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  1. i ask my apologizes my english are not very good
  2. i mean will the prizes drop down in 100 and 50 euros down;
  3. this significant price drops are expected this year include and NVme and the ssd sata3 in capacities of 500 and 1TB example;; 50 and 100 euros down;
  4. hi and happy new year do you believe that the prizes of ssd will fall; down in better prizes for this year;; 2019;; so everyone to have the ability to buy large capacities of ssds;;
  5. happy new year the 2019 for all the members in this forum
  6. why my friend is faster;;; can you tell me please;;
  7. you believe that NVMe sansung 970 EVO 1 TB is faster from WD Black 1Tb NVMe ?? this i am saying
  8. the NVMe sansung 970 EVO 1 TB is better from WD Black 1Tb NVMe ???
  9. which is the difference between WD Black 1Tb NVMe vs NVMe sansung EVO 970 1 TB; in speed and performace; and quality; the NVMe sansung 970 EVO 1 TB is better from WD Black 1Tb NVMe ;;
  10. ολοι απο ελλαδα ειμαστε΄΄;; xronnia polla pantos
  11. i am from greece my friend κωσταντινος εινε το ονομα σοy;
  12. i saw 3 motherboards which i liked but i want to tell me your opinion i dont have problem with the money https://www.skroutz.gr/s/16256095/MSI-MEG-Z390-GODLIKE.html https://www.skroutz.gr/s/16377689/Asus-ROG-Maximus-XI-Extreme.html https://www.skroutz.gr/s/16377595/Gigabyte-Z390-Aorus-Xtreme.html which from 3 these it can be the best compatible with 9900k;; i am not saying for apperance, i mean for vrm,, overclocking,, heatsinks,, etc;;