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  1. Meme fodder: Unabomber/End of the world conspiracy theorist Linus
  2. Are you running Windows 8.1 or 10? Chances are you're flat out of luck and it just won't work due to changes in the way USB is handled, these older/cheap devices do not comply. Double click the yellow triangle, if it says something about Device Descriptor Request Failed, forget about it. If you have a computer running Windows 7 have a go on that one. If you get something else, read it, the info should be useful. If not, make sure the drivers that came with the device are installed and try other USB ports. If all else fails post again here with the message device manager gives you.
  3. I've always wanted to use lightscribe, but I've never been able to find anyone selling the media. Pioneer has their own alternative called LabelFlash which works on ANY disk, where it burns to specific points on the data layer to create an image, which is awesome, but in practice it's useless. It takes far too long and it's barely legible, and if the disk is used up more than 80% or so you can't do it as it burns the label into the unused portions of the data layer around the outer edge of the disk.
  4. Do they work and will boot an OS in just any old motherboard? I'm pretty sure the firmware on the mb has to specifically support nvme to boot off em... otherwise i probably would have got one by now
  5. Yeah, you do. Almost 1gbps r/w on the boot drive = awesome and brags (well, a few years ago). In seriousness though yes of course I don't need it but it is noticeably faster than a single drive (plus I thought I was set up in case of a failure but GUESS NOT!). What are the chances of the freaking SATA controller on the motherboard failing right in the middle of the damn backup? You can't tell me that's NOT Murphy! It is my fault for using shit software and a horrible Asrock memeboard. And no i'm not stupid enough to put my life on it, the data that's on this drive isn't important enough that i
  6. Hey all. Yesterday my motherboard's onboard SATA controller gave up and took my SSD RAID0 bootdrive with it, and hard. Unfortunately it failed right in the middle of a backup, so those are unusable (DONT use the Windows built in backup tool!!!!! It overwrites the existing backup as soon as the new one is started, so if it fails you're screwed! But not even the secondary more selective backup I put in place about a week ago using Genie Timeline worked, it hadn't finished the initial backup yet and got seemingly everything EXCEPT the shit I actually want!!!). Aaaaanyway... Plugg
  7. Because it's not really worth their time developing a pretty BIOS setup menu for a system where most likely the person using it will never even see it.
  8. Welp my GTX590 died yesterday and i'm hella bummed.

    RIP 2011-2018 you did good




  9. The guy in that forum post was trying to put a 45nm Core2 chip in a board that only supports 65nm, that's why it didnt work for him. Since the E8400 is already 45nm, any 45 or 65nm chip (such as this Xeon) should work in his board.
  10. As in the expansion card thing for (unfortunately) older laptops? Hell yeah. I love that I can just add whatever I/O i want, since it's literally just PCIe you could probably even use it with video cards. I use one in my personal laptop (thinkpad W500) to add 3x USB3.0.
  11. I have the AWE64 in there for MIDI as I like it better than the SBLive's synth, and the SBLive for everything else. The AWE64 line out goes into the SBLive's line input and mixed down there, so yeah it actually does work pretty well. Yeah the infrared port definitely is pretty unique, I think it's just used to control the CD playback back when that was handled by the drive itself. I wonder if anyone actually ever really used it... would have been much more useful imo if it was a full on IrDA port, but even so yeah it definitely is a cool looking drive.
  12. 56K + Text Wall warning! Here's the retro computing corner i've been working on for a while, since about 2013 or so when I got my first retro machine (that I have now given to a friend). It's pretty ghetto, but it works. It's very tight for space in my small room and using the computers is kind of a pain as the keyboard/mouse/monitor cables needs to be moved to each machine. I bought a KVM but unfortunately the cables are sold separately and are expensive, so i'm still stuck moving cables. For you Mac fans I have a PowerMac G4 500 Sawtooth sitting at my gra
  13. 90, unless you're competing against him in something. In that case -100.