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  1. I just want to know if you can or not and if not, why? Assuming you have a CPU that can do Resizable BAR
  2. I was wondering if could replace the fans of my GTX 1050 Ti with a 90mm case fan if the fans ever got broken.
  3. What, it doesn't have a DRAM cache? I read somewhere said it has one but maybe he though the SLC cache is a DRAM cache
  4. Just in case I can't buy those two SSDs I mentioned in the title, I would like to know if it is a good SSD for Boot drive and a few games.
  5. I am curious if there was a bad model of entry-level graphics card like what is always happening on high-end cards like the 3080 and the 2080 Ti. Like reviewers saying "Don't the (Brand) RTX 3080 (Model name) as it has (technical terms here)" and I am wondering if it applies to almost all GPUs not jus tthe high-end.
  6. I am curious if you could squeeze every bit of performance in a locked CPU like my i5 6400.
  7. the shroud of my 1050 Ti is longer than the card by almost 2 cm and I want to remove it for my custom SFF build. How can I do it? It is my first time to do this so I might dont have tools to diassemble it.
  8. I have a i5 6400 with a 1050 Ti and 16 GB RAM. I am using a 75Hz 900p monitor fow now and planning to purchase a bigger 1080p monitor. I was wondering if there is a difference between those resolution if im going play games. Will there be less FPS if I go to 1080p? If yes, how much FPS I will lose?
  9. I had a generic mousepads with foam on the wrist part and now I purchased a XL mouse mat as it is too small for me. Whenever I lift my mouse to change its position, it still registers at (i think)1 cm unlike when I use the generic mousepad and just the bare tabletop. And the worst case I got is one time when I lift my mouse to change position like drag n lift to make a 180 turn, it spinned very fast like it was spinning 360 degrees. Does it mean I have a bad mouse pad or my moausepad or mouse sensor is dirty?
  10. https://www.arctic.ac/en/alpine-am4co I am just intrigue about this cheap cooler if it is good as the Wraith Stealth cus I havent seen any reviews of it. But I know I should stick to Wraith Stealth. I just want to know if it is good or not.
  11. https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H110M-DGS/ The "M" in the product name hints it is a Micro-ATX but it only has 1 PCIe 1x slot compared to my Asus Motherboard(Same chipset) that has 2 of those. It looks like it is between an ITX and mATX to me.