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  1. I'd probably rather get the RMx, but why not the 550W version?! 650W is a wattage I personally hate because it is really really hard to come close to it with one card. And for two cards it's sometimes not enough or cutting it close. You can do a Crossfire Setup with a 650W RMi by the way with TWO R9-280X aka 7970GHz Edition... So you should rather think about overclocking yes/no. In a German Forum someone mentioned that he can double the power consumption of his Ryzen processor. For just 300MHz more. So overclocking Ryzen does not make any sense at all. You should save any money that goes in that direction - and spend it on a better motherboard as well as better Memory. Ryzen benefits from high memory clock like no one else - because the connection between the 4 core blocks runs with memory speed and thus it reduces latency and increases bandwith between those two 4 core Blocks. And the same goes for the VEGA GPU as well. It is possible to overclock it. But at what price?? +50% more Power Consumption for 5% more performance? Is that really worth it??
  2. Well, that ain't no ITX; that's DTX.
  3. Yeah, rather get a high quality 550W than a shitty 750W unit... Spend Money on the Quality, not Wattage... Quality is something you always benefit from, wattage is not. Quality has no disadvantages, except for the price. Wattage has -> lower efficiency under lighter loads and often times higher noise as well.
  4. Why do you recommend a unit that's way worse than the ones TaxxiDriver is looked up?! M12II is an old old, group regulated unit with only the basic protection. That means that it does NOT have OCP, does NOT have Undervoltage Protection on +12V because it doesn't have a dedicatet VCC input and also UVP on minor rails is rather useless. For the price you have to pay for the M12-II, it's the worst you can get. I'd rather buy a Cooler Master Master Watt Lite than a Seasonic M12II because the Cooler Master has working protections and is probably way quieter than the Seasonic... There really isn't a reason for that unit no more... Well, under 750W of course. The 750 and 850W units are DC-DC with a decent protection IC and OCP and UVP on all rails. That's a different story, but 620W and lower is just not good no more... From the two of those: I'd prefer the EVGA, because the fan of the Corsair spins a bit too high for my taste (AFAIR it's around 900rpm or so)... Not really... Because there are rarely any high quality PSU under 550W... The only ones I know of, that are in production: Bitfenix Whisper M, 450W be quiet Straight Power 10 and Pure Power 10, 400W Cougar GX-S, 450W And some SFX units...
  5. Look at the Powersupply. If it has a +12V Standby rail, no you can not viable. If it has a +5V Standby Rail, you can use adaptors.
  6. Don't you mistake Vega for Skylake X??
  7. If you push it and want sledgehammer overclocking, yes maybe. But does 5-10% more performance for +50% more power consumption make sense??
  8. No Because you can not fit an (µ)ATX board in a (µ)BTX case. Or vice versa...
  9. It would, but it's better if you would save some money for a PSU with DC-DC.
  10. Prime has problem with fan. Some users reported very noticable motor noise.
  11. 750W max, 850W with hardcore overclocking. 1200W is something you'd want for 4 cards.
  12. One of the good things that the prussians won the war is that electronics in Germany is a bit cheaper. And don't forget alcohol. I don't remember how many stores we have here that cater to you danish people and the swedish... Yes, I live close to the danish border, somehow ;D
  13. If you want true silence, why not go for a be quiet? You live in denmark, that should be available in your region. If not, you can also always order from Germany. Also the Bitfenix Whisper M with 450 or 550W (do _NOT_ get the 650W or above because of the higher rpm fan. Those ones rotate at around 700rpm instead of 400 under light load conditions).... Either way: I'd probably not get the EVGA if it is somewhat like my Leadex II 650/750W, if you want a really quiet PSU... The Corsair should be fine. I had an RM650i wich was on the quieter side. Well before I tried to remove the modular PCB that was...
  14. Not really. Has Problems with fan controller, due to semifanless Mode... First it's not SFX, but we are talking about SFX PSU. So it doesn't fit. Second: It's ancient... There are better options for that Price! The S12II/M12II is ancient and thus should NOT be reccomended at all. And it's rather loud. Has no OCP on any rail, only OPP, UVP on +5V and 3,3V is rather useless at 3,5/2,2V. And on +12V it's just not there. In Short: It's not worth it, there are way better options from the competiton. And why should one buy THAT?! Just because there is a certain name on it, doesn't automatically make something good...
  15. as are all SFX PSU because of size restrictions it's not possible/viable to make a PSU with awesome performance. A similar ATX unit will always be far superior. Here a Review: Seems good to me. And it doesn't seem to have a semi fanless option wich is definately a plus for a SFF PSU... Especially since on some other units users report that the fan starts and stopps constantly...