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    Stefan Payne reacted to Ashley xD for a status update, can i just vent a bit here and say f*ck this world. everything sucks rn. the politica   
    can i just vent a bit here and say f*ck this world. 
    everything sucks rn. the political climate is toxic everywhere, the internet is being destroyed, you can't buy or sell used stuff without fear of being scammed or stalked, social media is f*cked... everything sucks. 
    like, politics are so divided now that the far left activists get angry at chelsea clinton of all people. enough said there. 
    the EU and the US are destroying the internet. the EU with the eucd, the US with net neutrality being gone. 
    i got scammed a week or 2 ago for a decent amount of money, everyone knows that scenario. however recently i sold a gpu that has issues with some mobo's, and i mentioned it in the listing. someone bought it, and a week after he received it he messaged me saying it didn't work for him. i told him that that's the risk with buying old stuff with known issues. now, a week later he figured out where i live and he found a phone number and called the house i live in (won't mention more detail because privacy ofc) but basically he wanted to know if i lived there and he wanted my last name. so that was scary and made me unable to sleep last night... 
    social media is f*cked because at this point they are so censored that they've become echochambers full of people who have very specific views, and if you say something they don't liek you risk being attacked and that sometimes influencing the real world... you can't say anything remotely edgy without risking a ban or worse. and when legit free speech social networks rise up they are instantly labeled far right by the MSM, which attracts those people to those networks and ruin them for people who just wan tot have civil discussions. 
    so to summorize it, the internet is f*cked, you can't trust people anymore, politics are a sh*tshow, social media is a mess and our society is going to sh*t in general. 
    f*ck this world seriously.