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  1. Hey, just bought the new corsair harpoon rgb wireless and I hate it. It works well, when it works. Most of the time I get insane lag or the mouse stops working mid-stroke. I've seen similar issues on Reddit but no solutions. Does anyone have any explanation or solutions? Basically my cursor tweaks and glitches, sometimes stops completely when im moving around. I've tested different surfaces and mouse pads. It works flawlessly when connected through the wire, so I know its for sure the wireless connection, just sucks because I bought it because its a wireless mouse. Currently using the 2.4ghz c
  2. Hello, I currently have all my computers information (windows, games, applications) installed on my intel 660p 1TB m.2 drive. I just purchased a PNY 120gb SSD and I was wondering if I could use that extra storage to add on to my current C drive partition (intel m.2). Currently, I have my pny drive set up as a separate partition (D Drive) but I don't use it for anything. I just want to know if I can add the 120gb to my current 1tb. If I do, will it affect my nvme performance in any way? shorten the lifespan? I ran a benchmark a couple of days ago and my intel drive is running at perfect speeds;
  3. Hello, I am looking to fit an RTX GPU in my NZXT h200i. I currently have a push/pull Kraken x62 so it gives me just around 10 inches to work with. All the 2070 and 2080s I am looking at are 10.6 inches. Just wanted to know if there are any 2070 or 2080 cards that are 10 inches or less with 2 slots. I am aware of the ZOTAC 2070 mini and MSI Ventus 2070, just wondering if there are any other cards that can fit in my build. 2080 would be ideal, but if I have to downgrade due to size restrictions, I guess I will. If I buy a 10.6-inch card and remove the stock heatsink, replace it with
  4. Ok but this wasnt just bios settings is what I stated afterwards. This error occurred even before my overclocking. And I cant even access my bios
  5. Hello, I recently upgraded my pc and she's giving me a huge headache. I was able to install my OS onto a standalone SATA SSD and all of my games, software, etc on my 1tb NVME. This bliss lasted me around 4 hours until I began messing around with some bios settings. My memory is rated at 3200mhz but was only running at around 2200. I went into my bios and changed the RAM frequency to 3200 and afterward, I was not able to post. Now when I turn on my computer, I instantly get an error saying "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press key." I would
  6. Totally forgot that the new CPU's will be compatible with my x470 motherboard. In that case, I will wait and see if I can afford the newer 3000 series, if not, then I will just purchase a 2nd gen for hopefully cheaper. Thank you for your input!
  7. think I'm gonna go for the 1700x as the price difference is quite large. If there happens to be a 2700x for around the price, ofc I will snag it. As for the 3000 series, as much as I would love to, my wallet just won't let me.
  8. Well in best case scenarios, its around 100$. Which makes quite a difference to me tbh.
  9. Hello, with the generation 3 Ryzen processors coming along, I have been finding great deals on the past gen CPU's. I am building a computer primarily for gaming, with some light coding on the side. I have all of my parts except the CPU, so waiting for generation 3 doesn't seem like an option; not to mention I am on a budget. Just wanted to know if the 2700x is worth the extra bucks over the 1700x. From my browsing, they both seem like monsters for gaming, although many people say the upgrade is not worth it. Thank you
  10. Thank you, ideally I would return my motherboard and get the new Ryzens. But I’m afraid its a little too late for that. I will probably upgrade in the future however. But as for now I will be buying the 2700 and overclocking it. What exactly do you mean by slower single core speeds? Ive seen overclocks on the 2700 get to 4.2 on all cores.
  11. Well clearly I wasn’t. So can you answer my question? Or are you just going to respond with criticism.
  12. As the title states, I am building a new gaming computer and I would like to know which processor is the better deal for gaming. I have purchased all of my parts and left my CPU for last as I am a bit hesitant. I live in the US, so the price difference is around $80 and I am on a budget. Is the 2700x really worth the extra money? I plan on overclocking as I purchased a kraken x62. Thank you Motherboard - ASUS x470 ITX RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3200mhz Drives - Intel 660p 1TB M.2 SSD - PNY 120GB SSD GPU - EVGA GTX 2060 CPU COOLER - NZXT Kr
  13. Perfect, So in that case I can use a PWM fan splitter plugged into the included fan hub and still access fan speed correct?
  14. Overclocked ryzen 2700x so I want as much cooling as possible. Plus I think it looks pretty cool
  15. Hello, I want to put my push/pull kraken x62 into my new H200i build. I know it will fit perfectly, however my question is regarding fans. The included fan hub only allows for 3 channels at 10W each. Can I plug a fan splitter into the NZXT fan hub? I want to be able to control all my fans RPM through CAM software (4 fans radiator, 2 exhaust) so should I purchase a better fan hub and remove the included one? Any work-arounds? thank you