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  1. Hey all. This adapter uses 802.11 n and is capable of using monitor mode. However.. It only seems to come in 2-5 dbi of gain. Is it possible to replace the antenna on this adapter for say a 14 dbi one and then use monitor mode with this new range? Thanks
  2. Yes, omnidirectional would be preferable. No the ends are not going to move.
  3. Yes I would, I don't have any particular goal in mind. Other than to transmit an ssid or something over a kind of long distance (200m for example). Just looking to see the limits of the chip really
  4. So i cant put a 14 dbi antenna onto an esp8266?
  5. Hey again, so I was thinking. Is there anything stopping me (hardware wise) from buying a d1 mini board, connecting it to my esp8266, then connecteing a 14dbi antenna that uses 100w? Or in otherwords, how many watts can an esp8266 handle in antennas? Thanks
  6. Hey all, so im considering building a little rfid reader based system to unlock a door for fun. Well, I have it mostly built now. But I got thinking on what if I stuck a regular old antenna from a router and soldered it on where the rfid reader is. Would this increase the rfid range? Or can regular antennas not do that. Basically what im asking is, can you replace nfc, rfid or other antennas with those found on the backs of wifi routers? Would this work? Thanks
  7. Edit* I have now gotten the following blue screens: System thread exception not handled Memory management This kinda makes me think that it’s my memory because i only one have stick. It’s also second hand, although it never gave me trouble before. Hey there, I have used an r9 270x in the past and it gave me a few bsods. I wasn’t botched though because I was buying an rx 580 8gb. Now that I have the new card it is giving me the same old crap. I’m not sure what bsods it’s giving because I haven’t used it in about a month due to frustration. So to te
  8. Hi there, I have had an underlying issue with my PC for some time now, probably over a year and a half. Although as of late it has become far FAR too hard to keep ignoring. The issue is that when I use my pc some times I get some random blue screens. The blue screens sometimes don’t give any error but when they do none of them are the same. When I got these blue screens there was no real problem because I could just turn the pc back on and get back to playing games. Then it got really frequent and I determined that my psu was garbage. So that’s exactly where it went.
  9. If you haven’t heard already, there’s a small group of YouTube users (0.3% of people, who don’t see thumbnails currently. This is for one of YouTube’s experiments for generated thumbnails in the future or something. Anyway, YouTube thought this frame was pretty good and represented the video..