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Stefan Payne

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    Northern Germany
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    Stuff, PSU, Soldering


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    MSI X79A-GD45 PLUS
  • RAM
    12GiB, what's lying around...
  • GPU
    PowerColor RX480 Red Devil
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    Crucial MX100, 256GiB, 4TB Toshiba
  • PSU
    Depends on mood
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    Samsung S27D850T
  • Cooling
    Cyorig R1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    Did you click on the Link?! Those always failed, even on Desktop cards, in HP, Dell and so on...
  2. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    So if someone (like a Plumber, Electrician) is the worst person to you, treats you like shit, doesn't give you any warranty for the shit he messes up. And then you are expected to get stuff from them again because it "hurts the consumer"??? Ähhh, really. Why the heck do people defend nVidia so much?! Do you not get what the Problem was? They sold chips to all manufacturers that failed left and right and saidthem "yeah, sucks to be you" "you want money from us, that we sold you chips that will break? YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY!!" Yeah, sure... And where are the nVidia supported Open Source Drivers?? Where's the Support from nVidia for the Open Source drivers? And why the heck are people still working on the Nuveau stuff? If they don't get any support from nVidia, on the contrary, they are sabotaging the drivers...
  3. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    You mean they were so good at the time that nobody sued them?? Let me look: https://www.engadget.com/2010/09/30/nvidia-reaches-settlement-in-class-action-suit-affecting-apple/ https://semiaccurate.com/2009/08/21/nvidia-finally-understands-bumpgate/ So no, they failed everywhere! And they settled a Class Action Lawsuit. EVERYONE was pissed at nVidia. But thanks to people like you they don't have the power to show them the middle finger. Apple does. And also Apple wants to control the drivers. nVidia doesn't want that (maybe because their cheating might get exposed that way??)
  4. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    NO, its not. If nVidia would be a decent partner, it wouldn't have escalate. But nV were total awful partners to a number of partners. Apple isn't the first. But the strongest to show them the consequences. Its 100% nVidia's Fault. So stop defending them. They deserve everything Linus Tolvards and Apple throws at them - and more. Or you've forgotten Geforce Partner Programme?? Yeah and who's fault was that?! All the excuses to not buy nVidia. All the people that still buy more expensive, shittier nVidia products that have less VRAM All the people using AMD to drop prices for nVidia. Just look at the GTX680 vs. Radeon HD7970. The Radeon was the better card. And what was bought? The GTX680, wich lasted half as long as the 7970, wich can still be used today. I used my 7970 around 4 years or so. And the 680 had to be replaced after 2 years or so because driver optimization was not as good and in some games it competes with the Radeon HD7870...
  5. NAVI will deliver that with what we know right now. With HBM2 they can't deliver that because HBM2 is that expensive.
  6. Stefan Payne

    Good games on xbox one

    Viva Pinata and the Banjo games, probably Kameo and Conker's bad fur day.
  7. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    You don't get it, do you? Its the unwillingness to own their mistakes and reimburse the manufacturers of Components. Apple is powerful enough to give them the middlefinger for that. Its their unwillingness to cooperate in some other areas like Drivers. You've seen an AMD Driver for MacOS? I haven't either. Because that's made by Apple. Ever seen a good Open Source nVidia Driver? I haven't either. And there are more reasons. Ever knew that they pissed off M$ and Sony?! I really don't get why you try to defend one of the worst companys in PC History, that only is where they is thanks to awful Journos...
  8. Adored video about the Navi no show on CES: He said it was planned to show Navi, wich would have been released a couple of weeks later. But they found an issue with the chip that required retape. So they had to go with "Plan B", wich was VEGA20... And according to him, it indeed is a limited production run of like 20k now and another 40k or so later.
  9. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    No, that's bullshit. There is a different reason for that: There was a Problem found with Navi and the "Radeon 7" is something they pulled out of their ass in the last minute to have something to present. I trust AdoredTV in AMD things more than other people. And he claimed that Navi is awesome and the price low. But they found an issue that required a "retape", so originally NAVI should have been released in 3months or so. But the Tapeout delayed that by 3 months... Many say that AMD looses money with most VEGA Products because of HBM2... And that Radeon 7 cost 750 Dollar to make...
  10. Stefan Payne

