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    MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS
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    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
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    Depends on mood
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    Samsung S27D850T
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  1. Which parts are better?

    I wasn't talking about the case, only about the CPU Heatsink. But I'd excpect something cheap because a fan of good quality is rather expensive (a couple of € each, that would increase the price of the case to a point where nobody would buy it)... But the usual suspects should be fine as case fans: be quiet Silent Wings Noctua
  2. Which parts are better?

    Yes, heatsink is fine. Mounting System is also OK, no problem there. But the fans could be better, no way near the Noctua. And I have both, an NH-D14 (SE2011) and the Cryoric R1 Universal... So my statement stands: The NH-D14 has better (=higher quality + Bearing) fans.
  3. Ryzen 7 1700 overclocking

    Also take a look at the power consumption and keep that in mind. My Phenom 1700X consumes around 100W more when I force it to 4GHz in Ryzen Master at 1,35V.
  4. Which parts are better?

    They are. I have one myself. Well, the Universal, not the Ultimate. The 25mm fan is somewhat OKish, the slim fan is shit.
  5. Which parts are better?

    Cryorig R1 Ultimate has shit fans, the Noctua ones are better. So that should answer your questions...
  6. PSU Tier List Updated

    Yep, that doesn't increase the trust in those units at all. And to buy something of unknown quality from an unknown brand that hasn't proven that its trustworthy isn't somthing I'd recommend... Especially when they, like you said, don't even have pictures of the real thing on their website...
  7. Why sould that be?! We ain't livin in 2003 where many to most PSU on the Market were shit and not able to put out the rated capacity. All what you are saying right now is a Fairy Tale about PSU, not based on facts. Just look at how some trustworthy companys advertize their PSU! They mention CONTINUOUS power, some even mention 24/7 operation at 100% load. So now tell me why should I believe you over what a manufacturer says about his own products? No its not. That's why I compared the 630W/650W Thermaltake to th 450W Bitfenix Formula. They are about the same Price! https://geizhals.de/bitfenix-formula-gold-450w-atx-2-4-bf450g-bp-fm450ulag-9r-a1720222.html Formula for around 65€ Thermaltake Smart SE 630W for aroudn 60€. https://geizhals.de/thermaltake-smart-se-630w-atx-2-3-sps-630mpcbeu-a902318.html?hloc=de ??? What are you talking about?! We aren't talking about 80plus Gold, Platinum, Unobtanium, we are talking about "not great" PSU vs. Good PSU. They just happen to be 80plus gold... What are you talking about?! I really don't understand what you are trying to say and why you are saying it... 1. You want good quality first, if it is loaded at 90% or 100% does not matter. Because you want quality, not some imaginary shit that doesn't give you any benefit. 2. The higher quality PSU is better in every way: Longlivety, fan quality, voltage regulation and quality as well as noise. 3. There is absolute no reason to go for a shitty 650-750W PSU when you can get a very good quality 450W unit. What good is a ~600W PSU that rotates at 2000-2500rpm under load, has no OCP on any rail and is just not worth thinking about today... Sorry, but what you are saying here is just wrong and not based on any facts.
  8. PSU Tier List Updated

    Until the insides are shown and/or it is tested by good testers, STAY AWAY. If you want RGB, there is only one Option: http://de.thermaltake.com/Netzteile/Smart_Series_/Toughpower_Grand/C_00002987/Toughpower_Grand_RGB_650W_Gold_Full_Modular/design.htm And _ONLY_ That Series. Because that one is EOL it seems: http://de.thermaltake.com/Netzteile/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS_G/C_00002915/Toughpower_DPS_G_RGB_650W_Gold_/design.htm
  9. Best PSU for under £20.

    That one is old. Really old. Like from 2006 old. Using that today is suicide for the components. Yes, I have the 650W version here somewhere and its not a good PSU at all by todays standard...
  10. No, just no! A 450W Bitfenix Formula is a way better choice than a 630/650W Thermaltake Bronze one. And those calculators are bullshit and totally useless. Everyone who knows how to use google can guess the values within minutes, you don't need some shitty database that outright lies about the consumption of the PC! I've tried Outervision PSU Calculator with my i7-3930K, RX480, couple of other stuff I've measured. And with prime and heaven I'm barely able to push the primary consumption to around 400W (with a 400W Pure Power L10 CM) - and that's the primary consumption! And around 87% Efficiency or so (230VAC/50Hz)... And with other (Gold/Platinum) PSU I get something around 350-370W in the same situation. Outervision tells something about 519W PSU Wattage, 469W consumption and something about 9,7A on 3,3V and 8.6A on +5V. I've never seen such high amperage on minor rails with my Corsair HX750i - the best I could do was around 7A or so on 3,3V - with my LGA1366 system. That X79 thing was around 2,5-3A or so, 4-5A at worst. Nowhere near the guestimate... So forget those things, they are far from the reality... So that thing is at least 100W off in this case. And the reocommendation is rather bad.
  11. No its not. Why don't you listen?! There aren't that many good quality PSU for not too much money on the market. You can count the good ones on one hand in the Bronze area. So you have two options: a) get a cheaper CPU/Board and a good PSU and have fun with it for many years b) Get the 8700k, cheap out on the PSU, be unsatisfied with the system because it crashes all the time, the PSU is loud as a lawnmower and you loose all the hardware after the warranty is over... You don't seem to want to grasp the importance of a good PSU with independent voltage regulation...
  12. Remember the old K7 days?? When people bought Codegen PSU, reused their old Pentium (III) Heatsink and used "NoName" Memory and wondered why their system didn't work reliably? And sadly those people also flamed AMD for their incompetence... Seems like he has to learn the hard way that cheap PSU aren't cheap at all... PS: And remember that a PSU doesn't do any FPS, so it is irrelevant...
  13. Best PSU for under £20.

    There is none for that price. Nada. That is totally impossible! The first ones that are somewhat OK are some 300-400W FSP units for around 30€ But you can also get some other ones for the same price. And that's the cheapest trustworthy thing. But it seems like you want to kill yourself or your hardware with cheaping out too much on the PSU...
  14. Need help on a good psu

    CWT seems to be way better than many might think. They have their problems and their soldering depends on what line you use, some are pretty good, some are not so good. The Additional PCBs leave a bit room for improvements. But that's just nitpicking right now...
  15. Why would you want such garbage that can kill your PC?! I don't understand that...