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    it's now safe to turn off your computer
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    it's been real, forum. thank you for having me for the past 6, 7 years, but it's time I moved on.

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    2. Nowak


      14 minutes ago, Jtalk4456 said:

      i can't decide between remember me from Coco or don't cry for me argentina from Evita. Either way you are now apparently hispanic from the available references

      (this is my last post on here)


      it's final fantasy xiv. also I'm german.

    3. Zodiark1593


      6 hours ago, Nowak said:

      (this is my last post on here)


      it's final fantasy xiv. also I'm german.

      Can’t you do something out of Crisis Core? Plenty of sad music there. 

    4. Nowak


      23 hours ago, Zodiark1593 said:

      Can’t you do something out of Crisis Core? Plenty of sad music there. 

      I woulda chose a sad song from that but it's been a while since I played. Sad song from XIV, it woulda been spoilers.


      ok that's it no more posting here, take care everyone

  2. think I'm gonna sell my old laptop collection tbh

  3. oh, alright I don't think we can deny that sex workers made OF into what it is, tho.
  4. Well yes, of course. Ending our dependence on oil is gonna have the biggest impact out of everything. Not including the charger with a phone is gonna just be a drop in the ocean compared to that.
  5. every single time I look at the system76 launch I have to wonder what the fuck they were thinking

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    2. Nowak
    3. ARikozuM


      Ahh. The only thing that upsets me is that it isn't square and the doubled spacebar makes no sense. Would have been nice to have a terminal key in lieu of the Windows key. 

    4. Nowak


      For some reason System76 decided to not use a standard layout or caps bigger than 1.5u, resulting in this mess. There's almost nothing that makes it a compelling buy over other 75% boards, aside from maybe an incredibly niche thing (you can machine and 3D print the casing, caps and PCB yourself), but that alone doesn't justify $280 for this thing when there are better 75% keyboards that not only have most of the same features but better features than it for $100 less.

  6. isn't that exactly what is happening here OnlyFans built itself up on porn and support for sex work, and now it's banning that. It's like if McDonalds banned food.
  7. I've been at my aunt's house in Colorado for the past half-week, and I gotta say that while travel feels awkward right now... it's nice not being the only gay person in the house lmao (one of my cousins out here is gay and married)
  8. It means they aren't, that the technology they're touting doesn't actually exist, and are simply trying to escape bad press about a federal investigation by "announcing" something they A. know they can't ship, especially not by 2022 and B. have no intention of ever shipping. Don't fall for it.
  9. You tell me that like I don't know what phone you're holding by just looking at the camera bump/cluster. Yes, I have too much free time, I know this.
  10. Is this not obviously a man in spandex pretending to be a humanoid robot? Remember that Boston Dynamics has been working on robots like this for years and have been basically leading robotics the entire time, and even they can't produce anything like what Elon and Tesla are promising to deliver in a year. If anyone's full of shit, it's Elon.
  11. Camera bumps/clusters. Literally the only way how phones can differentiate themselves now.
  12. Or maybe someone in South America who's paid abysmal rates to remotely provide "artificial intelligence" to the machine. Or, in the case of the Tesla Bot, a guy in spandex badly imitating a robot because Tesla has no intentions of ever actually shipping this thing, and needed a distraction from the fact that there's a federal investigation of Tesla looking into why Autopilot tends to crash into parked emergency vehicles that started a week ago.
  13. The only thing it does is force sex work underground, which increases sex trafficking and sexual slavery. Every single group who claims to be against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation is actually for it, because they see it as punishing people for expressing themselves in ways that their god doesn't approve. It's... Fucked.
  14. If you go to this magical place called "the outdoors" then tell me how many people you see with expensive phones compared to cheap phones. Yesterday I was at the Denver Zoo and aside from the typical iPhone, the only Android phones I saw were all cheapo devices that don't cost more than $200. Aside from the sole Galaxy S21 I saw I'm 100% sure I had the most expensive Android phone in the entire zoo, and mine cost me $350 lmao People who have a lot of money to dump on phones and a smorgasbord of accessories are a minority. Also, do you remember the New 3DS and how Ninten
  15. It's just empty posturing. They can talk about how much they love the environment all they want but they're still major contributors to ewaste by way of the phones themselves.