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  1. ax860i coil whine

    Can't say, you have to try for yourself. With the way modern Hardware works, its something that happens. Doesn't happen to everyone. Only happens to certain things. I had one where I had to have a certain Motherboard, a certain GPU and a certain Harddrive for one of my PSU to cause coil whine (essentially you could hear the HDD noise out of the PSU). Its the same with everyone... Though some PSU are more prone to Coil Whine than others, it happens to all... Reason for this shit is that the ATX spec isn't sufficient for modern copmonents and 22 years old, without really being updated to meet the needs for modern components....
  2. Power Supply for GTX 1080 & i5-8400?

    w/o OC a good quality 400-500W PSU is more than enough. Get better quality instead of more Watts. ie a Bitfenix Whisper M with 450W instead of a Corsair CX750 More Watts doesn't give you anything, a better quality unit does. For what more than he needs? 650W aren't usually any quieter. ~650W sometimes are even louder under any circumstance than the ~550W one.
  3. What's the best sub $150 PSU?

    Depends on what you need, what your system is and so on. And in general: More Watts don't give you any advantage if you don't need it. Often it gives you disadvantages as higher wattage units needs faster spinning fans. If you want a quiet PSU, you need to look at that and get a quiet one. Manufacturer is irrelevant as YOU and I can get everything we need to build our own ATX PSU...
  4. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    Yeah, but why should I when I bought it new and just can send it back to the dealer and get a different one? Its a bit of a hassle as I have to live without a GPU for a Week or two... Oh and by the way; It doesn't need to be the Coils!!! Its referred as Coil Whine but how do you know its not Capacitor Whine??
  5. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    That's not entirely true. I had a card with really annoying coil whine and depending on the PSU I used, the sound changed. WIth some it was more annoying than with others... But since the fans of that card were rather annoying, I replaced mit with a Gigabyte Card wich worked fine for me. Was a bit louder under load but way quieter under lower load. But if you hear it, you hear it, the PSU won't change much. Replacing the Graphics card does...
  6. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    You can get a good quality 450 or 550W PSU for the same price as your CX750. Why do you want a rather shitty, high wattage one, when you can get a really good 450W and you don't need the +300W anyways?? You could get that for example: https://www.amazon.com/BitFenix-Whisper-Plus-Modular-BWG450M/dp/B01M2AB4WC/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1524683032&sr=1-1&keywords=Whisper+M Or for only 6 bucks more a good 550W one. https://www.amazon.com/Cougar-GX-F-PSU-series-550W/dp/B07BFBD21F/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1524683154&sr=1-4&keywords=Cougar+GX-F Oh dear... No, 650W are bullshit for his system. w/o OC he doesn't even need a 500W, a good quality 400-450W PSU is more than sufficient. The 650W unit usually gives him nothing. I have here a document telling me that a ~600W PSU is way louder than the ~500W version, has +200rpm in idle and also in any other cases. Another false statement. The Brand is irrelevant because everybody in the PSU area has about the same oppurtunity. And YOU could even get all the needed Parts (minus PCB) off of Digikey and Mouser. So its more or less an arrangement of Jellybean Components. The name on the Label does only Matter for Warranty stuff... As with the ones you mentioned: EVGA isn't great, rather meh, has a totally chaotic lineup, Cooler Master is OKish, not that great and Thermaltake is mostly rather bad with only 1 or two units worth thinking about... You are missing companys like Bitfenix, Cougar, be quiet. Not entirely false, since there are no high quality 80plus Bronze and Silver units on the market. There were however some PSU that had rather shitty efficiency but I'd like to have - like Silverstone Zeus 750 or 850W. And at one Time I had an 850W Zeus but returned it because the user that had it before me did cut off some cables and other stuff... I kinda do agree, but he also doesn't need to waste money on it either. And wasting money on 650W (or more), that doesn't offer him any benefits at all makes no sense. If you recommend something for more money, it should offer a benefit for the user - wich a higher Wattage PSU does not. In many cases you get a louder unit or not any quieter than the lower wattage one but waste something like 10-15€ on the Wattage you don't need without getting anything in return. Have you ever tried SLI/CF in recent years?? It doesn't even work with most games these days! I've tried it on NIer:Automata and some Koei Tecmo game (I don't remember wich one, I think it was Samurai Warriors 4). Bethesda even states in their FAQ, that SLI/CF doesn't work on Wolfenstein II - the new Colossus. So for what would he want SLI/CF?! That's an argument that makes no sense. Especially since there still is the 1080 and 1080ti wich he can turn to. And it always makes more sense to sell the card you have and get a faster one. And the "what if" isn't something normal users do. This PC will be used 5-10 years with replacing the graphics cards every couple of years... As for SLI/CF Argument: Ryzen 7/1700X on ASUS X370-F Strix, _TWO_ 7970GHz/280X, 575W Primary. With around 90% Efficiency that translates to around 518W Secondary. So even with that setup I have 32,5W left. WHAT are the benefits?! There are NONE! THAT is the Problem! Only disadvantages -> Cost more, probably higher fan RPM (is the case with Bitfenix Whisper M, where it goes from <500rpm to 700rpm and with other units as well). Without knowing anything about the PSU series, you can not recommend the higher wattages, because you don't know if they are any benefits. Most of the times there are disadvantages! Its an OKish PSU, nothing special. Essentially a Silverstone Strider Platinum with some Bling Bling RGB Stuff and lesser efficiency. But you could save a couple of bucks with a PSU that fits your needs better than that unit does.
  7. Evga g2 750W vs Evga g3 750W

