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  1. Not what I mean. Have you paid attention to Square-Enix as of late? They sold IO Interactive (to themselves) because Hitman 2016 fell way short of sales expectations. They also declared Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution "failures" because they didn't sell 10 million units during their shelf lives. And no, FFIX isn't exactly "ruined", as it's still otherwise been untouched. Hell, they even kept the 15 second battle intros. But then Final Fantasy VI... they made it ugly. Look at this screenshot, SNES on the left, modern on the right. It looks horrible compared to the crisp pixel graphics of the SNES.
  2. Hooooo...



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  3. I'm really glad that Square-Enix didn't give FFIX the full remake treatment, instead just porting the game to Unity. They woulda found some way to ruin the game They'd then declare it a "failure" for not reaching their insane 10 million units sales target during its shelf life, despite otherwise selling well This is as close as we're gonna get to the old Squeenix as we're gonna get these days, ports of their older titles. Even then, they find ways to ruin these ports, like the battle HUD in FFIX on the PC was taken straight from the mobile version, and the sprites in FFVI don't match the game's art style.
  4. Someone in a Discord server I'm in just unironically tried to claim the Nintendo 64 was released in 1964 and not 1996, because Google reported incorrect information because of a troll edit on Wikipedia or something. Nothing was as advanced as even the N64 back in the 1960s. It would have been an impossibility.
  5. I believe it renders them as a font, actually. Don't quote me on that because I'm not sure how Microsoft did it.
  6. Windows 8.1 and 10 natively support emoji.
  7. g e t i t
  8. please get final fantasy IX.
  9. how in the name of ass do you NOT KNOW final fantasy IX?!????!??!??
  10. ohhhhhhhhhh
  11. Point is, companies with "Patriot" as their brand name seem to make bad products
  12. Never forget, Patriot Computers. The Canadian OEM behind the disastrous Hot Wheels and Barbie PCs of the late '90s.
  13. Oh, trust me, this thread's been derailed for ages.
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    /r/windowsphone is my favorite sub

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      Which means iPhone and Android users are "app supremacists" and they enjoy "app privileges". If an Android user installs a Windows Phone theme, is the Android user guilty of "platform appropriation"?  


      This is my favorite: 



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      It's a silly sub.

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      I think he was half joking... at least I hope so.