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  1. So, I'm trying to figure out how to FULLY disable ANY controls at the bottom of my brand new and shiny new old stock Galaxy Note 9. I disabled the navigation bar so the symbols are all gone just poking around in navigation but I've got this tiny little grey bar just jutting out a little bit into the bottom of the screen right in the center portion. It just so happens to cover the area where if I were to swipe up it would trigger the home button and divide the other two controls. How do I disable this visual que? Thanks for any help you choose to give, I know this is silly ;).
  2. Ah, I see. Also, useful resource for others considering: https://archive.ph/0HBg3 https://archive.ph/S6e7Q
  3. Pocket NC can do harder steels? They said they didn't test up to that and stopped at G5 titanium so I assumed that was a hard limit but if people have been able to get harder then that then that's GREAT! Also, Tormach, I haven't seem them before. They seem one step too expensive for me in general (though awfully tempting, wonder if used they go for cheaper) but I couldn't find a 5-axis on their site. Do you know where the page for that is?
  4. Anyone know a generally consumer 5-axis CNC machine that can cut through harder steels? Doesn't have to literally be desktop but generally speaking at least a little shy of 5 figures. I know of ones that can do softer steels and aluminum and softer titanium alloys and whatnot but I can't get a definitive yes or no on harder metals. Anything even close? Coming up in the future?
  5. Any workarounds should this not be replaceable? Also, how could you tell the difference? Researching this topic has proven difficult. Any resources you recommend?
  6. Got a musical electric screen here where I can't tell if the issue is that the screen has to be taken out and cleaned or this is a replacement kind of problem. Which is it? There SEEMS to be a big gap between the screen itself and the display window and the artifact is the on back of the display window rather then on the screen. Is this fixable by cleaning? What caused this? Glue coming undone? Fog? Any would would be appreciated.
  7. That's interesting but the question is, what's the timing map to on the POST?
  8. I recently read somewhere that someone was interested in a broken PS3, it had the yellow light of death, but would only take some of them based on their timing of when the yellow light pops up. They wanted to know how long the green light is displayed when you try to power on before the yellow/red light comes on. What's the difference between the yellow/red light coming on within a second and the yellow/red coming in longer then this?
  9. Greatly appreciated. The cable's not the problem and neither is the tape. If there's no incompatibility issue, then something's wrong with the player. I'll have to do further research.
  10. As above, does it need some special kind of cleaning tape? I can't find much info on it. If not, is the cleaning process different from normal VHS, should I try to do it manually (opening my D-VHS player up) or through a normal VHS cleaning tape.
  11. Oh, you're right. That's embarrassing. Here you go friend:
  12. interesting. Would this qualify (https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/523482515)?
  13. I'm curious if you can play normal VHS tapes in a D-VHS player. I'm getting artifacting on my setup and want to know if this specifically would be the problem.