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  1. Is Linus really serious when he says he is going to return it within the two weeks? That's too bad but I understand why. The machine wouldn't benefit his operation very much compared to what they already have. Also, please excuse my EG doppelganger.
  2. I love deals like this. The 7th gen has the plain A10 CPU so anything besides video editing would do well with it
  3. Keep in mind he's been using the Galaxy Fold as well. Don't form your opinions by copying whatever he is using for the month.
  4. OP you need to type up your build and head over to the Troubleshooting forum, you're clearly having performance issues that others are not despite similar hardware.
  5. I got mine (Note 10 Plus, Arua Black w/ 512gb) in the mail this last Thursday the 22nd, from Verizon, pre-ordered on the 14th. When I booted it up it wouldn't automatically start the activation sequence but listed the Device and SIM IDs and I had to get it activating over Chat Support. Took about 15 mins. I'm reading however that there's some drama in the form of shipping delays and with ATT, employees are walking out to demand better treatment, crazy.