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    Systems Engineer
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    San Jose
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    things that happened
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    systems engineer


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    i5 4670k
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    msi z87-gd65
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    16gb Corsair vengeance pro 1600mhz
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    EVGA 1070 superclocked
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    Fractal arc midi r2
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    Samsung 840 120gb
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    Seasonic x650 gold
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    lg 21:9
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70
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    Corsair M65

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  1. Just because a microwave might operate at 2.4 ghz does not mean that 2.4 ghz is a magic "cook things" frequency, 2.4ghz is used because its in the ISM band in the usa. wifi routers have power limits as to make sure people wont step on top of each other. If everyone could have 25 watt transmitter for their wifi hotspot, the current implementation would not be feasible because of bandwidth limitations. Limiting range is one way to get around that. Its not to keep router from cooking you. If you actually want to cook something using rf, the design of a system is going to be all about impedance matching to couple the energy where you want it to be used.
  2. bob345

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Just picked up a new sigma 150-600mm lens for the start of my local autox season.
  3. bob345

    Subaru Fan Club

    Here's my wrx. I need to take some new pictures though as Ive done a decent bit since i took these.
  4. bob345

    Show off your latest purchase!

    CMF definitely makes some grail worthy stuff.
  5. bob345

    Tool Thread!

    Here's a different set of tools for you. This is a small electronics/rf test setup I've been putting together for awhile
  6. bob345

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Just picked up a used 6d. Full frame is definitely nice.
  7. bob345

    Unknown PCB Contaminant

    May be possible that the boards where not properly cleaned by the manufacturer after production. Try rinsing then in a bath of 99.9% isopropanol with about 10% acetone or ethanol. That should get off almost any film left over from manufacturing. You could have bad solder paste as well. The bad flux in old solder paste can cause issues like this In my experience. Do the pads wet fine with standard lead free or leaded solder?
  8. bob345

    PS2 help me

    First thing i would check is if you are getting any voltage out of the power supply on the pcb itself. Even though you may have an external brick, the issue could still be in the in the lower voltage supplies. It looks like there are a few different supplies on the board. Id be looking for voltages around 1.8v/1.2, 3.3v, or 5v.
  9. bob345

    The 2018 Butterfly Keyboards still have a problem

    If there has been one thing that apple has gotten really good at lately, it would be massive engineering oversights.
  10. That is not a connector that will exist on a motherboard. Likely that is going to be a connector meant to be used with a controller.
  11. If you're looking into printing miniatures, id go with an SLA style printer. Its a bit over budget, but the peopoly moai is probaly one of the best printers you can get at that price. The quality really rivals that of the formlabs form 2.
  12. bob345

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Not a computer in the traditional sense, but I picked up this Hewlet Packard vector network analyzer over the holidays. This one specifically is from the early 90s and can perform measurements over a 3 ghz span in it's current setup, or 6ghz with the proper s-parameter test set.
  13. As far as the circuit would be concerned, any led would be fine as long as you are at least close to the same rated forward voltage and current as the ones you take out. This can easily be figured out with a multimeter.
  14. bob345

    Picking a Degree

    I know it strays a bit away from pc stuff, but Id look into industrial automation especially with your skill set. Lots of interesting stuff that wont be too far from what you may have done in the military as a technician. Electrical and PLC guys in industrial automation are getting harder and harder to come by so it would be a great field to get into. Can be pretty fun too.
  15. bob345

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Picked up this HP VNA. Works amazingly well considering its age.