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  1. GN blew this out of the water. Yeah let's compare the 3080ti to the 3090 instead of the 3080.
  2. Was this video intentionally filmed like crap?
  3. Went to the Petersen, this was my favorite car there. The LeMans winning 935 K3 The aero is just amazing
  4. Is it that intensive because of the freesync because PC2 really didn't seem that hard to run from what I've seen. I was thinking of using a xeon haswell i7 equivalent with a 970 at 1080p no freesync.
  5. I know some of you guys are into racing sims. I'm thinking about getting a G29 this summer and upgrading/pretty much building a new PC. Opinions on AC vs PC2 and how they run on your specs. Looking to put as little money in as possible...
  6. Except for the simple fact that it still continues to affect people and their solution is a new phone prone to the same issue. And Apple refuses to address what causes the issue and the issue itself. If that's all good for you just hope it doesn't affect your phone.
  7. Source: https://www.macrumors.com/2018/12/17/iphone-7-microphone-defect/ The iPhone 7 was released in September 16, 2016, making this phone just over two years old. However many iPhone 7s have been made mostly obsolete at no fault of the owners due to a major malfunction that has taken away all ability to use the microphone (for calls, facetime, etc.) Apple's only current solution is to offer a refurbished iPhone 7 replacement to customers for over $300 with no guarantee that the replacement won't come down with the same issue. Prior to that Apple offered free repairs f
  8. Do you know where they bought it? And have they experienced any screen ghosting?
  9. Replacing the battery is a huge pain in the ass (need to heat the glue) and has a good chance of damaging the OLED display. And I'm not exactly sure what the problem is with the battery as it went from being totally normal with good life (it's a 3500 mAh) to dying right when I unplug it. So it might be a completely unrelated hardware issue.
  10. I love my S6 active but the battery is wrecked and it dies instantly. I can't afford a new phone rn being a college student and all so I'm looking for a used phone in the $200 price range with a decent battery and good features. Right now I'm thinking LG V20. But was wondering if there are other options that I haven't thought about.
  11. Been away from PCs for a while. Just need the best 250 gig SSD for the price for an OS nothing amazing.
  12. Anyone ever installed power door locks on a car with factory manual locks? I'm looking to do it on an 07 Corolla with factory keyless only for the driver's door. So I assume it already has the reciever and alarm and lights wired so I don't need to wire that stuff.
  13. This is all you need to know bro: