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  1. Don't worry, I aint gonna buy one. I just want so info about it as only few talks about it and Toshiba drives is fairly new to be sold in my country(dominated by WD and Seagate).
  2. https://www.toshiba-storage.asia/l200-laptop-hard-drive/ My local PC store posted a new(for me at least) HDD brand aside from Seagate and Im curious if it is also good as other HDD brands. EDIT: Don't worry, I am not going to buy it. I just want so info about it as Toshiba is faily new brand to me when it comes to hard drives as Seagate and WD is the only brand I know when it comes to mech hard drives. I just want to know if is a good alternative to other brands if they are out of stock here(yes, HDDs were out of stock once for some reason when I was finding for hard driv
  3. If found this PSU while browsing at my local online shopping site. I never heard of the brand before. I just want to know if it is good or not Don't worry, I won't buy it
  4. I was confused cus it isn't always the case. Afaik, wood will only light up if a spark have contacted it and after seeing the reply, according to my quick google search, 90 degress celsius is too cold for it to self-ignite. It would be a problem if my PSU failed and made a spark but, if the my quick research is true, I don't think a very hot PC and hot air from the heatsink would ignite the whole case. Edit: About that shedding wood particles, it maybe fixed by sealing(idk, maybe varnish or some coating)?
  5. I am interested on making a mini case for a future HTPC or to copy a sub-6 liter SFF case like Velka 3 or K39 from Taobao/Aliexpress out of wood like a MDF or plywood. Is it a good idea to use wood as a case for PC components? If you have some tips on making mods out of wood, could you share it with me? Thanks a lot!
  6. Wtf? I just bought a 860 evo but it seems it doesnt matter as it is just a SATA SSD...
  7. I think I fixed it but I will share it for those who had the same issue as I am. it is risky if you are unfamiliar with Registry https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/increase-taskbar-thumbnail-preview-size-windows/
  8. im sorry if the pic is low quality as it is shot from my ipad and it is not my PC. I want to enable this feature again but cant find any answer. ho can i re-enable this again? my PC can only peek when it is there only one of itself.
  9. Wiping a hard drive makes me anxious, idk if I cloned it properly with Macrium Reflect. What can I use my old HDD boot drive as my mass storage niw?
  10. I dont play often as I used to anymore so i like to use a full size as numpad is now useful for my school works and i want to use the numpad for macros too(if programmable). how do you position your keyboard now that the keyboard is now longer? I am used to position my keyboard near center when im not playing games and I dont like to stretch my right arm when using my mouse but with longer keyboard means I need to reposition either keyboard.