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  1. Well, do you have access to Seasonic Focus SGX? These are a bit larger than the other units you've mentioned. And good enough for any HW, with long warranty period. https://seasonic.com/focus-sgx
  2. What would be your recommendation for 2nd hand stuff, preferably still with 1.5-2 years of warranty and ~800USD budget? Newer architectures are preferred. Intended for PS, Illustrator, lightish gaming, web conferences and general use.
  3. I see. When you'd have to chose, would you rather aim for something with 9300H & 1660(Ti) GPU or, for a 6c12t CPU (8750H) with a bit weaker graphics card? As I indicated, probably it would not be used for gaming. Graphics works mostly. I guess the 2x8gb Dualchannel RAMs are indispensible for this intended use. I'll keep browsing through local classifieds, and pr'lly show some listings, what I find reasonable enough? The 9300H has better single-core, single thread performance, but only four cores, eight threads. And it's a great question, whether PS and Illustrator b
  4. Thanks. For now, I was wondering, whether 7700HQ or 9300H could be a better solution, or even the 8750. I do not know, if 1050ti mobile version would be suitable enough for light graphics work, or shall we aim for something with 1660-1650, or even 1060? I'll probably undervolt both GPU&CPU for her, to extend battery life& reduce heat output. For the intended use, I guess, CPU could be more important, though the 1050ti line does sound a bit underwhelming.
  5. well, I'd rather link the german geizhals, as generally everything there is also available in my country, for a very similar price So roughly 650eur would be the budget. @Kisai thank you. Just checked the performance of some "U" series CPU-s, and, I'm kind of disappointed. Let us say, we would be able to stretch a little bit to get something with a better CPU and dedicated graphics. Even "Gamer" notebooks, if that is reasonable. I was wondering, whether it is a good price: 8750 six-core CPU&1050ti&16GB RAM , lenovo Y 530 ~ 706 euros.
  6. Thank you. I was looking at something like HP Probook 450 G6, 15"6 FHD IPS; i7-8565U; 16GB RAM; 512GB SSD+1TB HDD; MX130 VGA Any chance this would suit well for the intended use? I know the GPU is not that powerful, but I believe it would not be strained too seriously anyway.
  7. Or one can even optimize the gpu via undervolting, which is recommended anyway, in order to reduce noise and heat levels , as well as keeping power consumption in check
  8. Hello there A buddy of mine is about to buy some laptop for mostly graphics work, photo editing, later I think she would give a try to video editing and cutting as well. The laptop would be rarely used for gaming, mostly older titles. And of course "everyday use" like browsing, watching videos and listening to music. For the "professional use", I thought something with 2x8gb dual channel RAM-s, 4core-8thread CPU and a 250GB SSD would suffice well. She would like to get the best bang for buck choice, though the budget is limited ~ 222k HUF, which is roughly 630 euros. I
  9. what GPU? If NAVI, you might want to give a shot to the Power Tool developed by Igor's lab. https://www.igorslab.de/en/red-bios-editor-and-morepowertool-adjust-and-optimize-your-vbios-and-even-more-stable-overclocking-navi-unlimited/
  10. Forget it! Fiat 500 all the way. Or Mito from Alfa, if you have bigger space. : ) I have more heart than brain though.
  11. They are kind of popular-were popular in the last few months- locally. Mostly due to BF formula not being available& other lesser units costing the same, or even more. I would not worry about it, neither would I recommend you to return it.
  12. Silverstone Precision PS-15. Inwin 301C.. microATX cases, but, basically similar in size to H200.
  13. Not recommended. Where are you located? Country-budget-intended hardware to use? I'm sure, we'll be able to find better alternatives. Btw, I have H200, and I'm loving it, though would not recommend it for anyone! It's just not a good design..
  14. and there is a fair chance, that the GPU will choke due to lack of adequate airflow. I would not bother. That case requires a small SFX PSU if you intend to use a GPU with higher TDP ratings imho. I would just look for an alternative case.
  15. you won't be able to fit that card. First, 325mm is WITHOUT front fans. And the case is made for 2slot cards. The top of the psu shroud could interfere with installing thicker cards. Just look for a different case!