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  1. Looks pretty good. Id say it may be a bit over edited for my taste. Id say reduce the clarity setting a bit to get rid of the glow around the edges of the roof. Good composition! Here is a set of photos i took of my Fuji X-pro 3. Trying out some "product photography" type composition Photo's where taken with a X-pro1 with an adapted ef mount sigma 24mm f1.4
  2. Not much open source stuff that i know of that is comparable with something like cadence Virtuoso. The skywater PDK that google just released is pretty amazing as it looks to be one of the first open source process design kits out there. IIRC there is also a workflow being developed that ties in with yosys/nextpnr that would allow for fairly complex ASIC's. https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk Edit: Somthing you may want to follow is the FOSSI Foundation as they are putting quite a bit of effort into making open source silicon, FPGA/ASIC'a a reality. https://fossi-found
  3. Not sure why so many people are going on about latency. A satellite link can potentially be significantly lower in latency than fiber as propagation of microwaves. Fiber is two thirds the speed of a radio transmission when it comes to travel time. That and you can often have a much shorter hop with a satellite network.
  4. Ehh, in practice, as an EE you still need to be pretty knowledgeable on the software and logic side especially if you're getting more into system level design where you need to work closely with a software team to make sure ports are mapped properly. Most people i know that still have computer engineer as their title tend to do most of their work with either FPGA or ASIC HDL. Its Sort of hardware, but in a very different way than most people think.
  5. It depends, Computer engineers tend to work at much lower levels than most with a computer science degree will. This includes being heavily involved in the HDL (hardware description language) design of ASIC's and IC's as well as programming for FPGA's and CPLD's. You will absolutely learn allot of different programming languages, but the focus will be at a much lower level. There is also typically some amount of hardware stuff, but not to the same degree as you would get with a EE degree.
  6. Put together a subwoofer kit from parts express for my PC audio. I got it in the mail today and about 4 hours later i finished it and now have it working.
  7. An antenna is (usualy*) a passive element. a 100W antenna will only radiate the power you put into it. Like others have said, a higher gain antenna would be a good choice. If you're coming from the pcb antenna on those es8266's, an external antenna alone should give you a significant increase in performance. You could use a Wilkinson divider to connect two high gain antennas. This would give you better performance than an omni directional antenna while still giving you coverage in two directions. You will have to be careful with positioning and cable length though to avoid signal integrity iss
  8. I mean sure??? As long as its not a beryllium oxide ceramic lol. This honestly seems like more of a marketing gimmick than an actual problem being solved. Sure its better, but is the likely very small benefit really worth the extra cost? Probably not. This stuff was developed and is mostly used in high performance rf and microwave electronics mainly for its dielectric properties iirc. The marginal improvement in thermal performance isn't going to be worth the increase in cost for an ssd.
  9. Because electronics don't live long when fed by a cheap inverter that effectively puts out a "modified" square wave
  10. Going to need a bit more info to give you any good advice. Budget? use requirements? I will tell ypu right off the bat that you will absolutely need a new power supply for this PC as well. It looks like it only has a 200 watt psu which definitely wont handle any gpu that requires external power. That and it looks like the case only supports the short form factor gpu's. Not many options there aside from workstation and htpc stuff.
  11. There wont be anything in that budget that can give you reasonable precision with metal or frankly any material. There are allot of cutting forces even when you are cutting a soft wood. Anything in that price range i would consider a cnc router. A cnc mill will easily start at ~$2000 for a DIY cnc conversion of a Chinese milling machine. The lowest cost CNC that i could recommend for getting accurate cuts would be something like a Tormach pcnc 440.
  12. I guess this means at least old wii's may become somewhat useful.
  13. We are not talking about sabotage by an assembler. The kind of change we see on this computer would require a documented ECO before it would make it in to any production part if the company knows what they are doing. Stuff like that will go through a design review, prototype revision, and then to production. Its not something a single worker can do on a whim. What likely happened is there was a issue/flaw with the design (EMC?), management didn't want to miss their deadline, so engineering had to come up with a band-aid solution to make their target ship date.
  14. That would be this one. Been doing allot of rf/microwave stuff lately. http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/101539/1/Synthesis and Design of Suspended substrate filters for DM PA.pdf
  15. Oh ive doe it a few times. As an electrical engineer, i don't even know how many pc power supplies i abused before getting a proper bench power supply.
  16. You most definitely will not want to use adapters to connect to the 4 pin molex. Those connectors are not rated for that kind of current. If it doesn't immediately kill the psu it will most certainly melt the connector/wire and possibly start a fire.
  17. Picked up some new radios and a Pomona cable hanger so I don't need to dig through boxes for test cables
  18. Put together a new 60% board. Made using the KBDfans tofu case, DZ60 rev 3 pcb, and zuggear koala switches. Definitely was a fun build. I also put together a custom usb-c cable to go along with this board using some paracord and a set of lemo 1b series connectors.
  19. bob345

    5G Poll

    Then what is your point exactly? 5G is RF, specifically mm wave around 29ghz and 31ghz depending on the band. Mid and low band 5g is not all that different from current cellular infrastructure.
  20. bob345

    5G Poll

    If you're going to talk about how RF burns can damage cells, then you better also talk about how grabbing a hot pan can as well because cell damage is cause by the same mechanism.
  21. Golden gate lotus club. Much nicer to run with than scca imo as everyone got an average of 10-12 runs through the day. Sad marina is shutting down for good though. Some company allegedly bought out the land.
  22. A lightly modified 2018 wrx is my daily driver
  23. People need to stop calling things scalable without taking it to a higher scale. If its so easily scalable why have they not created a real pilot tool that proves out a scalable process. I would also definitely question the purity with the setup shown in the video. All that is really happening here is they are sputtering a layer of graphene on the walls of the glass tube kind of like how thin films of graphene have been made industrially for the better part of a decade.