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  1. Develop your knowledge about tech by watching videos, reading tech related articles and most of all do your own research by comparing hardware. See what people are asking about mostly and what of help you would be. Be resourceful and straight to the point. Be confident and don't be ashamed of making mistakes, you are a learner! Since the inquiry triggered your mind, you are about to make serious decisions and resolutions to maintain your activity.
  2. God bless Turkey and its people. God bless Erdogan and the Ottoman legacy that strongly ties the Turkish people to their belief and their unity.
  3. Is it actually real that Cadillac racing in that discipline with its big 'Murican V8 engine? lol
  4. I would like to express disfavor towards AC even though I enjoyed the true simulation that it offers. One con that doesn't appeal to me very much is the addons support with the updates. I do not know when they are going to fix that. A group of talented modders have just done modding then have just released a group of rally cars that sooner will be no longer working when the studio releases an update. It forms a culprit to modders who are willing to model cars without restrictions.
  5. If you do not mind affecting performance, try lowering the memory's frequency to 1333Mhz through your bios if possible.
  6. Latvala is pretty Colin McRae oriented and quicker than Ogier and his current pace and consistency are reassuring.
  7. What memory's brand do you have? Could you please list the whole specs?
  8. First and foremost, I've missed the place for almost 6 months but... Latvala should avoid being magnetised to rocks and surprisingly managed to pound Ogier with a gap of 1:16 minutes in Mexico. Hyundai team proved worthless again! Hello, once again.
  9. Never tasted their chicken, thank God! The way the chicken are being fed then slaughtered is just more disgusting than to get you consume their fried products..
  10. We need a proper HD remake for CoD 4!
  11. Buying a graphics card every year? What the f***? This guy has some serious peasantry syndrome..
  12. Get them separate preferably.
  13. He himself needs a serious brain transplant for being a science fiction addict.
  14. Yes, I saw him smashing the hell out of that status like a lunatic claiming that it was deity and needed to be destroyed.