or ps4/Xbox one

    Thats just your oppinion and far from the truth. Because there are many more factors. ANd we are talking about an 8 core CPU... Bad example, because many graphics setting don't do much for the CPU. ANd the FX4100 is what? a 30$ CPU?? Well, at least the 4300 was quite good for its price. And starts most games even now... You have no idea what "Boost mode" is about... Boost mode means that the PS4 PRO runs 'unlimited' with maximum clock speed and all GPU clusters. When you deactivate it it behaves like a normal PS4 - and deactivates about half of the GPU and reduces clocks. +Bigger HEatsink Without actually MEASURING the temperature of those units, you can't say anything. Because, as you can see, you can also use a bigger heatsink and a bigger fan. So in the end, we don't know much more. And it is even possible that the PS4 slim gets hotter because of the smaller heatsink and fan. Also the PS4 Pro doesn't always run at "full power", depends on the game. What I've measured is something around 100 or 120W for games like FFXII and up to 180W but most are aroudn 140-160W.
  9. psu for amd ryzen 3 1200 and gt 1030

    That's a myth. Probably because 80plus.org only test on these three points and there 50% is the best. But thats only half the truth - if at all. Because many modern PSU are most efficient between 30 and 60, sometimes 70% load. and we are talking about differences of 1%, maybe 1,5%. And thats with 115VAC, with 230VAC its even worse - you can just ignore it because most modern PSU don't even have a curve but more like a line with a slight bump. Really doesn't matter between 20 and 80% load...
  10. swapping Xbox One X HDD for SSD

    I won't Thats around 3 Games or so... 500GB should be the bare minimum! 1TB preffered, if possible. Either way: How do you install the OS on the XBox one HDD? I've seen HDD swapped, yes. But they never showed how to do it on the software side. It has to be done somehow....
  11. Pc or ps4/Xbox one

    I'd still go for PS4 PRO and Xbox one X if possible. Especially the XBox normal is something I'd avoid, the X is almost a new generation so much better it is. PS4 vs. PRO is something you can debate, though you have some advantages over the normal PS4 - like Boost Mode or in some games the choice between better graphics or performance. Don't know about HDR and other stuff though... PS: Some games will crash with Boost Mode. Like Tomb Raider (the first remake) in some situations...
  12. Pc or ps4/Xbox one

    The PC won't be better. The first thing you have to ask is what you want to play and are there any exclusives you want to play on what plattform... PS4 has some good exclusives - but they are mostly japanese style ones. While The XBox has more western stile exclusives like the halo series. In the end, your choice... But there is one gigantic advantage for the PS4: You can swap the drive easily. Without voiding the warranty. You only need a PH1 screwdriver and the new (=faster) drive... And remember that ~500GB isn't that huge for the Playstation. If you want to swap the drive, use a 1TB SSD or at least a ~500GB one with the original 1TB in an external USB3.0 Case... Not for 400 bucks - except you can get one used deal.
  13. Some must have PS4 games?

    You have to look for good deals, sometimes in the Store. What I'd recommend: Horizon Zero Dawn Persona 5 Uncharted - Nathan Drake Collection Uncharted 4 + Lost Legacy Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age Ratchet + Clank God of War III Remastered Maybe Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, Kingdom Hearts, The Order 1886. Non Exclusive: Tales Of Berseria Tales of Zestiria Nier Automata Star Ocean new Hope Not really. And only if it is on sale. I bought it for 50€ and it was very disapointing. FF XII is way way better than that...
  14. Couldn't find anything about that. Is it B-Series? or Thunder?? Either way, seems like a rather low end unit. So not a great unit for overclocking...
  15. What PSU do you have?? In some cases a 450W can be way better than a 650W, depending on the models. For example a Bitfenix Whisper M vs. a 650W Tacens...