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  1. 1. Best Option, quiet under Load and low fan PRM, Fan is OK, good protection, compatible to Corsair Type 4. 2. OK, I guess, not really reviewed, brings nothing interesting, go for the Whisper. 3. Some say the fan is not good and has Motor Noise, Seasonic Focus based, so it might be loud under Load. 4. DO NOT EVEN THIK ABOUT THAT! Its freaking loud and has lacking protection. If something went wrong on +5V and its not a real short, it will burn. Because they can. And there are people recommending it and buying it. They literally live off their reputation. The lower wattage 450 and 550W are -> ~500rpm at lower loads The 650W and op are not that great, there I agree, at lower loads -> ~700rpm. At higher loads, they are OK and on the quieter side.
  2. PSU Suggestions/Recommendations

    Seasonic Focus has Problems with highe End GPUs. EVGA is worse than others for about the same money, they are just nothign special or bring anything interesting to the table. Another Option: Bitfenix Formula, Whisper M, Cougar GX-F, be quiet Straight Power 11. And for that, 450W is enough w/o OC; with OC to be "on the safe side", 550W. Could we stop with the going by brand bullshit?! Because Seasonic has some Garbage in their lineup. Since I'm fed up with this Seasonic Hype stuff, read that: https://www.hardwareinsights.com/seasonic-energyknight-ss-350et-t3-the-cheapest-seasonic-unit/ IT DIED!
  3. PSU Tier List Updated

    Urgh Since LC-Power, you are in Europe Xilence Performance A+ available? be quiet System Power 9? Low end Seasonic are crap and way behind "normal Grop Regulated" units, so I'd not ever consider them because not working protections.
  4. Intel revisits 22nm amidst 14nm shortage

    They have. Only the Clockrate is a bit lacking because they are using a Low Power Process, not a High Performance one like Intel is.
  5. There is one Problem: You need a programmable Chip/Controller to do that. PSU are just "analogue", they have hardware Controller you can only "programm" with Resistors and other things. You need a Microcontroller for this to be an option. There already are some already available. But you can't use them with "normal" Gold or Platinum units as that chip is freakin expensive. Here some more Infos: http://www.ti.com/product/UCD3138A As for the Cost? 5,17€ on a 3k Reel: https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Texas-Instruments/UCD3138ARJAR?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvVdBlXEaMJhHgNoz7poL%2fEPzaUWdQJihE%3d A normal Infineon LLC Resonant Mode Controller is around 1€ https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Infineon-Technologies/ICE2HS01G?qs=sGAEpiMZZMuJc9I8Ed1ELDDiQ5fyaiCV The PFC Controller is another Buck or so. And that are Retail Prices on Mouser... So another Thing that needs time because the Micro Controllers need to get cheaper before they are more widely used...
  6. If you know and want to change it, you can't just throw everything you have away, you need to wait for the next generation of PSU. Just look at be quiet. I mentioned to them back in 2010 or so, that I think it would be a good idea to standardize their own connectors (because they could sell cables in stores, if they did that). At the time they had two or three different solutions, the older P7 Style Set and the newer P8/P9 style, wich was again changed with the P10 (though only slightly, as the pin to hold the connector in went from two at the sides - like Enermax - to one at the top, pinout stayed the same). The first straight Power that came with the Dark Power P10 Connectors was the E10 around 4 years later because the E9 was alraeady ready for the market and you don't change something if you do not have to... The first pure power with the Dark Power P10 Connector Set was the L9 series in 2016 - and they IIRC didn't connect the 12pin connector fully. So its the latest L10 that came out last year. This is an example of a compnay that did standardize their own connectors but it still took them many years to do so, as it was the next generation that wasn't in development at the time. And the worst thing: There are still companys that didn't even Standardize their own connectors and are incompatible between different series from different manufacturers!!! Yes, its EVGA... So in short, you need two things: a) the responsible persons in the company have to know about it and want the change b) you need a new generation of PSU that isn't already in development! Both of those things might take time. And there are companys that don't have the knowledge to do this. And you still have to want the change... Well, I have to mention something really really "bad", in the mind of some people: Guns! Just look at what ammount of Cartdridges you had at the beginning of the 20th century. There was a whole bunch of different ones, Mauser, Labelle, Winchester and many many more. Why? Because nobody knew what was best. There was no Standard at the time. Now we know better and have much less Cartdidges. For Handguns the 9mm Parrabellum seems to be the most commonly used one, for Rifles its 5,56mm NATO... Its the same with modular connectors... There are however some units that have used the Standard Connectors - Cougar LX and especially Silverstone use the specified Standard Pinout. BUT: It has disadvantages as you can not interchange the CPU and PCIE connector on the PSU Side, you have to make Connectors specific to the connector. That sucks. So more and more Companys are moving towards the EPS12V Pinout, most with the right connectors. Seasonic uses the EPS12V Pinout but with PCIe Connectors... With the CPU Connector, I agree. I'd prefer the 24pin ATX for that with additional 4 pins for Sense - like Silverstone did it.
  7. Corsair CX650M or Cougar GX-F 550W