    With 900rpm from a 140mm fan, that's not hard... And there are rather quiet graphics cards as well... CPU heatsinks is pretty easy. I've shown you proof that you are wrong, why are you still defending your position? Do you want to make people unhappy - like the guy in the Link I posted? 900rpm aren't quiet, that's rather loud and annoying! If the fan of your PSU doesn't kick in - good for you. But usually people getting an 850W unit wants to use it and s here we go again... No, that's just bullshit. You have to look at each individual PSU! There is no rule when it comes to noise! Heard of laws of thermodynamics?? With the same heatsinks and about the same Efficiency, that doesn't happen! I've seen fan curves of a series where the uneven watts are quieter than the even - ~500 way quieter than 600! And stronger units usually are _NOT_ quieter than a smaller ones, on the contrary! The ones are often way louder than smaller ones with the need for 2500-3000rpm (1400mm) fans, while you can get away with 1500rpm on smaller units (like 5x0W or so)...
  8. EVGA 600B or Corsair CX550M

    That's just wrong on so many levels. Never ever go by brand. Going by brand is like wanting to get hurt...
  9. Wich games should be in the XBox 360 Libary?

    Yea, agree, was a pretty good game Though no Japanese Audio, but wasn't a problem for me at the time...
  10. What Games should every XBox 360 owner have? I'm kinda into collecting (good/important) games, that are good and I want to play. But I'm kinda Clueless about the XBox 360. I guess Halo and Gears of War are things I should get (and I will next month). Are there any other things that are Important? At the moment I'm really into those kinda open world Shooting things like Tomb Raider and Far Cry, is there something like that on XBox 360??
  11. Anyone heard of Kolink?

    What are you talking about? The Connectors are the standard ones! Standard EPS12V for CPU and PCIe, 10+18pin for the Motherboard and 6pin PCIe for drives. I don't know about the Pinout though, but you could get a normal Cable Set for similar units and modify it. So it is entirely possible to go around that and find the way.
  12. Evga g2 750W vs Evga g3 750W

    Or maybe he is right and you are not. I also have a couple of Super Flower made units, wich are pretty nice ones but the Fan Controller is garbage. And when I'm looking at these figures, it doesn't look good for you: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-supernova-750-p2-platinum-psu,4566-4.html 920rpm minimum, when the 140mm fan starts?? You call THAT quiet?! SRYSLY?! Good for you. But in the case of the 850W P2, you are wrong, it is rather loud and not quiet - as are many other super flower made units. I have for example a Leadex II 650/750W unit - and it has 100rpm more than the Bitfenix 850W unit. So no, if you want a quiet unit, don't buy Super Flower. The 650W P2 is better, but still far from good: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-supernova-650-p2-power-supply,4364-4.html tbh: a 60€ Xilence Performance X is way better in terms of noise than those units are. I measured around 350rpm with my 750W Performance X.
  13. Seasonic or Cosair

    1. Get a 550W; 650W is mostly useless in 9 out of 10 Cases. And only gives you an advantage if you have a PC that needs more than 550W - wich is either a hard overclocked High End Desktop System (LGA2066, AMD Threadripper) or two graphics cards... The PSU manufacturer recommendations are for shitty PSU, not high quality ones... 2. The Seasonic because lower initial fan RPM. The Corsair TX has around 850rpm idle.
  14. PSU Tier List Updated

    Americans can't do cars that corner well, germans can. Thats an equally false statement. Just because its Chinese doesn't mean its low quality. And that there is a Japanese Capacitor inside - wich is most likely also made in China - doesn't mean its good quality - Toshin Kogyo are regarded as not that great... So saying that its bad because there are chinese components inside is just wrong and makes no sense, because the Chinese also have high quality components as you would expect. The point is that "Japan" is used as a Marketing Bulletin Point...
  15. PSU Tier List Updated

    Measure it yourself! My Ryzen 7/1700x with _TWO_ Radeon HD7970GHz/280X is at 575W Primary. How the hell can you with your system be over that?! The obvious answer would be: You can't! Those Calculators are bullshit and you with a piece of paper and a pencil could do a better job than those things...