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  1. What? You just said it's like raid 0 (which doubles read and write speed) and then said it should be like raid 1, which doesn't.
  2. No you can't because the heads are all linked together and the data you need isn't in the same position in all the platters of the hard drive. Multiple actuators allow the heads to seek to different positions on the platter.
  3. Is there a way to apply a system wide EQ (not in a music player) when using a USB DAC? I feel like this should be possible because it will alter the digital audio stream before going to the DAC. I think it can be done with virtual audio cables and voicemeeter banana but I wanted to know if there was a simpler way.
  4. But if it was for actual "pro" work wouldn't you get one with a real dGPU? I think a majority of people who buy a macbook pro would be fine with standard hd graphics, and those that aren't would go for a dGPU I get that, and personally am in the same boat but they were talking about pro workloads where a dGPU would be much more useful than even iris graphics. There are people like us for whom the iris graphics are ideal but we are far from the majority and the uses cases are not "pro" workloads.
  5. What are people doing that needs the iris gpu and can't be done with the standard igpu?
  6. It does, I set it up following the instructions here: https://www.tendacn.com/us/faq/2827.html How should I connect to the server? I downloaded the OpenVPN android app and tried connecting by connecting to VPN Server and entering my IP address, username, and password. I get connection error. EDIT: Does openVPN app only work with openVPN servers?
  7. I'm trying to find the easiest way to VPN into my home network, any ideas/tips? I have a Tenda AC15 AC1900 Router which supports VPN's but I don't know if it only supports VPN providers (like NordVPN) or also allows me to VPN into the network from outside. I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 that I could use for this. If possible I'd like to use the router just to have fewer devices, but using the Pi isn't an issue. Thanks
  8. He mentioned youtube red (for ad-free youtube) and google play music. Play Music has 320kbs mp3's, basically the standard high quality stream.
  9. they are advertising it as youtube music but the real deal is $5 for a Google play music subscription that happens to allow you to play YouTube videos with your phone locked.
  10. I was wondering what people would suggest as non-pirate alternatives for photoshop and lightroom CC. I don't want to pay a monthly subscription for a tool that I'm not going to use all the time. What do you guys recommend? Photoshop CC Alternatives: Photoshop Elements - $99 (Comes with Premiere Elements GIMP - Free Any suggestions? Lightroom CC Alternatives: RawTherapee - Free DarkTable - Free Any suggestions? Do you guys have any suggestions for other options or reasons why you would choose one over the other?
  11. I know, but if that was a change made when you upgraded your gpu, it's something to consider about why you're having problems. You can just try it out and see if it's true. If it is, you have a choice to make, if it isn't, something else is going on.
  12. other than encoding video (the main task) the only steps left are encoding audio, which takes minimal resources, and uploading the file, which will happen regardless of what encoding method is chosen. It uses a dedicated piece of hardware so it should add minimal gpu usage. Also the 2080 has plenty of vram compared to the 960 he was using previously. Now that you mention it, maybe the issue is he's playing at a higher framerate now and the problems would go away if he vsync or capped it to 60fps.
  13. he said gpu not cpu, referencing the AMD 5870
  14. Your cpu is not the problem. As someone mentioned before, using NVENC offloads the transcoding of the video to your gpu and your cpu is perfect for playing games. The issue is most likely your OBS settings.
  15. Many of the features in stock android were first developed on other skins and ROMs. Just because a manufacturer did a poor job doesn't mean that others cant do great. There are features in almost every phone that stock android lacks. Also the variations was in reference to how versatile android is, i.e becoming a platform for Android TV, Android Auto, and various android set top boxes, running on a pi, etc. It's not the best for customer experience, which is usually better with one consistent experience (iOS), but it is better for introducing new features.