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  1. Not only technology literacy, but a willingness to use it readily and engage the wider public in policy-making as well. Look up Audrey Tang and vTaiwan.
  2. Would you mind taking a look at tri-folding keyboards and low-profile mechanical keyboards? #1: iClever/Pluggable fullsize tri-folding keyboards iClever Pluggable more reviews: I own the iClever "full-size" version and can say that it has the most tactile scissor switches I've ever had the pleasure to type on ~ better than any laptop keyboard I've ever used. #2: HAVIT Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard [87-key version] https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0722GG88M/ [full 104-key version] https://www.amazon.com/
  3. Man, the faces of strain, pain, and anguish: .
  4. In terms personal computing tech arriving in the near future there have many fascinating developments this year: satellite internet competitive with cable in both speed and latency, affordable VR headsets, 10,000PPI OLED displays, and holographic monitors among them. Can 2020 get any more tantalizing? Well apparently a startup called Noveto aims to enable private and wireless audio listening without headphones: As far as I can tell the concept is similar to beam-forming on Wi-Fi
  5. Average Viewer: It's a piece of alien time-travel tech! Me: Um......isn't that an off-the-shelf CPU cooler?
  6. I wonder if there's going to be enough stock of the 3090 and 6900XT by mid-December for the average Joe to walk into Best Buy and pick one up? Or are both likely going to sold out and on back order until after New Year's?
  7. D.A.N.G. Apparently one can get an additional 10% performance through Radeon Boost.
  8. Here's how I expect the cards to stack up: OC'd RX 6900XT <~=~> RTX 3090 RX 6800 & 6800XT <~=~> RTX 3080/3080TI/TITAN RTX RX 6700 & 6700XT <~=~> RTX 3070/3070TI/2080TI RX 6600XT <~=~> RTX 3060/2080 Super RX 5700XT & 6500XT <~=~> RTX 3050/2070 Super/1080TI Pretty sure neither Nvidia nor AMD are going to have lower-midrange cards out until Christmas or maybe even as late as early February after CES.
  9. Yeah I'll probably upgrade from 4K OLED when 16K holographic displays arrive: .
  10. I hate to be the one to calling you guys out on it, but can you please stop interjecting these jokes into your videos ~ especially ones on the LTT channel? Cuz it can be really triggering to viewers who have had traumatic pasts involving loved ones or other people in their community passing around jokes like that. On top of this, you are the only major tech channel (or one of very few) on YouTube I know that regularly includes such jokes in your videos. As the top tech channel on the platform such borderline sexist jokes plays you off as less mature & professional than I know y
  11. Honestly I think Hardware Canuck's video was more streamlined and to the point. This LMG video seemed to jump around from the design to benchmarks to criticizing Intel marketing to availability to positives against Ryzen availability then back to hardware design. Great video overall content, needs a smidge more work on the delivery & editing.
  12. Is that why your forum pseudonym is "Bitter"?