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    Deep inside, we're nothing more than scions and sinners
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    Attleboro, MA
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    PC gaming, Pokémon, network engineering, space, some other things
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    He is a good and lovable snowfox
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    sitting at home doing computer things I guess


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    Intel Core i7-8086K @ 4.7GHz
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    ASRock Z370 Extreme4
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    32GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3200
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    Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700
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    Fractal Design Define S2
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    500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus, 1TB Western Digital Black, 4TB Hitachi DeskStar NAS, 2TB Hitachi DeskStar 7K2000
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    XFX XTR 650W
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    Acer H236HL bid, AOC G2590FX
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    Noctua NH-U12S Chromax
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    Drop Alt (NK_ Sherbet), Input Club Kira (NK_ Sherbet), Massdrop Ctrl (Kailh Box Royal), Anne Pro 2 (Kailh Box Brown), Drop Carina (Kailh Pro Light Green), Keychron K4 (LK Optical Blue), Hexgears Venture (Kailh Choc White)
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    Logitech G604
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    Logitech Z200, Audio-Technica ATH-M30X
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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    Lenovo ThinkPad T480
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    Google Pixel 4a
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  1. First the removal of the headphone jack, then that honestly ugly camera bump, then the removal of the SD card and now removal of the only thing that made Samsung Pay more "worth it" than Google Pay. Oh, and also copying Apple and not including a charger so they can pretend to care about the environment. Hey, how well did things go the last time Samsung removed a bunch of features?
  2. I was gonna be disappointed too because I'm also on Z370, but I don't even have an MSI board. I'm on ASRock!
  3. Galaxy S21 has no SD card support, nor does it have a charger in the box. I hate phones 😄

  4. Cherry Viola is actually decent? Huh, didn't expect that.

  5. They didn't go that far. If they did then I'd begin pushing harder for internet literacy classes being mandatory.
  6. Thinking I'm gonna switch back to Nvidia, but keep around the RX 5700 for eGPU stuff

  7. I've seen screenshots on Twitter of sitting US congresspeople asking people on Parler for their personal info so they can "stay in touch", which actually resulted in people posting their private info. This includes email addresses, full names and even street addresses. I'm obviously not going to post them here due to the posts containing the info uncensored, but considering how much of a shitshow of a site Parler was I am not all that surprised this happened. However, I guess that's how participants in the January 6th insurrection were added to "no fly" lists so quickly. They broug
  8. So whatcha saying is, the only private info obtained was what Parler users posted themselves in response to US representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and whoever else asked for it (likely due to a lack of tech literacy and knowledge of what is and isn't okay to post online).
  9. Honestly the way how Parler was run gave me the impression that the entire thing was a massive shitshow. The fact that they don't actually delete anything despite asking for sensitive info including state issued IDs just confirms it.
  10. tfw an optional addon for KDE that's been also adapted for GNOME made entirely by volunteers offers better, more consistent functionality than a built-in windows feature developed by microsoft

  11. Mulling getting a VR headset so I can join my boyfriend in VRChat

  12. I miss the days when you'd buy a thing online and then like a week later it'd just show up at your door


    Am I a boomer already? At 27?

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    2. Den-Fi


      Can't tell if memory or ad.... fry.png?1450319446

    3. Spotty


      @Den-Fi welcome to the future where Facebook uses AI to digitally inject product placements in to your old photos.

    4. handymanshandle


      me where it still takes a week for things to show up

  13. The title made me think Nvidia finally fixed some longstanding bugs with their drivers, like the card idling at 1GHz in a mixed refresh rate setup. Disappointed to learn it's not that, but instead some security fixes. Poke me when Nvidia does that.
  14. Didn't know every desirable job is everywhere ever, and you don't need to do things like move across 27 states or to another country to get a job. News to me. I am. The game is "billionaires experience a different system than we do". My oldest sister's wedding cost us about as much in alimony as how much a Tesla sales rep makes a year. The median income for my area is $10,000 more than what Tesla pays then. Not even the top end "not someone who actually works on the assembly line" wage of $50k is enough to comfortably rent an apartment anywhere.