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    Who hasn't nVidia pissed off yet? They pissed off M$ with the Original XBox and their unwillingness of shrinking the GPU and doing good prices. They probably pissed off Sony with their shitty G70 based RSX... Especially if you compare it to the XBox 360 Slim wich basically was the first console to use a single Chip for CPU and GPU (well, not quite but almost)... Its only a question of time until they piss off Nintendo and we see a Switch 2 with an AMD Ryzen based CPU...
  11. Stefan Payne

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    Not if you only count the "Retail Games" and other "AAA" Games. In that case its like a dozend or two, And only a hand full of really good games. If you count the games you can play, wich is essentially everything the Wii can play, and the Nintendo DS Games (wich can also be played on the WiiU, even officially) then yes, it had a pretty big libary. But the WiiU exclusives aren't too good. And that was also the Problem. There were no games when the WiiU was released. Breath of the Wild came out like last year or so (Ok, March 2017), after the WiiU was EOL. Also New Super Mario Bros U was rather late as well... The reason it failed was 3 things: a) the enormous price (370€) (that was the price of the Mario WiiU bundle that I almost got but 370€ was a bit much for me. For 250€ I've gotten it, maybe 300€. But not 370€)... b) no games to play c) many people thought it was an accesoir for the Wii. The Similaritys to the Wii was its downfall... Ähm, are you saying that you kinda agree with me that there are more potential buyers today than there were in the past? And thus the potential Market is bigger than it was in 2001?? The PS2 was sold for over 10 years, late 2000 (west) and was discontinued in 2013. No other console had such a long lifetime... PS: from what I know, the PS4 is at around 80 Million or so, the same as last generation overall (Xbox360/PS3) but its still going for another year or two. That is only around half of the PS2... And the Nintendo DS came very close to the PS2 with only 1 Million short (154Mio vs. 155 Mio for the PS2)...
  12. Stefan Payne

    What game was bigger in it's prime: Call of Duty or Fornite?

    No, I'm saying that we're talking about two completely different things. The Bump was because of the Wii btw... What I'm talking about is the potential market, the amount of people that you could sell games to. You are arguing about the monetary size of the Market. That are two completely different things. Especially if you take the lenth of games into account. And how much time one can spend in that game. The people who played the shit out of Halo might have family, they work, have to raise kids... So they can't play as much games as someone who goes to school. Thus the "Father guy" might need 3 Games or so per Year. Especially if we're talking about really long games like the Warriors Series with all the additional Contnet. You can play that for dozens, maybe hundreds of hours. The Worlds have become bigger, stuff like that. Though there are still some short games (Shadow of the Tomb Raider IMO), others are really long (God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man)... What I'm arguing about was something like that: Gamers Demographic https://www.wepc.com/news/video-game-statistics/
  13. Stefan Payne

    IS 750 W GOLD ENOUGH FOR 1080 WITH 8700K

    urgh, he doesn't know what he's talking about. PSU are voltage converters, those are rated for output power, not input. And with 800-900W, you have absolutely no way in hell to cool that with conventional measures. You need real hardcore stuff for that, with a single GPU and CPU. Ergo: That's enough for a Multi CPU/GPU System. Even though that thing overestimates by a mile, the other guy just seems like he either didn't know stuff or tried to convince you that you should spend more money than was necessary.... As said, a good 550W is more than you'll ever need..
  14. Stefan Payne

    Ryzen 5 2600 vs i7 8700. Help

    Could we stop witht his Horse shit FUD?! That was a lie 20 Years ago and it didn't change too much in the last 20 years... Ryzen, absolutely. You might want to look at the upcoming 3000 series because they bring 16 cores to the Desktop and are a good bit better than 2000 series.
  15. Stefan Payne

    Good games on xbox one

    So basically the same reason I got my XBox One (X) as well