    Compared to its predecessor, no. Because they were powder coated... The newer ones are not. And Powder Coated is the best =)
  8. I tried above. Its to measure voltage on the connector, so that the PSU can regulate against the loss of the cable as the connector on the modular Board and the (rather small) cables have a loss due to resistance, to correct that loss, the PSU has those Sense Wires, so that the Voltage at the connector you connect to the Motherboard is as close to the spec as possible. Without those, you could only measure the voltage on the modular board. That would cause a larger voltage drop and the 0,0025% Voltage that Reviewers love so much would be impossible.
  9. Which PSU should my friend choose?

    That's total bullshit! A 2200G or 2400G makes way more sense and isn't any slower than the 1030. And the 60€ or more for the 1030 is totally wasted, better spend it on the Rest. Another thing that doesn't make sense. You get the memory with the best price/performance ration. And there we are talking about 2666-3000. Especially for the APU you'd want that. With Ryzen 2k Series, you need either a 400 Series Board or a BIOS Update... It makes more sense to get the SSD first as its a thing of around 2-5min to install a HDD... Those are all crap and with what I've said above, you can afford a way better PSU - or import one from Germany. The minimum should be a be quiet Pure Power 10 with 400W, better get a Bitfenix Formula, Cougar GX-F or something like that. You do not need a GPU, the AMD Ryzen APU is as good as the 1030! Save the money of that garbage for something useful!
  10. Corsair CX650M or Cougar GX-F 550W

    Continuous is the norm with somewhat decent products, Peak only with garbage that you must not buy anyway... So it is Continuous
  11. ITX Cases for PC's without graphics cards

    65W TDP CPU or less? If so, Antec ISK110. but you need a 40mm small Heatsink like NH-L9a. As for Board: Get a Ryzen, for example MSI B450I and a 2400G.
  12. Old family desktop case.

    not reccomended because of crap airflow of the old Case. You have like an 80mm fan on the back and is there something on the front? + the fan of the PSU as well. The PSU won't like that...
  13. PSU Tier List Updated

    god, no. That unit is almost 10 Years old and was only OKish when it came out in 2008 or so. But by todays standard, its garbage. Where you from? What's available?
  14. EVGA budget PSU quality

    Secondary side Capacitors But also probably the Transformer and Coils on the Primary side as well. Interesting. Didn't expect it to be that bad. IIRC the CWT GPS Plattform (wich I really do not like) has little to no capacitance on +12V and only IIRC 6x470µF/16V Polymer caps and one (maybe 2?) 2200µF/16V Caps. No OTP might be because of the CM6900 wich doesn't support it (like one of the Infineon ones do) and they use an 8pin Sitronics (or similar) Supervisior...
  15. Not possible, as you need the voltage sense wires for that. They are literally to sense the Voltage on the Pin, to regulate the Voltage of the PSU. If you don't do that, you can't do the 0,025% Voltage regulation that so many people want to have. And the reviewers will be whining that the PSU only has 1,5% regulation and remove a point or two... So it is not possible to make them "1:2", as you need up to three voltage sense lines, one for 3,3V, one for +5V and one for the important 12V. As for the PCIe Connectors: That's because manufacturers tend to use EPS12 COnnectors for PCIe and also use the right Pinout for that... So you have to use a couple of Ground Pins more than once on the Device Side... oh and pls flame Seasonic for using EPS12V Pinout (=like Corsair) but PCIe 8pin Connectors for their PCIe/CPU Connectors... Using PCIe Connectors for both Peripherials and CPU/PCIe is bad enough (as you can insert the Drive connectors into the CPU/PCIe ones) but using PCIe Connectors with EPS12V Pinout is worse...