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  1. That's interesting but the question is, what's the timing map to on the POST?
  2. I recently read somewhere that someone was interested in a broken PS3, it had the yellow light of death, but would only take some of them based on their timing of when the yellow light pops up. They wanted to know how long the green light is displayed when you try to power on before the yellow/red light comes on. What's the difference between the yellow/red light coming on within a second and the yellow/red coming in longer then this?
  3. Greatly appreciated. The cable's not the problem and neither is the tape. If there's no incompatibility issue, then something's wrong with the player. I'll have to do further research.
  4. As above, does it need some special kind of cleaning tape? I can't find much info on it. If not, is the cleaning process different from normal VHS, should I try to do it manually (opening my D-VHS player up) or through a normal VHS cleaning tape.
  5. Oh, you're right. That's embarrassing. Here you go friend:
  6. interesting. Would this qualify (https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/523482515)?
  7. I'm curious if you can play normal VHS tapes in a D-VHS player. I'm getting artifacting on my setup and want to know if this specifically would be the problem.
  8. I've edited for clarification. Normal VHS and a D-VHS player.
  9. I've got a normal VHS tape and a D-VHS player. I need to know if there's some form of incompatibility between them because information is sparse online. The audio works but the video is heavy with artifacting. Could also be tape degradation or something else. (https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/523482515)
  10. Anyone notice how the price for used steam controllers has been climbing, or how the prices for NIB/factory sealed ones are going for the hundreds typically? Do you imagine this is foreshadowing a possible return (not necessarily by Valve, but by someone who realizes the value of a controller that acts more like traditional mouse and keyboard and its appreciation by the market at large)? Maybe it's just the fact that it's discontinued, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  11. Anyone know of any dumb tvs with both 4k and HDR. Doesn't have to be from this year. I'm ok going the used market. Still, interested. EDIT: You've all made some interesting points, but perhaps there's a better solution. Does anyone know of any lists (wikipedia) of tv models by manufacturer? That might be a good starting point.
  12. I'm curious if anyone has any interest in some electroplated pc components. If so, which and what would it be worth it to you? Trying to see if it would be worth it to do a batch of stuff on my own. Need an excuse to dedicate the space and time for it so just trying to gauge if this is anything anyone is interested in or not.
  13. Interesting. Loose internal cables or external? Are you inferring from my comment or from what you've seen in the video? I'll try replugging everything in and making sure the connections are solid anyway but I'd still like to know.