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  1. PSU got really loud.

    Not just the neccesarily Thermistor, the could have failed Transistor as well. And there are also models that fail short instead of open wich is not desired in this case (failed open = no spinning fan, PSU overheating, failed short = +12V on fan).
  2. PSU got really loud.

    Thats a stupid idea because the fan can't be regulated by the PSU, the PSU can overheat and cause a FIRE. Especially since we are talking about parts that are rated for around 150-175°C....
  3. PSU got really loud.

    WHY did you buy a P8 in 2012? oO Was it especially cheap?? Because even before the P10, there was the (golden) P9 although with only 550, 650, 750 and 850W... Only the fan controller is blown, nothing else is wrong with it.
  4. PSU got really loud.

    Fan controller blown. Replace the PSU pls. Nope, too old. The old P8 only had 3 Years Warranty. And was replaced somewhere in 2012 or so with the P10 (well and the 850W P9 of course 1 or two years before that)...
  5. does my PSU considered good and reliable one?

    No, that's just false. They don't use them for other reasons than them being inflexible. There are other reasons than that. @jonnyGURU might agree with me more than with you... be quiet hasn't used CapXon Caps for at least 5 years or so now. And what's wrong with HEC and FSP?? And in the Pure Power 8/9/10 they never used CapXon to my knowledge. Even in later iterations of the Straight Power E9 they didn't use CapXon no more... But in the end the Design/Layout and enviroment the capacitors have to work is And its not like Seasonic doesn't have issues that look like capacitors failing in their X/P Series, do they?? And by the way: Seems like the good old RM series with their CapXon caps is still going strong. Haven't heard much of them failing yet...
  6. does my PSU considered good and reliable one?

    Its not a bad idea to think about replacing this unit and already have an eye out for another one because you find many people complaining about issues that could be defective capacitors. Even though this unit uses "Wapanese" capacitors... argh, go, just go. And no, they are not _THAT_ good. As Contract manufacturers nobody uses them anymore! Not Corsair, not Cooler Master, not be quiet... And also look at the forums more. People complaining about the fan of the new Prime units or coil Whine and other things. Why do people think some manufacturers are gods?! THere are no GODs (well, maybe DELTA), because all manufacturers have access to the same components of from the same manufacturers and build somewhat similar (performing) units. You just need to go to Infineon for MOSFETs and the primary control IC, Weltrend or Siti for the protection circuits, put some passives on too and you're golden. Everything depends on the layout, design choices and how good your engineers are. Who manufactures that shit is (almost) irrelevant!!
  7. My psu

    Get the V550 instead, the 650W is useless for your setup
  8. need a non-exploding PSU

    Ye, but for both minor rails or just 3,3V? Without internals I won't believe it's for +5V. Because with that logic FSP Aurum would also be DC-DC because 3,3V is independently regulated...
  9. need a non-exploding PSU

    Proof pls. Because the cheapest PSU to my knowledge with (real) DC-DC is the Xilence Performance A+. And well...
  10. What PSU do I need for an OC 1070 and 6700k

    Get a Powermeter before ever recommending any PSU to anyone again.
  11. need a non-exploding PSU

    not really. gecid had some Reviews of the SFX and possibly TFX unit. ANd Seasonic likes to use that shitty HY-510N Protection IC. So no, not a good choice. But there aren't any decent quality TFX PSU on the Market anyway. For SFX the choice is much much larger and thus better... So if at all possible go for an SFX PSU. And even those are way worse than ATX PSU because of size restrictons.
  12. What PSU do I need for an OC 1070 and 6700k

    irrelevant. What matters is Quality of the PSU. You rather want a good quality PSU than a higher wattage one. Like a good quality 450W 80+ Gold PSU instead of a shitty 750W 80plus White or Bronze one. And 450W is plenty for modern PCs.
  13. AMD GPUs are getting crushed will they ever make a comeback ?

    Look at Tahiti vs. GK104. That should answer your question! Tahiti wasn't bad and lasted way longer than GK104, but everyone bought GK104 because nVida. And before this generation, the power consumption wasn't important at all... As long as that's the case, no. It's impossible... People just need the pain like not be able to overclock and other bullshit nVidia does to sell more GPUs, before they wake up and stop buying every generation from them and just wait for "something good". Even if AMD had a decent GPU that is on par with nVidia, nobody would buy it. Only Miner buy AMD en masse right now because they don't care about ideological bullshit like the normal customers...
  14. suggest a psu :}

    Why do you still recommend the ancient S12II/M12II? Especially the 520/620W are rather bad because of bad protection and group regulation. They were OKish in 2010, but now they are not.
  15. No, not 'A 600W' PSU. A good quality 600W PSU with DC-DC. Though even a 500W is enough, if it is a decent one and has the needed connectors.