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  1. Son why put your computer though all that stress? Let some other chump run folding at home.
  2. If he was sick he would have said excuse me fella's and addressed the situation. I believe an angel waved her wand on him last night.
  3. What's everyone think of how Linus sounds now in 2020? I say good for him, its about time.
  4. They do this at launch to avoid the flood of negative reviews until they start patching the game. Once they think they've patched it enough they release it to steam.
  5. My local dump has a electronics recycling center were you can drop off TV's and old computers for free.
  6. You do not have to pay tax on your own property moving to another country I would take each part out wrap it in bubble wrap and place inside the case with peanuts, then place into a wood crate. If you do not use a wood crate the shipping company will stack packages on-top of yours.
  7. Ever since I've read the news I've been in a state of shock. 61 cents.
  8. I tried Linux for gaming about 3 weeks ago, let me share you my experience. Installing linux mint onto my old netbook was great for it. It's usable again. Installing linux mint onto my desktop, installing steam and setting everything up was a breeze. Playing games I noticed a decrease in fps. Day 2 my game crashed. Rebooting into linux not possible anymore. Partition is corrupt. Never again linux.
  9. I will deny climate change. It is just made up to limit our economy or China would not allowed to be to pollute.
  10. Technology that uses two of the current technologies doubled up is not a new technology there for is the reason for the X and I fully support it.