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  1. I see, I have CC and sprayed on the CPU and its socket, the slots, and RAM sticks but never brushed them. What brush should i use?
  2. I already reseated the CPU and put the RAM stacks at the other PC to test it so I am pretty sure that the motherboard has the problem here.
  3. My PC specs for reference: i5 6400 CPU An Asus H110M motherboard Corsair CV450 PSU Asus Phoenix GTX 1050 Ti GPU G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 MHz 2x 8GB 860 EVO 500GB SSD WD Blue 500GB HDD Like the title said, should stick to 4 cores like i3 10105F or go straight to 6 cores like i5 10400F? The most graphic intensive games I play are Far Cry 3 and GTA 5 so is 6 cores overkill for me? The reason why I am upgrading is because of my motherboard's broken RAM slot and it is a sign that I need to upgrade than sticking to the same platform.
  4. The case has 3 fans included and the difference of it to its no fan config is just $10 difference(At least in my country). Buying separate fans cost $20 so for me this is a good deal for me. I am planning to purchase this as a small upgrade to my PC. I don't see myself upgrading to a bigger motherboard and chunky graphics card in the future so mATX is perfectly fine for me.
  5. I was planning to put a newer motherboard in our old Lenovo PC that my dad brought. I believe this is its motherboard(refer to the picture attached). Do you think a consumer motherboard can fit on its case? The model of the pre-built itself is this The new motherboard was from my previous PC(Asus H110m-k) and the old case is whack becasue it is cheap asf. I want to sell the Lenovo motherboard with its CPU and RAM. My previous PC's motherboard had some issues on its RAM slot. I don't know which is better sell to be honest. Any advise?
  6. I planning to reuse my current RAM because it is one of my small upgrades at my current PC which is a i5 6400. My RAM is a 2x 8GB 3200 MHz Gskill Ripjaws V
  7. I don't mind the slower ram speed as im a casual gamer and b560 motherboards in my country are fewer than b460 motherboards for some reason. Ill depend which has the lower price like if the b560 has a discount.
  8. May I ask why get the B560 instead of B460? I don't really need the PCIe gen 4 as it is quite overkill for me.
  9. I am planning to upgrade my CPU cooler along with my CPU and I decided to get a 10400F. Can the Hyper 212 handle the 10400F?
  10. I have decided to get a 10400F instead of getting a 3600 because of availability and I don't overclock(if that makes sense). What model(or SKU?), I should get or avoid?
  11. Im not really picky but I want to try AMD though. What generation do you suggest?