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  1. I am buying this USB hub and it says it can read a 2.5 inch HDD when the hub is "powered" but what about single 1TB 3.5 inch HDDs? Do I still need a SATA to USB adapter with external power or just regular SATA to USB adapter with the "powered" USB Hub?
  2. the corded ones are not available in my country and the mini leafbower is the only one that is available.
  3. I am looking for electric air dusters for cleaning my PC. Is this good alternative to Opolar or Datavac? Datavac or Xpower air dusters are not available in my country and only Opolar is available but I found another one that a little bit cheaper from banggood that almost similar to the opolar one. https://banggood.app.link/oGZWBRBKjfb
  4. I just want to know if is still better to buy the older model than the newer one. Unfortunately, my country does not have that good deals as the US does. The cheapest 250GB WD Blue I saw was $5 more expensive than a cheapest 250GB 860 EVO I saw and MX 500 seems to be rare and quite expensive so I stick the WD and Samsung as they are always available.
  5. I dont see any difference. Is it still worth it to buy the old model or get the newer model?
  6. Its because second hand mice in my country are rare and usually, those mice have problems like double clicking, faulty sensor and greasy parts(like the coating or paint seems to wore off on that certain part that it shines). But I like a brand new mice as the G102 seems have problems with my cheap mousepad or the mousepad is just bad.
  7. my hands are small and G502 is heavy for me. I don't buy second hand mice tho
  8. Im looking for another budget mouse other than the G102 I am using rn. I am thinking of switching to wireless so I am interested at the G305 but I need other options or I want to try other mices(doesn't matter if it is wired or wireless but I lean more on wireless.) I just play casual games such as GTA V and Genshin Impact so the mouse shouldn't be that high end but much better if it is in a low price. I just want it to have a decent tracking and low LoD as my G102 has high LoD for some reason with my current mousepad. The mouse size should in the league of the G102 and I do fin
  9. I was planning to buy a cheap asf SSD just to make our rarely used family PC to boot faster and feel snappy as my parents found a use for it for some reason lmao but our family PC is slow asf because it is still using one HDD for boot and storage. I heard those cheap SSDs have low endurance and unreliable but I think it ok since it is just a boot drive to make a old PC faster. Do you think it is still ok to buy it?
  10. I was planning to buy a DRAM-less SATA SSD back then because I just want to speed up my PC, use my HDD boot drive as a storage, and save some money. Plus I didnt this it matter back then maybe DRAM-less SATA SSDs are the one they are referring to or it doesn't matter?
  11. I was going add with HBM but i think not all DRAM-less NVMe SSDs have HBM. correct me if im wrong
  12. I was planning to build a PC a year ago but I still don't have a budget and now my plan has been delay because of high prices and low stock of the parts I planned to buy. But I will still ask this anyway so I know what I will pick when the prices and stock are now ok. I see people don't recommend DRAM-less SSDs because of life span issue but does it really matter for a casual user to use a DRAM-less SSD as boot drive even if it is a NVMe SSD?
  13. I didn't see it in the tier list. i heard it is DRAM-less https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/980/
  14. Ok im cool with the hate im about to get but I need help. I'm so tired of trying to figure out why it won't work im running an msi a88x-g45 gaming motherboard. Amd a10-7870k apu and I can't overlook I can't even run my ram at 2400mhz idk what to do anymore an before you say I yes I know I need to up grade an this is almost 6 years old but I can't rn I just need to fix it so I can try an play the handle full of games I got thanks that is all.